Today in APIs: Bugsnag Announces New API and 5 New APIs

Bugsnag has released a new API that helps notify developers of crashes and errors in real-time. Plus: Developers leverage TippingCircle’s API to integrate social payments within their apps, releases an email list API, and 5 New APIs.

Bugsnag Announces the New Bugsnag API

BugSnagBugsnag, a real-time bug intelligence company, has announced the release of a new API. The JSON-based Bugsnag API detects crashes and notifies developers in real-time.

ProgrammableWeb’s Amy Castor has written in detail coverage of this release that is worth giving a read.

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5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud-based virtual private server, a log collection and analysis tool, a marketing analytics service, a machine and human translation service and an email marketing and product suggestion service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

GleSYSGleSYS API: The GleSYS Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based server Platform. Users are provided with full root access to their servers and can create or delete servers instantly. The Cloud VPS is flexible enough to handle both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well as perform server upgrades and downgrades without needing to restart. The cloud server can be accessed programmatically using REST calls in a variety of data formats. The GleSYS website is provided in both English and Swedish.

logentrieslogentries API: Logentries allows any user to harness the power of log data and convert it into actionable insights. Logentries collects log data, analyzes that data in real-time, automatically creates visualizations, and securely stores the data in the cloud.

Logentries provides an API for automating log downloads. Accessible via HTTP GET calls, the API requires an account key and returns JSON formatted responses.

Response TapResponse Tap API: Response Tap is a online SEO and analytics company that utilizes proprietary software to track what a users does on a clients website before, during, and after calling the company. This approach is designed to help track the effectiveness of marketing changes. The Response Tap API uses REST calls, returns XML or JSON, and allows users to integrate the number provisions, call features, and reporting analytics into third-party applications.

SDL BeGlobalSDL BeGlobal API: SDL BeGlobal is an online translation platform combining machine and human translation services. The SDL BeGlobal API enables the delivery of translation-as-a-service within existing processes. Third party applications may use the RESTful service to submit content for both machine and human translation.

VibetraceVibetrace API: Vibetrace is a service that allows users to set up email triggers based on customer behaviors, such as leaving the site with items still in their shopping cart. The service can send email newsletters that include content tailored for the recipient, such as products and offers based on browsing and purchasing history. Vibetrace also provides users with site tools and product recommendation widgets that can have their messages, placement, size, etc. customized to match the website's design.

The Vibetrace API can be used to provide site visitors with recommendations in real time based on their actions. Developers can integrate the API into their site using REST calls issued in JSON format.