Today in APIs: Blogger Integrates Google+ Linking, Facebook Strengthens Ads With Help From the Apple API and 9 New APIs

Blogger has integrated Google+ allowing easier linking to profiles. Facebook used the Apple API to allow in application downloads. Plus: The digital world needs a Switzerland, Box outlines how the If-Match Header was born, and 9 new APIs.

Blogger Integrates Google+ Linking

Users of Blogger can now quickly link to Google+ profiles using a new tool that is built into the Blogger post editor. The announcement shows how easy it is, “To mention someone, just type “+” before their name while you’re using the Blogger post editor.”

Facebook Strengthens Ads With Help From the Apple API

FacebookFacebook on iOS 6 now allows users to download applications from the app store while staying inside the iOS Facebook experience. Previously users would have been directed to the app store then after downloading they would need to navigate back to Facebook. Check out a great article on TechCrunch that goes in depth on this topic.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a croatian fiscalization service, a bill management service, a competition-based fitness service , a human genetic linkage information service, an oklahoma state university event retrieval service and an enterprise social network. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Cursor d.o.o. Fiscalization ServiceCursor d.o.o. Fiscalization Service API: Cursor d.o.o. is a Slovenian IT company that has created an online fiscalization service in response to the new Croatian Fiscalization Law. In this case, fiscalization refers to cash transactions fiscalization, which is used to provide an overview of cash transaction revenues for taxation purposes. The Fiscalization Service allows uniform communication between taxpayers and the Tax Administration. The Cursor d.o.o. Fiscalization Service API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Factura DirectaFactura Directa API: Factura Directa provides an online bill pay solution that helps users create, send, manage, and monitor bills and budgets. The Factura Directa API allows users to remotely access his/her account and utilize it's full functionality. The API uses REST calls and returns XML. SSL is used for Authentication. This site and Documentation is in spanish.

FleetlyFleetly API: Fleetly is a fitness website that hopes to to increase user participation and achievement by making the activities social and competitive. The service includes a list of workouts and a list of challenges that the user attempts to accomplish. The API is available free of charge and gives the user access to the Fleetly workout data. An account is required to access the service.

MadelineMadeline API: The service provides analysis and formatting of data reflecting human genetic background for use in studies of genetic linkage and pedigree. It converts data about genetic markers for an individual to formats compatible with common software for linkage analysis. It also supports queries against genetic pedigree datasets to aid discovery of relationships and patterns. Visualization tools generate Postscript images for rapid review of large, complex datasets. The service is also available as installed software.

API methods support submission of genetic marker data for analysis. Methods analyze the pedigree links represented in the data and format it for submission to common link analyzer packages. Methods also generate SVG images representing data and defining genetic links to recorded human pedigrees.

OSU Calendar Web ServiceOSU Calendar Web Service API: The Oklahoma State University (OSU) website hosts a number of useful features, one of which is the Calendar Web Service API. This service enables users to programmatically retrieve scheduled OSU events. Users can retrieve all events occurring between two given dates, which can be up to 999 days apart. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Saba People CloudSaba People Cloud API: Saba People Cloud is a social enterprise Platform that provides social collaboration, performance management, learning, and web conferencing tools. Users can communicate with their coworkers, partners, and customers using a variety of methods, including activity streams, groups, public discussions, and blogs. Real-time collaboration is permitted by chat, HD video meetings, and desktop sharing. Users can also exchange ideas with members of their extended network and use popular vote to choose one for a new initiative.

Saba People Cloud is a subscription-based service. It comes with an API for importing information into the Cloud. The API's specifics are not publicly available.

SIX Address SearchSIX Address Search API: The Spatial Information eXchange (SIX) is a Resource provided by the government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. SIX is the official source for NSW geospatial information along with land and property information. The SIX Address Search API lets users retrieve addresses based on house number, road name, road type, suburb, post code, lot number, or house plan. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

VikiViki API: Viki is a global television service that include music videos, shows, and movies translated into over 150 languages. The Viki API allows users to to serach through site content including: Movies, series, episodes, newscasts, newsclips, artists, music videos, featured videos, coming soon, and others. The service uses REST calls and can return, JSON, XML, JSONP, UTC, and images.

WebSpellCheckerWebSpellChecker API: WebSpellChecker is an application that allows website owners and managers to provide spell checking services on their websites and web text.

The WebSpellChecker API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of WebSpellChecker with other websites and applications. The main API method is submitting text and retrieving spelling checks.