Today in APIs: Cambridge Journals API Beta, Dropbox API Changes, and 15 New APIs

Cambridge Journals Online started a beta version of its first API that grants access to research data contained in its vast database. Dropbox made changes to its API that may be problematic for those using sync features. Plus: KidoZen Releases Enterprise Systems APIs, Embed and Annotate Maps with OS OpenSpace API, and 15 new APIs.

Cambridge Journals Online Starts API Beta

Cambridge Journals Online (CJO), Platform that offers access to over 300 peer reviewed journals, launched a beta version of an API that allows developers to integrate research data that CJO publishes with third party applications. During the beta, citation information and abstracts constitute the only accessible data; however, available information will expand after the beta phase. Cambridge Academic Digital Publishing Director, Chris Fell, commented:

“In line with Cambridge University Press’s commitment to advance learning, knowledge and research worldwide, the adoption and implementation of the Cambridge Journals API programme has the potential to open up new, beneficial uses for journal data that can be freely shared with the academic community. Cambridge Journals will continue to work on ways to offer more data via the API in future and welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvement.”

Dropbox Ends Original Sync API

Dropbox had previously announced the impending end of its original Sync API. On September 1, 2013 the company will officially end the original and release a new version. Although security and other features may come as a welcome addition to an API portfolio, developers who have built apps including the original API may find trouble with apps that might cease to work once the original API goes end of life.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including a virtual private network service, a cloud-based m2m service, a social media management platform, a gender determination Web Service, a real-time data from google analytics service and a test case management service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AirVPNAirVPN API: AirVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) made by activists for net neutrality and privacy. It allows users to get around censorship, blocks, and filtering, and it complies with EU directives on Data Protection and e-Privacy. Users are also provided with a new IP address. No actions taken while using the VPN are logged. The AirVPN API allows users to access and control their accounts programmatically via REST calls.

CumulocityCumulocity API: Cumulocity is an open, application centric, cloud-enabled M2M solution. Cumulocity's aim is to make mobile machine to machine applications profitable for businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.

Cumulocity functionality is available to developers via a RESTful API. Resources include self, inventory, identity, event, measurement, audit, alarm, user, and deviceControl. Data exchanged with Cumulocity is encoded in JSON format.

EngagorEngagor API: Engagor is a social media management, monitoring, and engagement platform. Engagor allows users to manage their social media content and posts, monitor and analyze results, and engage with their customers over social media.

The Engagor API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Engagor with other applications. Public Documentation is not available yet; interested developers should email for more information. API: is an API that determines the gender of first names. Potential uses include segmenting a list of users for marketing or analytics. The API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls specifying a list of names, and returns a JSON formatted response.

Google Real Time ReportingGoogle Real Time Reporting API: The Google Real Time Reporting API provides access to real-time reports from Google Analytics. The API allows developers to access and integrate the data from the Google Real Time Reporting API with other applications and to create new applications. The main API method is returning the real time data from Google Analytics.

Gurock TestRailGurock TestRail API: Test Rail is a test case management service designed for QA and development teams. It allows teams to manage, organize, and track their testing efforts from a central location, making testing more efficient. Users can execute tests and track the results with built-in, real-time reports and metrics. Test Rail is designed for Integration with bug trackers and other testing systems. Users can download Test Rail or use a hosted version, which can be accessed programmatically via REST calls.

HoneyHoney API: Honey is an enterprise social network solution for today’s workplace information challenges. The tool allows you to discover, discuss and archive content that matters to you and your colleagues. Anyone in a company can use Honey to share documents, links, videos, ideas and internal news with their colleagues.

Honey offers a RESTful API for developers. API endpoints include accounts, users, company, topics, posts, misc., and search. API requests are returned in JSON.

IlliriIlliri API: Illiri is a technical service that connects two or more devices or platforms (mobile, web, radio, TV, etc.) together.

The Illiri API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Illiri with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include connecting devices, starting and managing sessions, and managing account information.

Manga EdenManga Eden API: Manga Eden is a website where users can read manga (Japanese graphic novels) that have been translated into English and Italian for free. Users can register with the site to use the myManga feature, which allows users to keep track of their favorite manga in a list and see new chapters as they become available. The Manga Eden REST API allows users to retrieve manga information, full chapters, and myManga lists and updates.

MinutelyMinutely API: Minutely by Ourcast is a weather application. Minutely aims to provide weather information in real-time, minute by minute. Users can customize their Minutely app by locations and types of weather.

The Minutely API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Minutely with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact for API access.

Mythic BeastsMythic Beasts API: Mythic Beasts is a DNS hosting service based in the United Kingdom. Mythic Beasts offers a DNS API that allows developers to modify DNS entries for a specified domain, allowing DNS changes to be scripted. Possible uses include implementing DNS-based failovers for a site, dynamic DNS systems, or to use DNS to redirect during site maintenance.

Nimbus PhantomNimbus Phantom API: Nimbus Phantom is a service that simplifies the management of on-demand resources across multiple infrastructure clouds. Phantom monitors available resources and automatically provisions and configures new ones as needed to counteract failures and cater to increased demand. It can be used to supplement local resources with cloud resources or to deploy virtual machines across multiple clouds.

Nimbus Phantom is currently being used with Openstack, AWS EC2, and Nimbus clouds, but it is capable of working with any infrastructure cloud supported by Apache Libcloud. Phantom's functions can be accessed programmatically using REST calls issued in JSON. API: Updown is a webservice that checks a website’s status by periodically sending a HTTP HEAD request to a specified URL. Developer access to updown’s service is available through a RESTful API. The API allows applications to Fetch uptime data and automate checks. Responses are JSON formatted.

Value2SMSValue2SMS API: Value2SMS provides users with bulk SMS services that can be branded for the user's organization. The service can schedule messages for future delivery, save drafts for later use, and keep a history of all messages and transactions. It also comes with an online address book that allows contacts to be collected into groups for batch mailings.

Users can access the Value2SMS messaging gateway via REST API, allowing them to deliver messages or check their account balance from other applications.

VeryPDFVeryPDF API: VeryPDF provides a suite of cloud-based APIs that allow developers to work with many different kinds of documents - such as Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, barcodes, and email formats and protocols - within their applications. These services allow users to create new documents and to automate common processes, including document format conversion, text and image extraction, PDF Encryption, metadata removal, and many others. The VeryPDF APIs can be accessed from any platform or programming language using REST calls.