Today in APIs: Bellefield Launches iTimeKeep API, and 9 New APIs

Bellefield's iTimeKeep API helps lawyers keep billing accurate. Prodea Jumps forward in the race for the Internet of Things. Plus: Survey Analytics API enhancements are on their way, Department of Energy continues hackathons, and 9 new APIs.

Bellefield's  iTimeKeep API Keeps Track of Time and Tasks for Lawyers

Bellefield, a leader in mobile time entry, has now made their tools available to any mobile app regularly used by attorneys to perform their work. The key is contemporaneous time entry, now consistently available only on mobile.

As the company commented,

By embedding iTimeKeep's API into any of their Mobile or Desktop apps, third-party vendors will allow attorneys to capture all work-related activities contemporaneously, saving the attorney from the need to reconstruct or remember activities at a later time. Contemporaneous time entry is the most productive time entry method for attorneys and leads to a significant increase in billing accuracy at the firm.

Launched in 2012, iTimeKeep and now its new API make it possible for attorneys to capture their time anywhere, any time on any device. To read more check out ProgrammableWeb's full coverage.

Prodea Looks to be an Early Favorite in the Internet of Things

Prodea Systems has created a Residential Operating System that connects services and devices in the home, providing a unified offering that consumer brands or ISPs can market to consumers. The race to connect things to the internet is a crowded field, but Prodea stands out with $100 million in funding.

As Stacey Higginbotham reports in Gigaom,

Devices will communicate with the Residential OS via an SDK to a physical device or an API in the cloud depending on the service and how the device shares information. In the podcast, Ansari walks me through an example, where my fitness tracker might communicate my steps to a service while my connected fridge communicates what product I’m getting ready to eat to that same service. Given those pieces of information, that health and wellness service might send an alert via my speakers to put away the cheesecake unless I take more steps.

As she also points out, Prodea plans to build a Platform that overrides the different protocols in the consumer connected device world to let providers create services across a wide array of devices.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile device led lighting control service, an hr job candidate recruitment and selection service, a wifi 3d printing service and a food foraging community sharing service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AppLamp Wifi LED API: The AppLamp Wifi LED lighting is a way to control your home LED lights with an APP from a smartphone or tablet. The API is a JavaScript API that can send commands to the AppLamp Wife Box over UDP. It can also control the Mi-Light Wi-Fi RGBW/RGB and Dual White bulbs, as well as the LED controllers, all with javascript.

CalibraceCalibrace API: Calibrace is a cloud-based recruitment and selection service for HR departments. Calibrace offers Candidate, Job, and Apply Without Registration APIs so that users can integrate Calibrace with other HR products, systems, and websites. The Candidate API allows users to add, update, and delete candidate profiles on Calibrace. The Job API allows users to add, update, and delete job profiles. The Apply Without Registration API allows users to apply for jobs without registering with the Calibrace system.

Doodle3DDoodle3D API: Doodle3D enables 3D printing with a WiFi-Box that connects your devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop) to your 3D-printer. It also provides a simple sketching tool.

With the Doodle3D REST API, the Doodle 3D WiFi Box enables wireless control of 3D printers. You can wirelessly send prints to your printers. You can control a printer using a Kinect, add embeddable print buttons to existing applications, and use sound input to influence a print.

Forage CityForage City API: Forage City, created by Youth Radio, working with the food justice community, is an online and mobile app enabling users to find and share backyard fruit with neighbors and non-profits, making healthy food accessible.

With the Forage City API you can create a Forage City application, making your city a Forage City.

National Park Service NPMapNational Park Service NPMap API: National Park Service's NPMap team enables National Park Service employees, volunteers, and partners to create and embed maps, including content management system, into their web pages.

The NPMap is made of simple Javascript modules and returns coordinates in Decimal Degrees.

Standard Analytics IOStandard Analytics IO API: Standard Analytics IO is designed to improve the reproducibility of scientific results by linking scientific content with its original data and analysis methods. The Standard Analytics IO REST API provides programmatic access to data, which is stored according to the linked data package ontology as JSON-LD documents.

TreasuryDirectTreasuryDirect API: People can retrieve data from programmatically using RESTful APIs. The Treasury Securities API lets users get information on announced securities, auctioned securities, particular types of securities, or specific individual securities. The Debt API lets users get the most recent debt data or the debt data for a given date. API users can also perform searches for securities and debt data.

Wildlife Rehabilitation MD Closed WRMDWildlife Rehabilitation MD Closed WRMD API: Wildlife Rehabilitation MD (WRMD) is an on-line medical database. It is designed by and for wildlife rehabilitators to collect, manage and analyze data for patients. It is a record-keeping system that stores and manages large amounts of data and allows for data mining and quick data entry.

With the Closed WRMD API, developers can extend the capacity of the database. Using actions and filters, it can be used to create extensions for better User Experience. Metaboxes, registrations, and helper fuctions are also available.

YouMagineYouMagine API: YouMagine is a 3D printing community. The YouMagine API enables sharing and collaboration within that community. Applications include a web-based design app that allows you to post designs, a desktop application that enables you to upload projects, and a javascript widget that can showcase designs.