Today in APIs: AWS Launches CloudTrail and 10 New APIs

Pinterest reveals more about its API. Amazon Web Services launches CloudTrail for user visibility tracking. Plus: Twitter announces timelines for hashtags, APIMetrics offers service to monitor API performance, and 10 new APIs.

Pinterest's API Coming Into View

Pinterest's long awaited API is scheduled to be released... actually, we don't have a release date yet. But we are closer. And the interest is intense; our API profile page for Pinterest is one of our most trafficked pages, and the API isn't even out yet.

As Lauren Orsini reports in readwrite, here's why developers are hungry for it:

"Much like TweetDeck does for Twitter and Missing E does for Tumblr, the Pinterest API would allow programmers to create apps that add increased usability to Pinterest. Granted, apps like these already exist—they’re just woefully time-consuming since the only means of getting data from Pinterest is to scrape the data out."

Among the promised features are analytics, a mobile SDK, and rich pins. For the rich pins, there is currently support for movies, articles, products and recipes. But the intent with the API is much larger: make every pin a rich pin and let developers make them for other verticals. For now though, Pinterest's developer page includes many tools but no API.

CloudTrail from Amazon Web Services: User Visibility Tracking

Amazon Web Services has launched CloudTrail, aimed at accomplishing 5 critical tasks in capturing API activity: security analysis, compliance, Resource life cycle tracking and operational troubleshooting.

Frederic Lardinois at TechCrunch, gives some of the details on the security feature:

"Among the first partners to integrate CloudTrail is Sumo Logic. The company told us that it has integrated this service to use its analytics and visualization capabilities to create security and operations forensics for AWS customers. Using CloudTrail data, Sumo Logic can identify patterns and uncover anomalies related to user activity, configuration changes, resource usage and network anomalies. Sumo Logic is making this service available at no additional cost to its existing customers."

According to the AWS announcement, CloudTrail helps answer questions like what actions a user took in a given time span, which AWS user has used a given resource, and you can find the source IP address of a given activity. The list of AWS services that CloudTrail calls on includes Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Idendity Access Management (IAM).

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including an electric vehicle charging network, a mobile data collection service, a food additive database, a web and text to cartoon or animation convertor and a u.s. foreign assistance statistics service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BlinkMapBlinkMap API: The Blink Network is an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, composed of charging stations spread through 16 major metropolitan areas throughout the US. The BlinkMap API provides a RESTful interface for receiving network information such as charger locations, operation hours, rates, network status, and more. The API is able to retrieve all information in a geographical area, search a geographical area for objects and data types matching specified terms, or retrieve detailed information describing a specified single location.

DoFormsDoForms API: DoForms is a mobile web form building Platform that allows users to quickly make forms for use in sites and web services. These forms contain any number of features including tables, music, pictures, and videos. The DoForms API uses SOAP calls and can return XML, JSON, or CSV. An account is required with service. The DoForms API allows users to collect and store a variety of data from a mobile forms built in DoForms.

E-additivesE-additives API: E-additives API is a REST based service that returns JSON-P. The API allows users to make calls to get a list of food additives, as well as designate a sort order for them. Users can also search for food additives get information about a single additive, get a list of additive categories, and get information about a single category, An API Key is required for use.

Film GeneratorFilm Generator API: The Film GeneratorAPI can convert webpages or text into cartoons and animations. The cartoons/animations have smaller file size: An hour-long, DVD quality cartoon consists of several Megabytes. The cartoon can be played by most web browsers. The API uses REST calls, and the terms of service must be agreed to before use. API: provides information on U.S. foreign aid through the Foreign Assistance Dashboard, a joint initiative of the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development. The API provides a RESTful interface to the dashboard, allowing developers to filter data by type, format, country, sector, agency, and fiscal year in multiple ways.

LiteTreeLiteTree API: Litetree is a crypto-currency exchange centered around bitcoin and litecoin users. The site allows users to buy and sell litecoins and bitcoins for and with fiat currencies. The LiteTree API allows users to access and control their accounts using REST calls. Call examples include making requests for tickers, account balances, order books, as well as make calls to execute transactions. An account is required with service, and SSL and API Keys are used for Authentication.

MSW ForecastMSW Forecast API: MSW (Magic SeaWeed) provides detailed, long range surf forecasts for almost 3000 beaches in 180 countries. The MSW Forecast API offers programmatic access to core weather and ocean data specifically purposed for surfing. The RESTful API provides access to data types such as breaking wave height, wind, temperature, and sea level pressure.

PaymentSpringPaymentSpring API: PaymentSpring is online merchant account and payment gateway that allows companies and users to quickly send and accept payments. The site offers flat rates, no contracts, lower PCI compliance issues, and no credit card storage. The PaymentSpring API uses REST calls and uses and API key for authentication. The API allows users to make calls to manipulate customer data, plan data logging event data, charge data, and subscription data.

PaysiusPaysius API: Paysius is a bitcoin payment service that allows customers to use bitcoins to pay merchants. The service offers zero risk of chargeback or payment reversal of any kind due to the use of bitcoin. The Paysius API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API allows users to make queries to get new bitcoin addresses, send bitcoins, get bitcoin balances. An account is required with service, and an API key is used for authentication

ShopYourWayShopYourWay API: ShopYourWay is a social network based shopping platform where products, retailers, and recommendations are generated by what your friends buy and review. The ShopYourWay developer platform comes with a server side and a client side API. The Client side API uses uses JavaScript and allows users to build desktop and mobile apps that use the ShopYourWay platform. An account is required with service.