Today In APIs: to pay top developers, redBus uses BigQuery and 12 New APIs

Top Developers will earn almost $20K per month on redBus Builds critical system monitoring system using BigQuery. Plus: 100+ developers gathered to hack on Big Data at AngelHack, API Best Practices guide from SOA Software and 12 New APIs. to pay Top Developers of its API

App.netDalton Caldwell's that promises to provide an ad-free and developer friendly social network has announced plans to reward Top App Developers for the network with almost $ 20K per month. The company says that the program is not binding on developers and that they will devise a mechanism to determine the apps that receive the highest feedback from users. The process involves asking users every month to give feedback via email about the most effective applications. We are not entirely sure if paying developers to be on your Platform is exactly a good move. RIM is another company that has recently announced that it will pay developers up to 10K per application on BB 10 platform.

How redBus uses BigQuery

Google that provides bus ticket reservation platform across India has published a case study of how it built its Analytical solution on top of AppEngine using BigQuery. With more than 10,000 bus routes and dozens of machines, they need to understand decreases in customer bookings are the result of server problems or simply less demand. With more than 500GB of data, they did consider the usual tools like Hadoop but then opted to try out BigQuery, which gave them the results they wanted. Do check out the case study referenced above that explains how they pipelined their data into BigQuery with RabbitMQ and then used BigQuery to run SQL-like queries.

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12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a java application development platform, an italian tax code reference service, an italian web content service, a japanese address and zip code search service, an online payment service for accounting applications, a japanese language morphology analysis service, and a ground shipping service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

CloudBees HTTPCloudBees HTTP API: CloudBees is a Java Platform as a Service supporting customers throughout the development lifecycle. Developers use CloudBees to build, run, and manage Java applications in the cloud. The CloudBees HTTP API allows customers to automate the platform.

dotNetHell Calcolo Codice FiscaledotNetHell Calcolo Codice Fiscale API: DotNetHell provides the Calcolo Codice Fiscale service, which allows users to retrieve an individual's Codice Fiscale based on their personal information, or to retrieve the code for their town of birth based on their name. This service can also check the validity of a Codice Fiscale or find the name of a town based on its code.

A Codice Fiscale is a tax identification number and unique personal ID code used in all interactions with government agencies and public administration in Italy. The dotNetHell website and the API Documentation are only available in Italian.

dotNetHell ContenutidotNetHell Contenuti API: The SOAP-based dotNetHell Contenuti API allows anyone to publish content from dotNetHell - including articles, news, and tips - onto their websites through the use of canned scripts. Users may also retrieve a list of all tips grouped by category, but credentials are required for this service. Users may change the styles, colors, and fonts of the chosen content, using CSS to standardize the modules to the layout of a given website or intranet. The dotNetHell website and all API documentation are provided only in Italian.

EAST Search EngineEAST Search Engine API: EAST is a Tokyo-based software developer that specializes in providing Windows-based solutions for a variety of businesses. EAST Search Engine is a Web Service that lets users search for ZIP code data, search for address details based on partial information, and search for addresses by ZIP code. This service is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website and all documentation are provided in Japanese.

Enliven Software FidesicEnliven Software Fidesic API: Fidesic is an online payment service built to work with Microsoft Dynamics GP and other accounting applications. It automates the delivery of invoices or statements as well as customer payments via email, fax, or US Mail. Fidesic also automates the receipt of Automated Clearing House (ACH) and credit card payments online using a customized internet payment gateway. Fidesic's services can be integrated with other software and services using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

MECAPIMECAPI API: The service provides web access to the MeCab language analysis tool, which breaks down Japanese texts into parts of speech and other morphological elements. It seeks to analyze a text passage based on a general-purpose dictionary and reference collection to reveal structure and word use embedded in the sample. It builds on a Markov model of word sequence, but attempts to improve analytical performance by introducing randomized elements. An open-source installed version is available.

API methods support submission of a Japanese-language text passage (assumed to be a complete sentence) with filters to select only nouns or only unique words. Methods return analysis and breakdown of the passage according to its word choice, parts of speech, implied inflection, and related characteristics.

New Penn Rate QuoteNew Penn Rate Quote API: New Penn is a YRC Regional less-than-truckload motor carrier providing next-day ground services through a network of 24 service centers spanning the Northeastern United States, Quebec, Canada and Puerto Rico. New Penn operates a fleet of over 850 tractors and 1,700 trailers. It also specializes in tracking technologies and Internet-based shipping services. New Penn offers volume spot rate quotes on shipments over 5,000 pounds. An API is available that duplicates the functionality of this service. Public documentation for the API is not available.

Project BambooProject Bamboo API: The service provides research environments to aid research in the humanities work across different institutions. Its infrastructure helps libraries and technology platforms to interact with humanities scholars and support their work across boundaries created by individual institutional systems. It seeks to enable applications for building content collections across multiple hosting environments, then curating and updating collection records.

API methods support search against a distributed collection with controls for filtering and configuring result sets. Methods also allow morphological and syntactical analysis of text assets to define elements contained and represent their structure in the complete text. The API allows scholars to develop personal profiles to encourage interaction with others who share their interests, with notifications of events and assets useful to them.

Roadrunner Transportation ServicesRoadrunner Transportation Services API: Roadrunner Transportation Systems (RRTS) is a transportation and logistics services provider offering a full suite of solutions, including customized and expedited less-than-truckload, truckload and intermodal brokerage, and domestic and international air. RRTS offers APIs that allows customers to integrate the functionality offered by the customer tools on the RRTS web site. These tools include a rating web service to get customer specific tariff rates; tracking web service to track by Pro Number, HAWB Number for Expedited Shipments, BOL Number, or PO Numberand retrieve BOL and POD images; quick pickup web service to request a pickup with minimal information; transit time web service to get day of the week specific transit times. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information and documentation.

ThinkGeo Cygnus TrackThinkGeo Cygnus Track API: ThinkGeo LLC is a provider of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS asset tracking technologies. Their Cygnus Track solution is a GPS tracking platform. It is used by businesses to track their fleet of vehicles and store vehicle information. The Cygnus Track web applications lets users view vehicle location, spped, route history and more. The hosted version has an API that allows users to add support for new tracking devices or custom sensor data. Public documentation is not available.

UbernoteUbernote API: Ubernote is an information management service that enables users to store notes, contacts, passwords, and other information that requires storage in a single place online that can be accessed from anywhere. Information can be submitted using notes, email, IM, mobile devices, and from browser toolbars. The Ubernote API is currently accepting feedback on desired functionality. Developers can gain access to an early preview and provide input by contacting Ubernote.

UNdataUNdata API: The service provides an unofficial API to access datasets made available for public download by the United Nations (UN). Available data cover the demographics and health statistics for countries across the globe. It is intended to allow simple search and reporting, with flexible filtering, as well as more complex analysis and combination with data from other sources.

The API supports queries against 62 datasets from the UN's World Health organization, with plans to add more. Methods allow filtering of search results by specific dataset, country, and year. Future plans include Linked Data outputs.