Today in APIs: AWS Support API, Informatica API and 22 New APIs

AWS has new Support API. Informatica's new Ultra API. Plus: Twitter gives API 1.0 a reprieve, SOA launches first API gateway, and 22 new APIs.

That's the Ticket: AWS Support API for Business and Enterprise Levels

Amazon Web Services reports launching a new API to create support cases and access the support center,

"Today we are adding additional programmability to AWS with the addition of the new AWS Support API. If you are signed up for the Business or Enterprise level of AWS Support, you can use this API to create new support cases, check on the status of open cases, and resolve cases. You can also add and retrieve information for existing cases. The AWS Support API also gives you access to best practices recommendations generated by the AWS Trusted Advisor. You can get the list of checks, access the latest results, and re-run the checks to refresh the results. This has been a much requested feature for customers who wish to integrate support case management into their in-house ticketing systems, and with the release of Support API’s we have delivered on this request."

( The AWS Trusted Advisor is used to inspect your AWS environment and provide ideas for system performance and saving money all of which can be accessed through the AWS Support API.)

The online Portal is still active, of course, and looks like this: 

The API stands on the shoulders of its AWS siblings that allow you to build tools, cloud resources, manage status and billing and usage information. With the Support API, in addition to creating a ticket, you can also add info to a case, discover updates and resolve them through the API. The point is, if you are using   Platform to track other tickets and issues with various vendors, the API allows you to fold AWS in as well, keeping your tracking system a unified platform. Code samples and AWS Support API documentation are also available.

Informatica's Single Ultra API

Faye Kilburn of Waterstechnology reports that Informatica has just released an API to access its Ultra Messaging low-latency middleware,

"The API will enable users to access functionality from the Ultra Messaging Persistence product, which provides guaranteed messaging; the Ultra Messaging Queuing product, which adds message queuing semantics to Persistence to deliver load balancing and de-coupling of source and receivers; and the Ultra Messaging Streaming product, for streaming data including market data, without having to write a new API for each."

Ultra Messaging Dynamic Routing Option (DRO) for global message routing is its latest release, now being tested by its nine largest investment banking clients.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

22 New APIs

Today we had 22 new APIs added to our API directory including an enterprise q&a platform, an asteroid and comet information database, an exoplanet and potential planet information database, a moving and variable celestial object database, a upc code database and an internet answer service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AnswerHubAnswerHub API: AnswerHub is an enterprise-level Q&A service that helps teams collaborate by eliminating the need to answer redundant questions. It is designed to be mobile-friendly and highly customizable so that it can mesh seamlessly with the rest of a company's website or application. AnswerHub comes with administrative tools for controlling user access, managing content, and performing analytics. AnswerHub's functions can be integrated with other software and systems by using its RESTful API.

AsterankAsterank API: The Asterank database acts as a layer over the NASA/JPL Small Body Database. The JPL Small-Body Database Browser includes data on orbital elements, orbit diagrams, physical parameters, and discovery circumstances. On top of this, the Asterank database includes JPL delta-v data, published asteroid mass data, and Asterank's independent calculations. Because the Asterank database runs on MongoDB, queries must adhere to Mongo's JSON format.

Asterank Kepler ProjectAsterank Kepler Project API: Asterank provides a queryable database containing information on over 2,000 exoplanets and unconfirmed "objects of interest" collected through NASA's Kepler Project. The Kepler spacecraft detects planets outside our solar system (a.k.a. exoplanets) by observing the decrease in light caused when a planet passes in front of a star. The Asterank Kepler Project database is updated nightly from the Kepler Data Explorer. Because Asterank's database runs on MongoDB, queries must adhere to Mongo's JSON format.

Asterank SkyMorph / NEATAsterank SkyMorph / NEAT API: The Asterank SkyMorph / NEAT API provides a RESTful JSON interface to NASA's SkyMorph archive. SkyMorph helps researchers to find variable, moving, or transient celestial objects by providing access to images and catalogs generated by the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) program. These include hundreds of thousands of images that, taken together, cover a large portion of the sky. Each region of the sky is usually observed several times per night and is subsequently revisited on a monthly or yearly basis.

Digit-EyesDigit-Eyes API: Digit-Eyes is an iPhone and browser app that scans UPC codes and produces audio product information. The app is designed for people who are visually impaired or otherwise have problems identifying products. Digit-Eyes maintains a UPC/EAN database of over 35 million products and items. The database is user-generated and continuously growing. Product information is available in 10 languages.
The Digit-Eyes API provides developer access to the UPC/EAN Database. Supported services include individual and batch record retrieval, as well as editing, deleting, and adding records. Individual records are accessed through a XML interface, while batch records may be uploaded or retrieved using a CSV interface.

