Today in APIs: Census Bureau Remains Dedicated to API Strategy, and 7 New APIs

The US Census Bureau continues to expand its API capabilities with new economic indicators. Plus, DirectX 12 will compete with AMD's Mantle, and 7 New APIs.

US Census Bureau Adds New Indicators to API

In 2012, The US Census Bureau launched its first API. The API allows developers to build apps that interact and use US economic and population data. A couple of years later, the Census Bureau remains dedicated to its open data strategy, and continues to add features. Last month, the Bureau added 13 new monthly and quarterly economic indicators for developers to utilize.

To date, almost 5,000 developers have registered to use the Census Bureau API. To learn more about the API, or see apps that have integrated with its data, visit the API Developer Forum.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

7 New APIs

Today we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including a personal health information and medical record manager, a social media analysis service, an RSS and blog Feed reader and a health data monitoring service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Blue Button ConnectorBlue Button Connector API: Blue Button is a service that allows people in the U.S. to access their own medical records online in order to track their health and check reports for accuracy. Not all doctors or medical service providers make data available through Blue Button, but the number of providers that do is increasing. Health data can be shared with doctors, specialists, or other trusted persons. Blue Button is also available through apps. Blue Button Connector allows users to access their data programmatically via REST calls.

BrandwatchBrandwatch API: Brandwatch uses proprietary technology to search the social web and monitor mentions of its clients brands or products. It gathers data from social networks, blogs, forums, and other sites, then filters, analyzes it for delivery via webapp.

The Brandwatch API gives its clients the option to access data on the clients' own products, applications, or reports.

G2ReaderG2Reader API: G2Reader is an RSS feed reader that, according to its founders, was inspired by Google Reader. It allows users to track blogs, websites, and RSS feeds in one place.

The G2Reader API provides access to 1)user and session details, 2) subscription details, and 3)feed details, so that users who have subscribed to the service can access their G2Reader content on third party applications.

iHealthiHealth API: iHealth provides wireless scales, blood pressure monitors, and other mobile monitoring devices, along with an app that allows patients to track their own health data, including weight, BMI, bone mass, heart rate, blood pressure, diet, and physical activity. The iHealth API allows third party applications and services to interact with an iHealth user's health data, after user authorization. Responses are given in JSON and XML.

jsDelivrjsDelivr API: jsDelivr is a free, public, open-source CDN (content delivery network) that offers JavaScript libraries, JQuery plugins, fonts, CSS frameworks, and more. Anyone can submit a project to jsDelivr for hosting and delivery to interested parties. Developers can use REST calls to retrieve hosted libraries in JSON format. The API may also be used to search for libraries that meet certain criteria.

World DanceSport FederationWorld DanceSport Federation API: As the international governing organization for DanceSport, the World DanceSport Federation provides regulations, standards, and advice for competitions in Latin, Standard, Acrobatic, Line, New Vogue, Salsa, Wheelchair, and other types of dance.

The WDSF API allows third party applications created by authorized competition scrutineers to transmit and share competition results and scores with the WDSF in a standardized format.

YayMicroYayMicro API: YayMicro is a microstock image agency founded in 2008 in Oslo, Norway. Photographers and other content creators upload their images to the YayMicro online marketplace for customers to purchase and download.

The YayMicro API service allows users to resell YayMicro images using a flexible image license or subscription. Each agreement is negotiated separately.