Today in APIs: Brightcove Releases App Cloud Mobile App Platform, DataSift Partners with Bitly and 17 New APIs

Brightcove releases an update to their App Cloud mobile Platform enabling developers to build mobile apps more quickly and cheaply. DataSift partners with Bitly to give users further insight into what content actually engages readers. Plus: Maluuba's answer to Siri, IQ Engine's new image recognition API and 17 new APIs.

Brightcove Releases App Cloud Mobile App Platform

BrightcoveBrightcove is a leading provider of cloud content services, offers users a suite of products for publishing and distributing the professional digital media including App Cloud, a content app platform. Today Brightcove announced the newest release of the App Cloud mobile app platform. The update is meant to allow developers to build mobile apps more quickly and cheaply.

"'Switching from PhoneGap to App Cloud to develop cross-platform apps for our clients has enabled us to decrease our development time by 40 percent,' said Bill Quinn, managing director at Lightmaker, a leading global digital agency. 'App Cloud has made it easy for us to deliver high quality custom apps to meet a range of client objectives, while making the development experience much faster.'"

The new platform updates include open plugin architecture and partner Integration, new push notification APIs and will be available to all Brightcove customers.

DataSift Partners with Bitly

DataSiftDataSift, the social data platform, is one of the few companies with complete access to the Twitter data stream. Today they announced that they have been given exclusive access to's, the URL-shortening service, data. According to DataSift founder Nick Halstead:

“What Bitly gives us is the click behavior, what people actually clicked on, not just what appeared in their Twitter stream.”

This gives users of the DataSift platform the ability to see not only what users are sharing, but also how engaging that content truly is. Among the immediate potential uses of this data is headline optimization and identifying who the most influential followers are.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

17 New APIs

Today we had 17 new APIs added to our API directory including a 3d avatar creation service, local information service for bavaria, danish Library holdings database search, oceanographic metadata vocabulary service, meme translation service, finance information and management service, music collaboration service, mobile marketing and cell phone communication service, japanese iaas cloud service, swedish video service, pharmacy system and point of sale interface, radioshack developer service, weather radar mapping service, star coordinate information service for fits images, voip Callback and click-to-call service, language detection and translation service, neuroscience literature search service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Avatarion Portrait3DAvatarion Portrait3D API: Based on the Avatarion's Tethys 3D solution, Portraid3D allows developers to create realistic, 3D, animated avatars from image files. The avatars are web publishable through HTTP embed code or can be used in third party applications.

Depending on your desired use, pricing plans run from free (12 avatars/month) to a $1,500 ultra membership (100,000 avatars/month). Image files should ideally contain only one face with as high a resolution as possible.

The REST API creates avatars from a POST file or GET from a designated URL. Response data is formatted in JSON. An account with Mashape is required for usage of the API.

Bavarian Authorities SignpostBavarian Authorities Signpost API: Bayerischer Behördenwegweiser (trans. Bavarian Authorities Signpost) provides an API for retrieving information on local services, living conditions, authorities, addresses, and contacts from the City Administrations within Bavaria. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format. The Bavarian Authorities Signpost website and API Documentation are only provided in German.

BibliotekBibliotek API: Bibliotek is not a library itself, but rather a database of items held by Danish public libraries. Bibliotek provides online access to the records of all items published in Denmark as well as all items found in Danish public and research libraries. Denmark-based users can place requests for items at their local library, even if the library does not normally carry the desired item. Certain items - such as DVDs and VHS tapes - may be unavailable to non-local borrowers. A warning will appear in the records of any items that may be unavailable.

Bibliotek also allows users to check their loans and reservations at their favorite libraries, as well as ask for renewals and delete reservations. If the user's library doesn't yet provide their borrower data to Bibliotek, a link to the library's website will be provided instead.

Users may also search Bibliotek's item database using either a web interface or a SOAP-based API. The Bibliotek website is offered in both Danish and English, though parts of the site (including the API documentation) are provided solely in Danish.

BODC NERC Vocabulary ServerBODC NERC Vocabulary Server API: The British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) is a national facility for maintaining and distributing data concerning the marine environment. It provides several web services for implementing this data, including the NERC Vocabulary Server. The Vocabulary Server provides access to lists of standard terms used for oceanographic metadata, including descriptions of data, platforms, instruments, and geographic locations.

Using standardized sets of terms solves the problem of ambiguities associated with data markup and also enables records to be interpreted by computers. This opens up possibilities for computer aided manipulation, distribution, and long-term reuse. The BODC NERC Vocabulary Server can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

ERMAHGERD TranslatorERMAHGERD Translator API: The ERMAHGERD Translator API changes regular English phrases, words or sentences into the meme-speak of the Ermahgerd meme.

The REST based service with JSON returns is hosted by Mashape and requires an account with the service. Up to 10 daily translations are free, after that you can purchase a basic account for $5.00/month that provides 1.000 daily translations.

IRESSIRESS API: IRESS is an international supplier of share market and wealth management systems. They provide an equity information and trading platform along with an extensive suite of financial planning tools. IRESS clients vary and can range from large corporations to independent operators.

The SOAP-based IRESS API provides access to market data, order, and portfolio systems, enabling clients to integrate IRESS with their existing solutions.

KompozKompoz API: Kompoz is an online, free, music collaboration service. It allows users to upload music tracks to the community and invite other Kompoz users to add to the track (guitars, vocals, effects and more). Users also have an individual forum for their account where you can share ideas, suggestions and more with the public community about your music.

