Today In APIs: Developer Payout, LevelUp API and 10 New APIs

Social Network increases monthly payout to developers by 50%. Mobile Payment Startup LevelUp to release their first API next week. Plus: announces a free API and 10 new APIs. to pay more to Developers, the social network without advertising has announced an increase in developer payout per month. The Social Network has boosted the total amount that it pays out to developers by 50% to $30,000 per month. The payout is determined on the basis of cumulative scores of feedback scores received from users and a weighting algorithm.'s founder Dalton Caldwell says that the latest move is “recognition of both the increased number of participating developers and the increased number of paid accounts”. Recently, had released a File API, which promises to make it simple for anyone to transfer files between different online services, whether they be social networks or entire enterprise applications.

LevelUp Launches Its First API & SDK

LevelUpMobile payments are being touted as the next big thing and LevelUp, a mobile payment startup has seen solid traction of their Platform with both consumers and merchants. The platform has crossed 1 million users and $50m in transactions and the timing could not be perfect to announce that the first version of their API will be released next week. The API would help merchants, POS vendors and developers to tap into the LevelUp platform and to use the API to log users in with LevelUp, complete orders, refunds, grab data, claim campaigns and more. Along with the API, LevelUp is also releasing its SDK which is their skeletal application code-base for iOS and Android. Developers can access the SDK and customize it to meet their needs.

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10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a financial information service, an saas sales support service, an international exchange holidays and hours reference service, a hotel booking service, an automated chat service and an investment information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BGC Market DataBGC Market Data API: BGC Market Data is a supplier of international financial data. Finance professionals use BGC products and services for price discovery, analysis, risk management, portfolio monitoring and valuation, research, and more.

BGCantor On-Demand is a service offered by BGC Market Data for accessing treasury, fixed income, foreign exchange, futures, and credit derivatives data. This data is available for Integration with users' applications and services using SOAP-based APIs.

Celebros SalespersonCelebros Salesperson API: The service provides support for sales efforts and customer interactions involved in selling products. It is implemented as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to be integrated within e-commerce and other selling applications. It Builds a searchable repository of product information for customer access and reference by sales staff, with tracking of customer behavior and success analytics to adjust product offerings to customer preferences.

API methods support parsing of product records to develop a searchable catalog for customer access. Methods support tracking of customer interactions with promotional information and provide analysis and reporting of product popularity and profitability to guide merchandising decisions.

Good Business Day ExchangesGood Business Day Exchanges API: Good Business Day Exchanges is a service that is designed to provide users with exchange operating information. This includes holidays, trading days and hours, and settlement rules for major stock and bond exchanges in the global financial markets. This information can be integrated with other applications and services using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

HotelClubHotelClub API: HotelClub is a global accommodation website that offers over 74,000 accommodation options in 141 countries. HotelClub members earn rewards on every booking which can then be redeemed on hotel stays. Members move up in status as they make more bookings, increasing their benefits as they do so. HotelClub's services are available in 19 currencies and 15 languages.

The HotelClub API retrieves information from the site, including a list of all hotels in its database and the images and information associated with them. Users can also retrieve information on promotional offers and cities favored by HotelClub.

Personality Forge Chat BotPersonality Forge Chat Bot API: The service provides a platform for integrating automated chat messaging in web and desktop applications, mobile services, and other applications. It can initiate message exchanges with online users, receive and process replies, and return messages specified by application logic. The integrating application controls the messages to be delivered, and the service provides the platform for those interactions.

API methods support specification of message text and management of chat user profiles, including username, first and last name, and gender. Messages are hash encoded for secure delivery to users interacting with the service.

S&P Capital IQS&P Capital IQ API: S&P Capital IQ is a company that provides real-time data, research, and analytics regarding both public and private capital markets. Their products are designed to help financial professionals identify investment opportunities, draw unique insights, and increase returns.

S&P Capital IQ's APIs allow users to integrate information - including investment research, companies' financials, credit ratings, global market data, alpha and risk models, and key developments - into business applications.

SurveyMonkeySurveyMonkey API: SurveyMonkey is the web's largest survey service, boasting over 14 million users. Anyone using the service can create surveys, analyze results and export the survey answers Excel.

The SurveyMonkey API allows developers to access a user's surveys stored in SurveyMonkey. The API provides access to all the results

TitanTVTitanTV API: TitanTV is a free online TV Guide service that uses geolocation technology to provide accurate over-the-air, cable, and satellite channel lineups for the user's region. TitanTV members can customize their TV listings, maintain a list of favorite shows, and manage the appearance of their channel listings. TitanTV can also be used to remotely schedule recordings of programs on computers equipped with a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) system.

TitanTV provides an API that allows users to retrieve information on TV programs and lineups. Another API retrieves recording schedule entries. Both services rely on SOAP-based calls issued in XML format.

TMHMMTMHMM API: The service provides statistical predictions of membrane protein structures based on a hidden Markov model. It accepts amino acid sequences as input and generates expected transmembrane helices implied by the input. The same functionality is available as installed software, or through an interactive web interface or SOAP API.

API methods support submission of up to 2,000 amino acid sequences in standard alphabetic notation. Methods adjust for unexpected or missing sequence values in applying statistical analysis to generate predictions of expected protein structures. Methods also support monitoring the processing queue and retrieving results when the job completes.

vCitavCita API: The service provides a platform for customer relationship management (CRM) and sales support. It integrates customer contact activities and message scheduling to encourage easy, ongoing engagement and conversion of leads into sales. It shares revenue as application users upgrade free services to value-added subscription services

API methods support creation and activation of customer accounts and setting ad hoc or scheduled messaging and online meetings. Messaging methods support management of message content and delivery with contract tracking to record customer engagement over time. Meeting methods support scheduling and initiating online presentations and other sessions to support selling efforts.