Today in APIs: Bing Search API, Facebook JavaScript API and 11 New APIs

The Bing Search API will be deprecated as of August 1st; time to move to the Windows Azure Marketplace. Facebook moves toward a simplified version of their JavaScript API. Plus: 11 new APIs.

The Bing Search API 2.0: A New Endpoint

Feel free to continue using the Bing Search API, until August 1st. Soon Bing’s search API will be officially moved to the Windows Azure Marketplace and developers will be forced to migrate. Bing has provided a migration manual to ease the pain. Concerning the transition the Bing Developer blog had this to say:

“You can expect the transition to involve targeting a new API end point, moderate changes to the request and response schemas, and a new security requirement to authenticate your application key.”

Simplifying The Facebook JavaScript API

Facebook is looking to simplify its JavaScript API by reducing the amount of methods exposed by the FB object in the JavaScript SDK. If you are looking to see a list of methods that are publically available, check out the API documentation.

Lessons That Can be Learned From The AWS Outages

GigaOM had an interesting article today that discussed the lessons that can be learned from the AWS outages. To summarize: stuff like this happens, take heed.

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11 New APIs:

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a vehicle location and tracking services, photo application development tools, fax to email service, application building service, google based virtual machine service, digital wallet services, wifi proximity-based actions delivery , cloud storage service, serviced office accomodations, email delivery services, qr code generator, . Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Air-TrakAir-Trak API: Air-Trak provides organizations with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions. These solutions have been deployed across organizations such as waste management, first responders, and delivery services. The system can manage work orders, routing, and reporting. The Air-Trak API is available to partners looking for the ability to retrieve and update Air-Trak service data automatically. Public Documentation for the API is not available.

Chute MediaChute Media API: The Chute Media Platform helps web and mobile app developers build any photo or video app they can imagine. The Chute Media platform includes a REST API and a set of developer tools that add greater photo and video functionality to mobile apps. Functionality exposed includes search, social tools, uploading of photos and much more.

eFaxeFax API: eFax is an internet fax solution that offers users a large selection of local and toll-free fax numbers in over 49 countries on six continents. The eFax API allows businesses to integrate faxing functionality with their existing applications. Users can send and receive faxes from clients to their applications as XML documents. The API uses RESTful calls.

Esri Community AnalystEsri Community Analyst API: Esri works to enable people with tools for positively affecting the future through an enhanced understanding of the geographic world around them.

Utilize this API to create custom web, mobile, and desktop apps integrated with demographic, crime, health and business data reporting capabilities. Information regarding people and places can be aggregated and condensed at 10 geography levels or as requested by polygon, drive time, or distance.

Report formats are provided as PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or XML streams.

Google Compute EngineGoogle Compute Engine API: Google Compute Engine is a service that provides virtual machines that run on Google infrastructure. The service allows users to launch large compute clusters on Google's infrastructure. The Google Compute Engine API provides users with an interface for interacting with their resources. These resources include projects, instances, networks, firewalls and disks. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Google Save to WalletGoogle Save to Wallet API: Google Wallet is a project that aims to digitally store things normally held in a physical wallet including credit and debit cards, coupons, loyalty cards, tickets, boarding passes, and more. The Save to Wallet APIs allow visitors to both bank and merchant websites to save payment cards and offers to Google Wallet. Banks have the ability to integrate any credit or signature debit card into Google Wallet. Merchants have the ability to publish offers that can be saved to Google Wallet from a their desktop or mobile website. The API is currently available only to partner merchants. Developers interested in becoming partners should contact Google at

Message RadiusMessage Radius API: Message Radius is proximity-based actions service. It uses wifi signals to locate mobile devices, not geolocation. The wifi signals are used as triggers to set off actionable scripts, such as messaging and marketing. The Message Radius API exposes the service’s entire functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data. API: is a provider of cloud based long term data storage clusters. attempts to differentiate itself from competitors such as Amazon’s S3, OpenStack’s SWIFT, and Riak by using parity instead of replication to achieve highly redundant storage with less overhead. The Nimbus API gives developers access to resources including customer accounts, collections owned by the customer, keys within a collection and the data and metadata for a key.

RegusRegus API: Regus is the world's largest provider of flexible workspaces with over 4500 meeting rooms, 1200 video studios, 38000 day offices and hot desks available on demand, hourly and daily; spanning 1200 business centres, 550 cities and 95 countries. The Regus REST API allows developers to access the Regus central reservations system and take advantage of functionality such as searching, checking availability, booking, amendments and cancellations.

SmartSourceSmartSource API: SmartSource is a proivder of e-marketing applications and email delivery services including development, hosting and management. The SmartSource API allows developers to integrate email delivery services into their existing applications. These services include dedicated domains and IP addresses, ISP relations management, broadcasting, status checks, and management of tracking, opt-outs and complaints. Full documentation is not publicly available.

UnitagUnitag API: Unitag is a free QR code generator. Through use of the generator tool, users can customize their QR codes with their choice of color, size, quietzone, redundancy and more. The API allows users to integrate the functionality of the code generator into their own systems and uses RESTful calls.