Today in APIs: Betable Ups the Ante in Real-Money Gaming, Google App Engine Used to Teach Over 57,000 Students and 5 New APIs

Betable announced a partnership with Slingo, Digital Chocolate and Murka. The founder of Reddit uses the Google App Engine to teach web development to thousands. Plus: Social shopping network BeauCoo will launch API in 2013, coding a Vimeo API instant search app with JQuery and 5 new APIs.

Betable Ups the Ante in Real-Money Gaming

Betable announced that it will partner exclusively with Slingo, Digital Chocolate, and Murka in it’s private beta program. Betable offers companies the ability to infuse their gaming application with real-money excitement.

This news comes two days after it was announced that Betable and Big Fish Games had launched a real-money gambling version of Big Fish Casino in the United Kingdom. Betable offers the Betable API to developers that are looking to make the jump to the world of real-money gambling.

Google App Engine Used to Teach Over 57,000 Students

Google App EngineSteve Huffman, founder of Reddit and Hipmunk, recently taught a web development course for Udacity. In a guest post for the Google Developer Blog, Huffman explained how Google’s App Engine allowed his students to focus on the app rather than system administration:

“Students being able to get their code running on the Internet with almost no hassle was one of the most important aspects of my course. First, it gave the students an immediate sense of power. After the first lesson, they would have their own code running live on the Internet!”

So far over 57,000 students have enrolled in the course. Hopefully one of those students can develop an application as cool as Hipmunk.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including a text analysis service, a church organizational service, an online drawing Platform, a live transit data for montgomery county service and a workforce management service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Aiaioo Labs VakTextAiaioo Labs VakText API: Aiaioo labs is provides research services with applied A.I. They identify intentions in text messages as well as offer sentiment analysis tools in ten languages. The Aiaioo Labs API service is comprised of the VakTest APIs which include VakIntent, VakSent, and VakEvent. The API requires an API Key for use. A Key can be obtained by creating a free account to test the service.

ChurchCommunityBuilderChurchCommunityBuilder API: ChurchCommunityBuilder provides a hub to foster community, communication, and connectedness for churches. They have a platform for online giving, group and ministry finding, event registration, forms and surveys, and calendar services. The ChurchCommunityBuilder API allows administrators to choose how users interact with the hub, exchange data between other software and the hub, and other services.

QueekyPaintQueekyPaint API: Queeky is an online drawing platform that allows users to create animated drawing, watch how others draw, collaborate with other artists, and participate in many other art related activities. The QueekyPaint API enables users to add QueekyPaint to blogs and websites. An account is required with service. With an account, users will be given a personal API Key and the JavaScript code required to implement QueekyPaint.

Ride On Live TransitRide On Live Transit API: Ride On is Montgomery County, Maryland’s public bus service. The Ride On Live Transit API provides a RESTful interface for read-only data on bus stops, bus routes and trips, schedules, arrival times, and bus stop sign messages. Results may be formatted in JSON or XML.

SynchroteamSynchroteam API: Synchroteam is a mobile workforce control service that aims to optimize costs, dispatch, and schedule a workforce. It allows workflow customization based on a business's needs, tracks worker locations, schedules and dispatches teams, and generates reports. The Synchroteam API allows data to be retrieved from or pushed into a users Synchroteam account so that it can be integrated with CRMs, invoicing systems, and other business software to prevent data duplication. The service uses REST calls and will return JSON or XML.