Today in APIs: AWS Activate Launched for Startups, Fuse Connects Your Car to the Rest of Your Life, and 9 New APIs

Amazon has announced an introductory bundle for AWS aimed at Startups. Fuse tracks all of the data your dashboard doesn’t. Plus: Forum Systems will host an API security webinar and 9 new APIs.

Amazon Announces AWS Activate

AWS Activate includes a package of resources for startups. The package includes AWS credits, training, developer support, a startup community forum, and specific third party offers. The theory behind AWS Activate stands to familiarize startups with the AWS platform and help startups launch and grow businesses.

Adam Selipsky, Amazon Vice President of Web Services, commented:

“Many of the world’s most successful startups already build their businesses on the AWS cloud. Based on feedback from VCs, startups and entrepreneurs, we developed AWS Activate to help even more startup organizations get going quickly by leveraging AWS to help build their business. We’re happy to offer this to startups of all kinds from around the world today.”

Track All of Your Car and Travel Data with Fuse

Fuse offers users three components to give a holistic view of their automobile and associated metrics. An OBD II device plugs into a car’s on-board diagnostic port. The device sends data to a user’s personal cloud and a mobile app allows the user to retrieve and interact with the data. The Platform and API are designed. Fuse is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for app development.

APIs You Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including an online invoicing service, a mobile workforce management service, a nordic languages translation dictionary, a social gaming network, a germany and austria travel information map and a county crime information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BillogramBillogram API: Billogram is cloud based invoicing service that allows small businesses to easily keep track of their cash flow. The service provides real time information about incoming payments as well as the status of invoices.

Billogram offers a REST API that allows third party applications and merchants to create and send invoices through the Billogram platform. Supported actions include Fetch invoice, Create new invoice and Update invoice. Results are delivered as JSON.

CoredinationCoredination API: Coredination is a mobile workforce management service that offers job dispatch, work reports and location sharing in order to reduce paperwork and improve the flow of mobile business. Coredination is a one-stop solution for constant access to realtime information about coworkers, jobs, and work.

Coredination offers a RESTfull API for the Integration of Coredination services with third party applications. API resources include jobs and their workflow states, user accounts, work reports and invoicing, and customers and projects. An API Key is required.

CrossbarCrossbar API: Tvärslå (trans. Crossbar) is a Nordic translation dictionary managed by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. It consists of multiple merged dictionaries and allows users to translate between Danish, English, Finnish, Icelandic, Faroese, Norwegian, and Swedish. Users can access Crossbar programmatically using SOAP calls. Crossbar and all of its Documentation are provided solely in Swedish.

Cubeia SocialCubeia Social API: Cubeia Social is a social poker network that enables anyone to create and run their own social poker site using play money. Cubeia Social handles the technical aspects of the game so that operators can focus on building their brand.

Cubeia Social exposes a REST API that offers operators programmatic access to the system. API resources include Account, Leaderboard, Lobby, Operator, PlayersOnline, System, Tester, and User. An API key is required.

eContent.MapseContent.Maps API: eContent.Maps provides an interactive map of housing, events, dining places, tours, and attractions that covers Germany along with parts of Austria and the surrounding countries. Users can set custom markers, get local weather information, find routes between locations, and much more using the web interface or the SOAP API.

Henrico County Public Crime Data AccessHenrico County Public Crime Data Access API: Henrico County, located in the state of Virginia, provides public online access to its local crime data using two web services. The ICR (Incident Crime Report) service can be used to search for past offenses. The CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch system) service can be used to search for past calls for service. Both services are accessible via SOAP calls.

myHealthAccountmyHealthAccount API: myHealthAccount is a patient centric medical record service from the Swedish company Infogosoft. Clinics can use myHealthAccount modules to send medical records and images to patients accounts and patients can use myHealthAccount to gather their medical records, vaccinations, and drug lists all in one place.

The myHealthAccount REST API allows developers to write applications that access myHealthAccount services. API methods exist for folders, vaccines, and documents. Most responses are in JSON format. An API key is required.

StatPlatStatPlat API: StatPlat is a professional football data analysis platform, delivering value added data services to aid clubs, bettors, and media groups. The StatPlat API provides programmatic access to platform content. Data types include information on competitions, fixtures, and team ratings.

Tradu24 TranslationTradu24 Translation API: Tradu24 is a translation, localization, and interpreting site that employs over 10,000 language specialist around the world to translate, dub, subtitle, transcribe, localize, and provide many other language-based services. The Tradu24 API allows users to integrate the language translation services of Tradu24 into content management systems so that content is automatically submitted and translated into designated languages.