Today in APIs: Appy Pie Launches API to Build Augmented Reality Apps

Appy Pie has launched an API that will allow users to build augmented reality apps. Facebook is set to host its first African hackathon next month. Plus: Amazon's file sharing service, Zolalo, is now generally available.

Appy Pie Launches API to Build Augmented Reality Apps

App Builder Appy Pie has launched an API that will enable users to created augmented reality apps with the Wikitude  SDK. After Integration, app users can scan an image with the app which will open interactive content (e.g. map, video, etc.) to provide greater details about a product or brand.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie Founder, Abhinav Girdhar, commented:

Physical objects are often static and dumb, offering little interactivity to the end user. That is why the potential of augmented reality (AR) is getting business excited. Retailers, advertisers and industry are all now using the technology, which overlays computer-generated content with video, graphics, text, sound or GPS data on to real-world images.

Wikitude is a pioneer in the augmented reality space. The functionality Wikitude can bring to Appy Pie should bode well for the app builder that has now seen over 100,000 apps created on its Platform. While augmented reality has often been used as a wow factor, Appy Pie and Wikitude envision much grander purposes for the functionality including workplace operations.    

Facebook Set to Host its First African Hackathon

Next month, September 18th, Facebook will host a hackathon in Cape Town, South Africa. The hackathon will commence as part of Loeries Creative Week Capetown. The workshop will focus on solving real-world business problems, and the target audience is designers with one to two years of experience. During the event, the young creative designers will build their creative briefs for the Loeries Creative Future Scholarship. 40 participants will have 6 hours to create their idea and the winners will receive free credit to bring their idea to fruition. To sign up for free, visit the Loeries site

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