Today in APIs: Census Bureau Economic Indicators Now in API, and 10 New APIs

The US Census Bureau adds economic indicators to its API. Instant API attends Texas Tech Wildcatters. Plus: CA/Layer7 aiming for a world of connected devices, Yodlee to co-host 11 hackathons worldwide, and 10 new APIs.

The US Census Bureau has Integrated Economic Indicators into its API

The US Census Bureau now offers quarterly and monthly data on several economic indicators in its API. We last reported on the Census Bureau API in June of 2013 when it was used during the National Day of Civic Hacking.

As the Bureau stated,

These surveys produce a variety of statistics covering construction, housing, international trade, retail trade, wholesale trade, services and manufacturing, and they provide measures of economic activity that allow analysis of economic performance and inform business investment and policy decisions. Also listed as part of the release are statistics from the Quarterly Summary of State and Local Taxes, Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions and the Manufactured Homes Survey.

According to the bureau, these indicators are some of the most popular data products it produces.

Startup Instant API to Attend the Texas Tech Wildcatters Seed Accelerator Class

Instant API, which bills itself as the WordPress for APIs, will be among 14 startups invited to attend the Texas Tech Wildcatters seed accelerator class.

As Tech Wildcatters co-founder Gabriella Draney commented, the group is exclusively focused on B2B startups:

We are increasing impressed with quality and number of international applicants to Tech Wildcatters. Their work ethic and diverse backgrounds add very important elements to the group dynamic. After all, innovation happens in part because of diversity of thought and experience.

Seed money of up to $25,000 is provided in exchange for a 10 percent equity. Other companies attending include Guideally, Upswing and Groupmeet.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a uk bulk sms marketing service, an indian bulk sms service, a bulk sms service, an indian bulk sms service and a nigerian bulk sms and reseller service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

123Cloud SMS Broadcasting123Cloud SMS Broadcasting API: 123Cloud provides UK hosting, domains, and dedicated servers for SMS broadcasting. 123Cloud's SMS services are designed for businesses doing bulk marketing in the UK. Costs start at £0.005 per message, and discounts are available on orders of more than 10 million messages per month. Users can integrate these SMS services into their own websites or applications using the 123Cloud SMS Broadcasting API. The current minimum order for messages sent in this way is 100,000 messages.

Jagrit RechargeJagrit Recharge API: Jagrit Recharge is an Indian company that provides bulk SMS, mobile recharge, and reseller services. Its bulk SMS service comes with Unicode support, multiple number input methods, and the ability to automatically remove duplicate numbers from recipient lists. Users can integrate Jagrit Recharge's bulk SMS capabilities into their own applications using REST, SMPP, or FTP calls.

OVERTURES SMSOVERTURES SMS API: OVERTURES SMS is a bulk SMS service that allows users to send text messages in the form of two-way SMS, Flash SMS, and email-to-SMS. Users can create groups of more than 10,000 recipients and send them all SMS with one click. Messages may be sent from the OVERTURES SMS website or desktop application. The OVERTURES SMS API allows users to send single or multiple text messages programmatically via REST or SMPP. Delivery reports are available on demand for all messages sent using either the web interface or API.

Recharge BlastRecharge Blast API: Recharge Blast is a Platform that allows users to recharge their mobile phones and DTHs from anywhere in India. Another one of their services is a bulk SMS gateway that includes support for Unicode, DND (Do Not Disturb) number scrubbing, and more. Users can access the SMS Portal programmatically via REST, SMPP, or FTP API.

SFW SMSSFW SMS API: SFW SMS is a Nigerian company that provides cheap SMS delivery and reseller services. Their SMS can reach mobile devices across 700 networks in over 150 countries. The SFW SMS API enables users to integrate with its messaging gateway, allowing them to send messages or check their account balances via REST calls.

SMSCenter.PKSMSCenter.PK API: SMSCenter.PK allows people anywhere in the world to send SMS to people in Pakistan for free. SMSCenter.PK uses a secure dedicated server running around the clock to ensure fast and reliable service. The SMSCenter.PK API allows users to integrate the ability to send and receive messages into their own sites or applications via REST calls.

Softnet SMSSoftnet SMS API: Softnet SMS is a Nigeria-based company that provides bulk SMS services for use by individuals, institutions, or organizations. Users can personalize their sender IDs and have messages sent over 800 networks in 160 countries. Registered users can send SMS and check their account balances through the Softnet SMS website or via REST API.

VeritransVeritrans API: Veritrans is an online payment gateway for Indonesian markets. The service aims to provide services for credit cards, ClickPay Mandiri, CIMB Clicks, BRI e-Pay, Cash XL, Telkomsel T-Cash, and other payment options. The Veritran VT- Web API allows users to accept payment and because the whole payment process is handled by Veritrans, Veritrans can take care of most of the information security compliance requirements from the bank (Veritrans is certified as a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider). The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. Users can use the API to get requests that consist of payment status information. With this information, merchant server can update the transaction status in the merchant database API: is an Indian bulk SMS service. It uses Unicode to support nine regional languages and can automatically remove duplicate and DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers from send lists. Developers can integrate with's SMS gateway via REST, SMPP, and FTP calls in order to send and receive messages programmatically.

Your Fishing ReportYour Fishing Report API: Your Fishing Report is a social platform for fishing enthusiasts allowing members to send messages, share photos and videos, manage their profiles, connect with friends, and much more.
The Your Fishing Report allows users to programmatically manage their profiles, exposing resources such as photo uploading, profile management, notifications and messages, and friends.