Today In APIs: Car Manufacturers, Foursquare Hackathon and 11 New APIs

Ford and General Motors kick off 2013 by opening up their car platforms to developers. Foursquare Hackaton sees 80 applications. Plus: 99 Designs Tech Team uses the GitHub API to build a bug monitor and keep bugs in check and 11 new APIs.

Ford and GM open up Platform

It has been 3 years since we covered Ford Motors SYNC, a platform that allows developers to connect to on-board vehicle system. The year 2013 has kicked off with Ford announcing a developer program to open up this platform and allowing developers to create applications that can integrate with it. Ford AppLink applications will be available in 2013 Ford models and currently 9 applications are available to customers. General Motors too followed suite and announced its own API framework to allow developers to improve the infotainment systems available in cars. The GM Developer portal gives access to the SDK and select applications will debut in 2014 vehicles.

Best of 2013 Foursquare Hackathon

foursquareThe Foursquare Hackathon was held on the weekend with hundreds of developers attending it in their New York, San Francisco offices and across various locations worldwide. The hackathon created 80 Applications and Chris Thompson, at the unofficial aboutFoursquare blog has documented a list of 10 applications that stood out. Some of them include, Check In Take Out that eliminates waiting in line at restaurants and lets you place your order and pay for it as soon as you check in at a place. Check out the entire list.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a french canadian educational game, a checklist creation service, a litigation tracking service, an email marketing service, a performance title autocomplete service, a global hr/talent management service and a shipping rate quote service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Au DéfiAu Défi API: Au Défi is a French-language website featuring educational online games. Players compete with each other for high scores, which are publicly displayed on the site. Au Défi is geared toward Canadian children, and players are invited to register their school with the site. The Au Défi API allows users to interact with the site programmatically and can be used to add or remove friends as well as retrieve player information, rankings, and other such details.

CheckmarkableCheckmarkable API: Checkmarkable is an online service that helps users document their processes with simple, reusable checklists. Checklists can be edited and shared with other users. JPGs, videos and slideshows can be embedded into checklists. With the API users can add or update content, create a team, embed checklists and much more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatetd in JSON.

Docket AlarmDocket Alarm API: Docket Alarm is a litigation activity alert service that notifies the user whenever a change happens a court case that they are following. The service brings all active cases to one place online where the user will receive notices when filings happen, when deadlines are approaching, or when court appearances have been moved. The API allows users to search through their docket, retrieve dockets, retrive documents, and perform other functions. The service uses REST calls and will return JSON or PDF.

emailRemailR API: EmailR is web-based email marketing software that enables users to professionally manage a multilingual email marketing campaign without any knowledge of programming. Users can host images on emailR servers, use predefined or personalized templates, create and work with multiple accounts, load contacts directly from remote CRM systems, and retrieve statistical results for their campaigns.

By using the emailR API, users can create and manage campaigns from any existing applications, or connect emailR to remote applications to collect information.

Everyman Theatre AutocompleteEveryman Theatre Autocomplete API: Gloucestershire's theatre, The Everyman, has been in service since 1891. The Everyman hosts ballet, opera, drama, dance, comedy, music, and pantomime performances. They also offer a multitude of community projects, education workshops, and youth theatre productions.

Visitors to the Everyman website can look up information on upcoming performances and book their tickets. The "Event Search" box at the top of the page features an autocomplete service that suggests event titles to site visitors as they type. This autocomplete feature is programmatically accessible through the SOAP-based Everyman Theatre Autocomplete API.

LumesseLumesse API: The service provides a hosted platform for human resources functions, including recruiting, management of employee records, timesheet and work shift reporting, performance assessment, and related activities. It allows enterprise HR staff to create and update job descriptions, post open positions and collect applications, manage the hiring process, as well as interacting with current employees.

API methods support recruiting by allowing external applications to retrieve open position postings and by processing responses from job seekers, including candidate data management, processing of resumes and related documents, and interaction with background checking services. Employee reporting methods allow for submission of timesheets and completion of performance assessment instruments.

myFreight Rate QuotemyFreight Rate Quote API: myFreight is a full-service, online shipping Portal that helps shippers of all sizes with savings, visibility, and support. It offers a web-based serviced by which users can centralize all shipping needs. myFrieght Rate quote integrates into internal systems to allow clients to estimate shipping costs on-demand and streamline the process by automating shipping requirements and generating rate quotes. Contact myFreight for API information.

SCAPSyncSCAPSync API: SCAPSync aims to demystify SCAP for security practitioners by collecting and organizing SCAP content inso an easy, fast, and clean interface. It also aims to develop a SCAP repository that developers can towards their own solutions. The SCAPSync API allows users to get a single CVE entry in machine-readable format almost instantaneously. The service uses REST calls and can return JSON or XML.

SchedEzSchedEz API: The service provides a hosted learning management platform with scheduling for educational activities. It allows instructors to create and update online class information resources, manage student lists, schedule class sessions and assignments, track attendance, collect and assess student submissions, etc. The service also facilitates faculty recruiting and compensation for the educational institution.

API methods support Integration with other systems used by education providers, including HR systems for managing staff records and student information systems for handling data about learners. Methods support creating and managing class portals, scheduling class activities, attendance tracking, and managing coursework, including student completion of assignments and instructor assessments.

Tribune Media Services OnConnectTribune Media Services OnConnect API: The OnConnect APIs are a suite that provide access to a wide range of data for movies, celebrities and TV for use in mobile apps. The service combines a powerful set of data delivery APIs with world class image hosting. Also included in the suite are online video data APIs to integrate online and over-the-top (OTT) video content and capablities into video product offerings. TMS Image Cloud provides on-demand, web-scale delivery of entertainment images to TMS customers. Domain Domain Parking API: is a domain parking platform with the aim of helping users make money on their domains. The platform helps users manage their domain portfolio and optimize their domains to display relevant landing pages and advertising to their visitors. Some of the available tools include an ad provider, one and two click landers, customizable layouts and an API. The API is free to customers and provides programmatic access to the full functionality of the platform.