EviEvi API: Evi is an internet answer engine that provides internet, mobile, and those utilizing the service through an app with an natural language based search engine. The developer portion of the service allows those wishing to integrate their apps with Evi to utilize its query service to pull information, it's profile service to generate traffic, direct answer to integrate information, and other services. The API uses REST calls and returns XML. An account is required with service.

figo connectfigo connect API: Figo connect is an independent, cloud-based platform that helps users manage all of their finances from a single location. Figo imports users' banking information - including credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, and e-wallets like PayPal - and summarizes their overall financial status using simple graphics. The system can keep even minor transactions on file for years.

Figo connect is accessible online or through its mobile app. Developers can integrate figo connect with other systems or applications via REST API. The website for figo connect is provided in both German and English.

Food2ForkFood2Fork API: Food2Fork is an online database of socially ranked recipes with ingredient search functionality. The Food2Fork API provides programmer access to ingredient searches. The API supports GET and POST calls over HTTP. Responses are JSON formatted.

iZettleiZettle API: iZettle is a mobile, tablet, and website payment application. Users can accept payments via mobiles, tablets, and the web with iZettle.

The iZettle API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of iZettle with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, processing payments, and retrieving payment information.

KirbyKirby API: Kirby is a file-based cms service designed for users who know how to use an FTP client and a text editor. Kirby doesn't require a database, just a designated file structure to build a website around. The Kirby API uses JavaScript and returns PHP. An account is required with service.

KlocworkKlocwork API: Klocwork is a software security provider that analyzes Source Code during the testing state to determine weaknesses, among other services. The Klocwork API permits users access to the functionality of the Insight product; a provider of source-code analysis. uses Using SSL for security, the API uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service.

LegalesignLegalesign API: Legalesign is an online eSignature system providing legal contract and form completion services. Legalesign was designed with API usage specifically in mind. The Legalesign API provides a developer interface for automating all phases of the eSignature lifecycle. This is a REST API returning XML or JSON formatted responses.

LibhomeradarLibhomeradar API: Libhomeradar provides data collection software enabling radar devices to collect and use aircraft data. Libhomeradar allows users to apply structure and filtering to raw data and hosts an online database of aircraft, airport, airline, and flight information.
The Libhomeradar API allows developers to query the database via HTTP POST/GET calls. Responses are XML formatted.

Oh Hey WorldOh Hey World API: Oh Hey World is a service that lets users check in with multiple people via text or email with one click when they arrive at a new location. It also allows them to quickly share their new location across multiple social networking sites. Additionally, Oh Hey World shows users people they know who are near their location and helps follow friends while they travel.

Developers working on applications that involve knowing the user's location or time zone can use Oh Hey World to help keep user locations current. The Oh Hey World API accepts a username as input and returns that person's current location. Contact the provider for further Documentation.

Pin PaymentPin Payment API: Pin Payment is a multi-currency payment system that accepts payment from an Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card both locally and internationally. The service operates without requiring a merchant account or an extensive process for application. The Pin Payment API uses REST calls and returns JSON. SSL is required for use, and a unique API Key is required for each service Endpoint.

ShopSavvyShopSavvy API: ShopSavvy is a mobile shopping application. ShopSavvy provides a barcode scanner feature, offers deals and coupons, and a mobile wallet for payment at retailers.

The ShopSavvy API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ShopSavvy with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should inquire about API access here:

ShoutEmShoutEm API: ShoutEm provides mobile app development software. The ShoutEm API provides a RESTful interface for developers to interact with content stored on ShoutEm. API responses are JSON formatted. API: is a real-time advertising platform that helps advertisers make use of their unstructured data. does not target pre-defined audiences, but uses unstructured data to build custom audiences that are refined over time. This give advertisers a more accurate picture of their customers and allows them to target those customers more accurately. also allows advertisers to monitor campaign performance in-depth and to figure out the ROI for specific advertising investments.

The RESTful API allows the platform's features and reporting functions to be integrated into other applications. API: is a Web Service providing price data for gold, silver and other metals, as well as currency rates. The API provides developer access to price data. The API is accessed via HTTP POST calls. provides a limited free API or unlimited access through a paid membership.

THILTHIL API: THIL is a hosted intelligence layer that hosts scripts "offline" until they are scheduled to be used. When the scripts are called, THIL runs them with all the resources of a dedicated server. Rather than paying to keep a dedicated server running at all times, users can just pay for the milliseconds during which their scripts are actually running. THIL is available at all times and can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

We the PeopleWe the People API: We the People is a platform on the White House website that allows users to create and sign petitions on any number of issues. Petitions that recieve more that 150 signatures get reviewed by the White House staff and are responded to. The platform has supported over 8 million users, more than 200,000 petitions and more than 13 million signatures.

The API provides users with read-only access to data on all petitions that have gathered enough support to have received a response and become publicly-available on the We the People site. Future plans include a write API that will allow developers to integrate into their own systems and collect and submit signatures.

WeemoWeemo API: Weemo provides video collaboration services that can be embedded into work applications and websites, allowing users to communicate without having to switch programs. The high-quality video Feed is based on a robust, scalable cloud platform. Weemo's REST and JavaScript APIs enable developers to integrate the video service into their websites and applications.