Today in APIs: Box Advance Search API

Box releases its advance search API. QuickCoin app sends bitcoin through Facebook. Plus: file scanning tool for Macs, and GovTribe releases government contracting data API.

Box Releases AdvancedSearch API

Box, the content company, has released an API to let clients search their files, as part of Box's strategy of helping businesses build user-centric IT strategies. Among other advances it features federated search, the ability to simultaneous search multiple searchable resources.

As Ted Blosser writes in a blog post,

This new API allows customers to hone their searches with many different parameters, dramatically improving how information is found and used by users and administrators. Box admins can now programmatically pinpoint sensitive data among millions of files in their enterprise; marketing teams will be able to improve how they find digital assets by searching for only image types; ecosystem partners can customize and refine their search options for a tailored experience in their apps.

The API allows for 3 new leaps. First is global content discovery: Box admins can search all content with one API call, including document text, date ranges, metadata and owners. Second, it facilitates application development that allows for filtered results aimed at people looking for things like Photoshop images or PowerPoint files. The last leap is the partner ecosystem.This gives a granularity to focus search on types of files, like only AutoCAD files or DICOM images.

Bitcoin Now Sent Through Facebook via QuickCoin App

Quickcoin's new app makes it possible to send Bitcoin through Facebook, a secure way to get started with the currency. Using what the company calls "social wallets" you can send as little as 0.000001 of a bit coin. The app does this using Facebook's API.

As Tim Hornyak writes in Techhive,

QuickCoin is offering the app service for free, although there is the standard cost of roughly 5 cents per transaction to maintain the Bitcoin network, [QuickCoin cofounder Marshall] Hayner said, adding the company hopes to gain as many users as possible and somehow monetize that in the future. QuickCoin also wants to bring its Bitcoin app to other social media platforms, he said.

With Facebook's 1 billion plus users, this could be a big market. The app works with all devices and platforms, aiming at mainstream adoption.

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