Today in APIs: The BeansBooks API and 11 new APIs

System76 has announced the release of BeansBooks, a new cloud accounting application. Plus: be an enterprise API management hero, and 11 New APIs.

Simple Accounting with the BeansBooks API

System76, a custom solutions provider for Intel, has released a new cloud accounting application that is easily integrated via an API. This new tool is named BeansBooks and the API shares this name.

The BeansBooks API enables, “automatic creation of customers, vendors, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices and more.” Interested developers should make sure to check out the documentation.

API News You Shouldnt Miss

    11 New APIs

    Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a nigerian bulk sms service, a bulk sms service, a small business invoicing and accounting service, a document proof of existence service and a rochester public mass transit information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

    BulkSMSVillaBulkSMSVilla API: BulkSMSVilla is a bulk SMS service based in Nigeria that offers two-way SMS communication. Its SMS gateway connects to more than 700 GSM and CDMA mobile network operators worldwide. The BulkSMSVilla API enables users to send and receive messages via REST calls and can also be used to check account balances.

    ComposeSMSComposeSMS API: ComposeSMS is an SMS service provided by Catchway Technologies. Users can send bulk SMS via web interface without the need for a mobile phone. ComposeSMS also offers an address book, contact importing, and other useful features. The ComposeSMS API allows users to send single or multiple SMS, schedule messages for future delivery, cancel a scheduled SMS delivery, get the delivery status of an SMS message, and check a user's account balance.

    CustomizedSMSCustomizedSMS API: CustomizedSMS is a web-based Nigerian SMS Portal that delivers custom bulk SMS around the world. One free SMS unit is awarded to new accounts. Users can integrate their application or website with the CustomizedSMS messaging gateway via REST API. This API allows users to send SMS and check their account balances.

    DebitoorDebitoor API: Debitoor is invoicing and accounting software designed for freelancers and small businesses. It can create good-looking, professional invoices and send quotes or reminders. Debitoor can handle trades across borders and in different languages. It comes with features for managing customer information and also provides invoice templates.

    The Debitoor API lets users set the service up to produce invoices whenever it is prompted to by a third-party application.

    Proof of ExistenceProof of Existence API: Proof of Existence allows users store an online distributed proof of existence for any document anonymously and securely on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Documents themselves are not stored. Instead, Proof of Existence stores a cryptographic digest of each file along with the time of upload for verification purposes. This allows users to prove that they have certain information without having to reveal their data or themselves.

    Proof of Existence provides Decentralized proof that no third party or government can tamper with. Validation is provided through the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing users to access the cryptographic digest for a file even if the Proof of Existence site is damaged or down.

    Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation AuthorityRochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority API: The Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) provides public mass transportation for Rochester, New York. The RGRTA REST API allows users to retrieve both static and real-time information from the RGRTA website. Static information includes scheduled stops, lines, etc. Information on where buses currently are, whether they're ahead or behind schedule, what stops they'll arrive at next, and so on is provided in real-time with updates occurring once per minute.

    Sony Camera RemoteSony Camera Remote API: The Sony Camera Remote API allows developers to create applications that are able to control Sony cameras and/or access the images and content on the camera to perform specified actions on them, such as uploading them to an application. The Sony Camera Remote API can be used with numerous operating systems and platforms.

    StrideStride API: Stride is a simple sales tracking application organizations to manage, develop, and collaborate on new business. The Stride API allows customer applications to integrate the Stride Platform. The RESTful API uses OAuth2 for Authentication, requires HTTPS communication, and returns JSON or XML formatted responses. API: is a service for shortening URLs that is powered by the YOURLS script. Users have the option of implementing a custom keyword to make shortened links easier to write manually and remember. offers a RESTful public API that allows developers to integrate the service with their own applications.

    VodaTextVodaText API: VodaText is an SMS delivery service that provides bulk SMS services in multiple languages. They can deliver to 800 mobile networks covering 200 countries. Users can get delivery reports to confirm the delivery of messages in real-time as well as receive replies to messages in their inboxes. VodaText also provides a number validation service for checking the status of mobile numbers. Users can access VodaText's messaging capabilities programmatically via REST API.

    ZeroPushZeroPush API: ZeroPush is a scalable iOS push notification service. Developers can send push notifications to their applications' end users from the ZeroPush web interface and explore any data they collect through ZeroPush from a general overview down to specifics. The ZeroPush API provides developers with a programmatic interface to the iOS push notification functions.