Today In APIs: AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists, IKANOW Big Data API and 11 New APIs

Amazon announces finalists of 2012 AWS Start-Up Challenge and sets the stage for the Finale. IKANOW provides Big Data API to analyse your big data sources. Plus: Layer 7 unveils APIfy to deliver API management via Cloud Services, non-profit API for TV and Movie Data and 11 new APIs.

Amazon Announces the Finalists of the 2012 AWS Start-Up Challenge

Amazon has announced the 12 finalists of the 2012 AWS Start-Up Challenge. 3 Finalists have been chosed in each of the 4 categories: Big Data & High-Performance computing, Gaming, Business Applications and Consumer Applications. The focus now shifts to the Finale Celebration, that will be held on 24th January in San Francisco. The Finale will see workshops to build mobile and web applications on AWS followed by presentations by the finalists and selection of 4 Grand Prize winners. To attend the workshop and Finale, register now.

IKANOW Releases API for Big Data Developers

IKANOW that provides Infinit.e,  an open-source, Big Data analytics Platform has announced a free API to analyse and build data-driven applications. You can request your developer key at the developer portal and get access to several ready-made datasets comprising 2M+ documents. You can also direct the platform to tap into your own data sources.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a european advertising service, a university course and curriculum support service, a university email verification service, a university exam reporting service, a language arts e-book retrieval service, a find buried cables in sweden and a mass spectrometry chemical information service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AdformAdform API: The service provides integrated advertising functionality for applications across Europe. Functions include serving ad images, media, and other content along with media campaign planning, traffic management and media buys, and campaign reporting. Features include customizable dynamic advertising with personalization targeting messages to user groups and interactive bidding to obtain desirable ad display slots.

API methods support creating and updating advertising campaign listings with reporting of clickthrough rates and other performance statistics. Methods also support tracking of users and media displays to allow placement services with personalized delivery of relevant messages. The API manages delivery of ad media as selected by placement methods.

BYU AcademicBYU Academic API: The service provides support for courses taught at Brigham Young University. It allows creation and updating of course records with links to the university curriculum inventory of all courses and student registration records. The service allows for control of coursework and student performance across the BYU academic calendar.

API methods support definition and updating of course sections linked to listing from the curriculum inventory, with offering dates and times, student registration rolls, and other class schedule variables. Methods also allow updating of the official curriculum listings with official title and grading rules, records of student course performance and academic status, and dates from the BYU academic calendar.

BYU Email VerificationBYU Email Verification API: The service validates email addresses under the internet domains used by Brigham Young University. It accepts a character string as input which it compares against records for the and domains. The system response either confirms that the address string submitted is associated with a BYU user account or an error message that the address is not recognized.

API methods check whether a submitted string identifies a properly formatted email address in domains managed by BYU. It then checks the specific address against the university's login databases to confirm whether it is registered for a user account there or whether it forwards to a valid BYU address.

BYU Entrance ExamsBYU Entrance Exams API: The service provides access to scores on placement exams reported to Brigham Young University on behalf of students applying for admission and to course credits awarded on the basis of those scores. Exam scores cover testing programs such as Advance Placement (AP), College Level Entrance Placement (CLEP), and others. Data is retained within the the university's student information application under substantial confidentiality requirements mandated by the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

API methods support retrieval of placement exam scores for a student based on a request identifying the correct student ID value. Separate methods cover entrance exam scores and credits awarded on the basis of the scores.

iLanguageArtsiLanguageArts API: iLanguageArts is an online education system provided by Perfection Learning. It allows teachers and students to access and manage their Language Arts-related digital books and resources at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. Digital books can be personalized using highlights, notes, and bookmarks. iLanguageArts provides a SOAP-based API, which enables users to retrieve their e-books programmatically.

LedningskollenLedningskollen API: Ledningskollen is an online service that allows anyone planning excavation work in Sweden to quickly and easily find out who has cables buried on a given site. Ledningskollen is available for use by private persons as well as by companies, public authorities, and the municipal government.

Users need only highlight the relevant area on the map, and the service will identify the affected cable owners and send them an automatically generated query. The details of cable locations are not stored online for security reasons. If no underground cables are located in the selected area, the user will be informed immediately.

The Ledningskollen website is provided solely in Swedish, but there is an informational page given in English.

MaConDaMaConDa API: The service provides access to the Mass spectrometry Contaminant Database which aggregates research reports for chemical composition of environmental contaminant molecules. It gathers data from experimental results and theoretical projections developed both by researchers in the field and instrument providers in testing their mass spectrometers. Contaminant records are annotated with metadata describing compounds.

API methods support search against the database of approximately 300 records, specifying contaminant type and ion structure of detected molecules, as well as type and specific model of mass spectrometry instruments performing the analysis.

Skobbler TilesSkobbler Tiles API: The service provides additions to the OpenStreetMap in the form of map tiles that display information coded to locations so users can discover businesses and other facilities available at particular locations. Sample integrations are available for Google Maps, OpenLayers, and Leaflet. Mobile-aware integrations provide data for mapping applications on iOS and Android devices.

API methods support access to map tiles for locations specified as latitude and longitude for display as layers in mapping applications with control of map size, zoom level, and other variables. Methods adopt familiar JavaScript and other formats for compatibility with OpenStreetMap and compliant applications.

smart.codersmart.coder API: The smart.coder API allows the automatic coding of free-text answers to open ended questions in surveys. It performs an intelligent text analytics process of free-text answers and automatically generates an accurate code table and assigns appropriate codes to free-text answers. It enables developers to interact with smart.coder programmatically via REST in order to add this functionality to existing software and tools.

SPP CROWSPP CROW API: The service provides notifications of planned and unplanned maintenance outages across the provider's network of electricity generating stations in the south-central and southwestern U.S. It allows power providers to create outage reports for their facilities and to view reports for other providers to aid in anticipating and scheduling their own operations.

API methods support posting an outage report with facilities affected as well as date, time, and expected duration. Methods also support retrieval of lists of power generating facilities within the network and outage reports currently scheduled or in process for any of them.

University of Leeds Progress FileUniversity of Leeds Progress File API: The University of Leeds, founded in 1904, is Yorkshire's oldest and largest university. In September 2010, they launched a new e-portfolio system, the Progress File, for all medical and dentistry students.

The Progress File allows students to gather evidence of their learning and evaluate their progress. The Progress File is composed of exercises, responses, feedback, learning notes, completion report, gallery, and resources sections. The Progress File API enables users to interact with a Progress File programmatically to add, retrieve, and delete comments and competencies from it.