Today in APIs: Buffer Enables Scheduled Posting to Google+, Facebook Updates Android SDK, and 10 New APIs

Buffer creates scheduled posting via Google+'s new API. Facebook updates its Android SDK, catches up with its iOS SDK. Plus: SOA and API management markets may be merging, the two syllables barred from app titles on Instagram are "Insta" and "gram", and 10 new APIs.

Post on Schedule to Google+ with Buffer, Using Google's API

Fresh content constantly. That's what makes you (or anyone) a presence on social media. But who has time to post every 15 minutes to get their 15 minutes of fame? Buffer makes it easy--you give them the content whenever you have it and they'll post it throughout the day. And now they'll post it on Google+ as well.

According to Jon Russell of The Next Web, the app is in its early access phase, but Buffer is moving fast:

"Buffer looks to be the first social media Platform to develop support for the API, in the same way that it was an early supporter of BlackBerry 10 and ad-free social network It also supports posting content to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter."

Right now, however, the app is for corporate accounts only. Personal use will come later. Amy Castor has a more in depth report on Buffer's use of the API, titled Google Brings Google+ Domains API Out of Beta, Targets Corporate Use.

Facebook Looks to Attract More Android Devs with Updated SDK

FacebookFacebook has released an update to its Android SDK to bring it more in line with its iOS tools. This seems sorely needed: only 73 of the top 100 Android apps integrate with Facebook, whereas for iOs that figure is 87.

According to Natasha Lomas at Techcrunch, the move is critical in the wake of Facebook's failed attempt with the Facebook Home touch screen:

"Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that all the new features being added to the Android SDK were already available to iOS developers. The updated Android SDK is available immediately via Facebook’s Android Dev Center. It’s the first update to Facebook’s Android SDK since December’s v3.0 update."

As Android grabs greater and greater marketshare, now north of 80 percent, the update comes as little surprise. Will updates of Facebook's Android SDK pull ahead of iOS if this marketshare is maintained? Stay tuned.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a crypto-currency payment service, an innovation crowdsourcing platform, a business and investment intelligence tool, a direct marketing service, a webapp guidance service and an aggregated Library metadata delivery service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

ALFAcashier ALFAcashier API: ALFAcashier is a currency exchange service that also facilitates payment services. The site maintains currency reserves and will exchange singular monetary units for a basket of other currencies. The ALFAcashier API allows users to integrate the currency exchange system into third-party services to allows payment acceptance. The API uses XML- RPC and an account is required with service.

BetterificBetterific API: Betterific crowdsources innovation by prompting users to finish the phrase “Wouldn’t it be better if…” Users can then vote the ‘betterif’ up or down. The Betterific API provides access to publicly-available betterifs, tags, and users. Authenticated users can also submit betterifs, comment, vote, and take other actions.

CB InsightsCB Insights API: CB Insights provides tools to track private companies, investors, and industries. The CB Insights API allows users to access CB Insights data through a RESTful interface. Responses are currently JSON formatted, with support for XML formatted responses expected. The API authenticates over a custom HTTP Authentication scheme.

FaxemFaxem API: Faxem is a direct marketing provider that offers companies in Australia with fax, email, and SMS marketing to help them reach their clients. The Faxem API allows users to integrate the Faxem data stream with third-party applications to automate tasks, directly perform operations, and add and delete data. The API uses JSON-RPC and returns JSON. An account, an API Key, and secure ports are required for service.

iridizeiridize API: Iridize offers on-page guidance solutions for webapps that enhance User Experience and improve usability. Show users around your app and highlight new features using guides, walkthroughs, overlays, tooltips, and more. Iridize enables you to simplify navigation, promote new features, and engage users.

Iridize offers a JavaScript API for control over the activation of iridize guides within your web application. Use the API to start or stop guides based on customized business logic, or monitor the progress of specific customers by binding to guide-level or step-level events.

LibraryCloudLibraryCloud API: LibraryCloud is a metadata server that pulls metadata from multiple libraries nationwide and exposes that metadata through APIs and as Linked Open Data. The LibraryCloud API provides a RESTful interface for plugging into the power of LibraryCloud and exploring the data. The API currently provides access to metadata describing catalog items. Future support is expected for metadata describing events, ratings and reviews, and collections.

Next CallerNext Caller API: Next Caller is both a free priority customer service membership service and a call center efficiency platform. The platform allows users to skip customer service hold queues, by enabling call centers to securely retrieve identification data and process calls more efficiently.
Authorized third party applications can use the Next Caller API to integrate with the platform. The REST API authenticates with OAuth 2.0 and supports JSON(P), XML, and F9XML formatted responses.

PresstacularPresstacular API: Presstacular is a marketing tool that provides content for IT companies in the form of editable blog entries and newsletter articles, and allows companies to manage subscribers. Presstacular’s API allows applications and websites to manage subscriber lists.

UploadHeroUploadHero API: UploadHero is an online file manager and storage service. UploadHero exposes its file management capabilities through an API. The API allows 3rd party applications to upload, delete, or rename files, access file or account details, and more. The API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls and supports methods for guests and registered users.

WickedAPIWickedAPI API: WickedAPI is a Boston based company that Builds API-accessible developer tools. WickedAPI currently provides two services. Wicked Zip provides geographic data for a specified ZIP code. Wicked IP provides geographic data associated with any given IP address. WickedAPI is a RESTful service that returns JSON formatted responses and supports JSONP callbacks.