Today In APIs: Box sees solid growth, Streak CRM, Text My Bus and 11 New APIs

Box is on its way to joining the API Billionare club. Streak CRM Builds on Google Cloud Platform APIs. Plus: WallaBee becomes the first iOS game to support Passbook, and Apigee enable fast mobile app development for the enterprise, Text My Bus eliminates wait time for Detroit citizens and 11 New APIs.

Box sees 500M API calls per month

Box.netAt the annual Box conference, CEO Aaron Levie gave an update on the company's performance and the statistics show that Box is poised to enter the API Billionaire's club. Box's strategy to focus on the Enterprise is paying rich dividends with more than 92% of Fortune 500 companies using the service, 140000 + users and over 500M API calls per month.

Google Cloud Platform powers Streak CRM

Google App EngineStreak, a CRM Tool built right inside Gmail has utilized the Google Platform APIs to the maximum while building out the service. Aleem Mawani, Co-Founder of Streak, wrote a blog post on how the Google Cloud platform helped them build out the application. Streak has used almost every Google Cloud Platform API there is, ranging from AppEngine and its associated APIs to BigQuery, Prediction API and Google Translate API for translating the app across 40 languages.

Code For America Detroit Builds SMS Bus App

TwilioCode For America Detroit has seen the release of a Twilio powered App, Text My Bus which lets citizens know when their next bus is on its way. The app asks users to send them their cross streets to a Twilio powered Short code and it returns back with the next timing of the bus, thereby saving users of hours of waiting time. Text My Bus developers have taken it a step further and also provide an interface, One Bus Away to allow developers to build on top of the live transit data.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a moldovan educational institution information service, a data acquisition and control service, an armenian exchange rate service, a german exchange rate quote service, a web metrics and analytics platform, a currency exchange rate data service, and a collection of classic novels. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Afla.MDAfla.MD API: The service provides current reports from schools and educational institutions in the former Soviet republic of Moldova. It exposes lists and details of Moldovan educational institutions, accessible by name or geographic region, and provides performance scores based on data provided by the institutions. The service is intended to encourage review, awareness, and scrutiny of activities in schools within the country.

API methods support listing of schools and institutions by educational level and geographic location. For each institution, methods support access to details about infrastructure, language, student population, and finances. The API also provides scores by area of study and gender.

BugswarmBugswarm API: Bugswarm is a data management service that connects a users resources and controls how the resources communicate and interact. The resources can be smartphones, BUG, Arduino, web or mobile applications. The Bugswarm API consists of a Configuration API and a Participation API. The Configuration API can be used to create resources and swarms as well as add resources to swarms as producers, consumers or both. The Participation API connects resources to swarms so that they can produce and consume data. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.

Central Bank of Armenia Exchange RatesCentral Bank of Armenia Exchange Rates API: The service from the Central Bank of the former Soviet republic of Armenia provides exchange rate quotes for the national currency, the Dram. It is intended to facilitate international trade denominated in the currency and enable the government policy of supporting the currency by purchasing and selling while maintaining a freely floating exchange rate within open international capital markets.

API methods support listing exchange rates for the Dram against other national currencies, specified by ISO country code, for specific date ranges. The API also can supply the current exchange rate, based on most recent transactions.

Daenet CurrencyServerDaenet CurrencyServer API: The service provides exchange rates for many currencies worldwide, allowing applications to convert amounts for transactions and to assess risk of changes in exchange rates over time. It is available as a widget to be embedded in HTML pages or as a Web Service with SOAP API.

API methods support retrieval of a foreign exchange rate for any pair of currencies by multiplying a "currency factor" by one currency value to determine the other value. Methods also support listing of datasets providing currency factors, providers of datasets, and timestamps of the datasets, which allows evaluation of data reliability.

DucksboardDucksboard API: Ducksboard is a web metrics and analytics platform. Ducksboard allows users to track their web metrics and produce analysis and reports based on the metrics.

The Ducksboard API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ducksboard with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data, sending data, and managing accounts. Ducksboard offers push, pull, and dashboard APIs.

New York Federal Reserve Foreign ExchangeNew York Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange API: The service from the New York Federal Reserve Bank provides historical data for foreign exchange transactions and exchange rates. The list of data available covers many of the world's currencies, with both spot and buying prices quoted at different times of day. The authoritative provider makes the data available for ingestion to automated processes that must compare currencies to calculate prices for cross-border transactions, in addition to historical research uses.

API methods support retrieval of regularly updated data formatted in compliance with the emerging Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) standard. URL-based access delivers data for specific currencies, with both 10 a.m. and noon quotes available for many frequently traded currencies.

Pearson Penguin ClassicsPearson Penguin Classics API: The Penguin Classics Library by Pearson is a collection of 100 of classic novels, such as Jane Eyre, Dracula, and Great Expectations.

The Pearson Penguin Classics API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Pearson Penguin Classics with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving books, retrieving book information, getting author information, and searching books and authors.

Remote PotatoRemote Potato API: Remote Potato is a media service that allows users to access media stored at their homes from anywhere with web access. The Remote Potato API provides the data required to create multiplatform apps to access a users media server. The API uses REST calls and returns XML. API Tokens are required for Authentication.

ToutTout API: Tout is a platform that allows users to shoot short video status updates via cameras on smartphones and the web. Touts are shared real-time and automatically to, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, SMS, and email contacts.

The Tout API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tout with other applications and create new applications. Some example API methods include searching for tags, following users, managing account information, and creating and managing "Touts."

Transpact PartnerTranspact Partner API: The service provides payment functionality based on an escrow system in which funds are held for distribution when terms of sale are completed, as when a product is delivered. It provides tools for stating and revising offer terms until both parties agree, then it accepts and holds payment until the party paying agrees to release the funds. The neutral third party helps to ensure agreement on terms and fulfillment of both delivery and payment, which encourages trust between parties unfamiliar to one another.

API methods support creating a "Transpact" agreement between contracting parties and confirming fulfillment to allow dispersal of funds or voiding an agreement previously created. Methods also support listing of a party's current and past agreements to allow risk assessment.

TraxoTraxo API: Traxo is an application to store digital and electronic travel information, a digital travel wallet. Traxo works with multiple travel sites so users can manage their travel information, travel rewards, and organize travel information.

The Traxo API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Traxo with other applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, creating and managing trips, retrieving travel information, and adding travel information.