Today in APIs: Axway API Server 7.2, MYOB API Enhancements, and 4 New APIs

Axway has released API Server 7.2. MYOB has a new Developer Portal. Plus: FCC releases a Python SDK for the Accessibility Clearinghouse API, and 4 new APIs.

Axway Announces API Server 7.2

Axway, a “market leader in governing the flow of data”, has announced the release of API Server 7.2. This release hopes to enable organizations to develop, deploy, manage and secure APIs. To learn more, check out the full announcement.

MYOB Announces API Enhancements

MYOB AccountRight LiveMYOB has updated the company’s MYOB AccountRight Live API to include new invoicing features and developer portal enhancements. MYOB aims to make business life easier and a developer center that includes “access to API information, partner resources, community forum, developer programs and more” certainly does that.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including a spanish-language bulk sms service, a cash payment collection service and a customer-specific marketing service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Elibom SMSElibom SMS API: Elibom SMS is a Spanish-language mass texting service that allows users to send messages via web interface or API. It is aimed at businesses of all sizes and requires no contracts or monthly fees. List of recipients' phone numbers can be entered manually or imported from Excel or CSV files. Elibom includes features for managing groups and contacts and for creating detailed, downloadable reports on both sent and failed messages.

Developers can integrate Elibom's messaging and account viewing features with other systems and applications via REST API. The Elibom SMS website and Documentation are only available in Spanish.

GharpayGharpay API: Gharpay is an doorstep cash payment network based in Hyderabad, India. The company offers its services to online merchants whose customers choose to make a cash payment for online transactions. Payments are collected within 24 hours, and settled with 48 hours.

Gharpay offers an API for pushing order information and tracking order statuses. API methods include createOrder, cancelOrder, cancelProductsFromOrder, viewOrderDetails, getCityList, getPincodesInCity, isCityPresent, and more.

PersuasionPersuasion API: The Persuasion API is designed to determine the best way to persuade people on an individual basis, creating a "persuasion profile" for each customer. It also allows users to alter their communication methods in real time in response to accumulated information, thereby increasing customer loyalty and conversion rates. Currently, Persuasion API is accepting clients on an invitation-only basis. Potential clients can request an invite on the Persuasion API website.

TwitcherTwitcher API: Twitcher provides simple JavaScript methods by which users can access Twitter's API. It was created by Steer, a web development teaching group, in response to changes that Twitter made to their API that made it harder for beginning programmers to use. The methods exposed by Twitcher allow developers to get a Twitter user's information and timeline, get a tweet's information and retweets, and search Twitter.