Today in APIs: Backupify's Cloud-to-Cloud API, Google to Add Native Messaging API, and 5 New APIs

SaaS developers get access to Backupify's cloud-to-cloud API. Google's solution to the end of the Netscape NPAPI plug-in, a new native messaging API, is due in January. Plus: 7 steps to the perfect API, and 5 new APIs.

Backupify Opens API for SaaS Developers

Backupify backs ups Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data, from Salesforce to Google to MoMA, and 6,000 other clients. We last wrote about Backupify in February when the developer program was in private beta. Now they've taken the wraps off.

As Heather Clancy wrote in ZDNET, the idea is to extend Backupify so that other SaaS developers can offer similar solutions:

"The Backupify Developer Platform, which has been in a beta test since earlier this year, is designed to let SaaS providers add backup features to their services in a matter of hours without requiring custom code. The backups are encrypted to the level of Backupify's own services."

Partners already include CRM company PipelineDeals, Smartsheet, Apptivo, Freshdesk and Mavenlink.

Google Launches Native Messaging API for Chrome

Google's popular Netscape-era NPAPI has been removed, as Amy Castor reported here in late September.

As Todd R. Weiss writes in ZDNET, the new native messaging API for Chrome is aimed at replacing the NPAPI:

"The Native Messaging API is available on Windows, OS X and Linux starting from Chrome 29, wrote [Sergey Ulanov, a Google software engineer]. Developers can also use other NPAPI alternatives as outlined on the NPAPI deprecation Chromium wiki page, he wrote. "For details on how to create and register a native messaging host, please refer to the API Documentation and check out our sample application, which also includes a simple native messaging host."

There are more details on how to use the code, including the point that native applications that support this feature need to register a native host that knows how to communicate with the extension.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including a location-based amenity maps service, a danish credit information database, a live support chat service and an seo services. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AmenimapsAmenimaps API: AmeniMaps is a collection of offline Android Maps showing amenity locations in cities and other interesting places worldwide. The AmeniMaps API can return the location of the amenities near any specified coordinates. Amenity types include toilets, ATMs, banks, post offices, bakeries, bars, bicycle rentals, cafes, public drinking water, pharmacies, playgrounds, subway entrances, and much more.

Experian RKI-RegisterExperian RKI-Register API: Experian is an information services company that serves people in more than 80 countries. The RKI-Register provides a database where Danish businesses can search for bad debt. The database can be used to find information on potential or existing customers and determine the state of their credit, helping companies to avoid financial losses and bad debt. The website and all documentation are provided exclusively in Danish.

LivehelpGenieLivehelpGenie API: LivehelpGenie allows users to chat with their site visitors in real time and track visitors' movements across the website. Users can also create and manage canned responses, block unwanted IP addresses, and attach persistent "notes" to visitors in case they return later or need to be transferred to another operator. The live chat feature is fully customizable and brandable. All chats are SSL-encrypted. LivehelpGenie provides a SOAP API for managing users and resellers.

SEOGeniesSEOGenies API: SEOGenies provides their customers with search engine optimization services. They submit articles to article directories and article submission sites, submit press releases to PR sites, make social bookmarking submissions, post in forums, and guarantee five keyword searches on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEOGenies also provides SEO consulting, regular SEO maintenance activities, and monthly search engine ranking reports.

ZeeboxZeebox API: Zeebox is a free app that is designed to be used as a second screen while watching TV. It can help users get additional information about a show, find extra content, socialize with people watching the same show, and discover new shows to watch. The Zeebox app works on laptops, iPhones, iPads, Androids, and BlackBerry smartphones. Developers can integrate with Zeebox via REST or JavaScript API.