Today in APIs: Authentise Launches API to Stream 3D Printing Files, and 3 New APIs

Authentise has launched a first for the 3D printing industry: an API to stream 3D printing files. Alfresco makes enhancements to its cloud API. Plus, three steps for building secure cloud apps and 3 new APIs.

Authentise Launches 3D Printing File Streaming API

Authentise, 3D design solution provider, has launched the industry's first API to stream 3D printing files. The API allows digital design owners to get paid on a per print basis without handing out complete design files. Design owners can stream 3D designs directly from their website, ensuring IP security and design integrity.

Authentise CEO, Andre Wegner, commented:

"3D Printing has proven that it's capable of disrupting supply chains....Our streaming tools will accelerate that trend. 80 percent of top designers refuse to release their designs for remote printing and corporations are afraid of another 'Napster moment.' Our product reassures design owners, giving their customers access to millions of useful designs and thus opening the gates for global distributed manufacturing."

Authentise launched the API at this week's DEMO Enterprise 2014. To learn more about the API, visit the API site and request access to a key.

Alfresco Enhances API

Alfresco, ECM solution provider, has made significant enhancements to the Alfresco One API. First it has added support for Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS), reiterating its dedication to open standards. The new support allows developers to access content beyond documents and folders. Additionally, users can now choose an XML or JSON data format for responses.

Alfresco has now deployed its improved agile process. This will allow Alfresco to make more frequent updates and execute rolling deployments as opposed to interrupting service for updates. To learn more, visit the blog post announcing the enhancements.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

3 New APIs

Today we had 3 new APIs added to our API directory including a domain name system database service, a carpooling ridesharing network and a cloud storage service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Google Cloud DNS API: Google offers access to a Domain Name System (DNS) management service utilizing Google's global infrastructure of name servers. The Google Cloud DNS API allows developers to store and look up IP addresses, and to offer services and applications without purchasing additional DNS servers and software.

iCarpooliCarpool API: iCarpool is a carpooling network. Services include Real-Time Ridesharing SMART Vanpool Management, and SchoolPool Module.

The iCarpool API enables utilizing iCarpool's infrastructure in integrated applications. Developers can take the site to the users though integrated devices and applications.

KloudlessKloudless API: The Kloudless API allows developers to code once and integrate many cloud storage services into their apps. Developers can connect applications to multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, etc.

Kloudless provides a customizable UI toolkit to integrate cloud storage features into applications on both web and mobile.