While public collaborations are free for members, users can also upgrade to the "Plus" tier and enjoy access to non-compressed audio file uploads, desktop file transfer applications and publishing permission to the mobile radio channel along with multiple simultaneous uploads and other features. Monthly prices start at $5 with an annual, yearly subscription available for $50.

The Kompoz API allows utilizes a REST-like structure with GET and POST calls and JSON and XML returns. Developers or other interested users of the API can interact directly with the Kompoz platform to create applications for the Kompoz community. The API allows access to: member, project, project track, song, radio and utility services.

Lime CellularLime Cellular API: The service provides services for outbound marketing and promotion campaigns, including mass email and SMS text messaging. Applications can use the services for communication opt-in forms, deliver advertising and manage advertiser relationships, and trigger communications based on user clicks or other selection of keywords.

API methods support one-way, outbound SMS messaging with message body and recipient mobile device numbers specified in the request. Methods also support sending poll or survey messages and processing responses from recipients. The API provides functions for advertiser accounts and for managing opt-in and opt-out requests to update communication preferences.

Nifty CloudNifty Cloud API: Nifty Cloud is a public cloud computing IaaS service featuring server resources that are available on-demand. An hourly fee is charged for using these resources, and users can pay as they go. Nifty Cloud can be run from an online control panel or by using a SOAP-based API. The API enables users to programmatically run program operations such as startup and shutdown, or to check the status of servers and disks that they've created. Nifty Cloud is only available in Japanese.

PirateplayPirateplay API: Pirateplay is a Swedish video streaming service that allows users access to streams of Swedish television (SVT Play, Channel 5 Play, TV3 Play, TV4 play and more) along with a library of useful resources and a downloadable player client for online television services.

The API returns listings of supported content providers and lists of streaming URLs and metadata information using GET with returns in either JSON or XML.

pospsposps API: The posps Web Service defines an interface between a point of sale (POS) and a pharmacy's IT system (PS). Posps' goal is to reuse the business logic and data storage that exist in the pharmacy's IT systems for new points of sale. This allows a POS that's been newly integrated by the pharmacy to present the full functionality and knowledge of the PS without the need to redundantly store and update data across systems.

The posps interface can be programmatically integrated with pharmaceutical systems using its SOAP-based API.

RadioshackRadioshack API: Radioshack's cloud-based API suite allows customers the ability to create 3rd party applications that utilize the company's online site information about: coupons, store locations and product availability.

The Store Locations API allows you to find the nearest Radioshack store based on a determined location and features a GET request for closest stores and a call for the current API version. Information from the Product Availability API includes: access to current stock levels (by SKU) and nearby stores, locations and distance to the nearest stores. The Coupon API allows consumers access to Radioshack's various coupons.

The APIs are REST based and semi-open (with login keys) and support returns in JSON and XML data formats.

RadMapRadMap API: The service provides a mapped image for U.S. weather conditions as detected by NEXRAD weather radar stations. Also available are GOES imagery created by geostationary weather satellites for inclusion in GIS output, local storm reports, and warnings and watches issued by county authorities.

API methods support submission of a query with URL parameters that specify location, desired image size, and technical specifications for radar data to be selected. Returned data provide a link to a PNG image showing the most recently recorded radar results illustrated as storm cells, cloud cover, and related weather phenomena. Methods allow specification of location by named places according to the list in the 2010 U.S. Census.

SAI Virtual Observatory WCS FixSAI Virtual Observatory WCS Fix API: The SAI Virtual Observatory provides the WCS Fix service to automatically match stars in FITS images with cataloged data and add the correct WCS (World Coordinate System) keywords to the image's header. FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) is the standard data format used in astronomy. It is used for the transport, analysis, and archival storage of scientific data sets.

Users may access the WCS Fix service directly through the SAI Virtual Observatory website or programmatically using either SOAP or REST calls.

Setu InfocomSetu Infocom API: The service provides voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony with a number of features designed to give low-cost voice communications. Applications can schedule and send mass phone calls to recipient lists and play a message recorded in a file uploaded with the request. Applications can initiate VoIP calls with buttons or other controls on a web page or initiate callback services that reconnect a local call to a remote recipient via inexpensive VoIP connections.

API methods support Voice Blast to deliver a recorded voice message to specified recipients, from one or a few to a long list. Methods also support voice call functions initiated by controls embedded in web page HTML. The SetuBilling API supports resellers in developing their own click-to-call solutions. A callback API allows a voice call to a local number to trigger a new call between the same parties, local or remote to one another, via VoIP.

SprawkSprawk API: Sprawk is devoted to providing you with a broad array of online language translation services. Freelance translators all around the globe contribute to the over 3.9 million entries in English as well as other languages. The service allows websites to check for accuracy in their translations as well define your translations by a certain style (Oxford, Chicago, AP) and automatically translate texts from over 20 languages.

The Sprawk Language Detection and Capitalization API allows you to detect the language a website or text file is written in as well as the probability of other languages the text might be written in. The API utilizes GET with returns in JSON.

The service allows up to 2,000 free daily lookups with a premium tier ($9.99/month) that allows up to 10,000 daily lookups.

Textpresso for NeuroscienceTextpresso for Neuroscience API: Textpresso is an information extraction and processing service for biological literature developed by the California Institute of Technology. Textpresso performs full text literature searches, text classification and mining, and linking of biological entities found in articles to online databases. Textpresso for Neuroscience is a web service that enables users to search the full text of articles and documents for neuroscience information. This service can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.