Today in APIs: Chain Lands New Funding to Expand Bitcoin Platform Offering

Chain landed $9.5 million in new funding that will allow it to expand its enterprise bitcoin infrastructure. Plus, Hailo launches public API on the same day Uber launched its API.

Chain's New Funding Allows it to Expand its Bitcoin Platform

Chain, leading bitcoin developer platform, has landed new funding that will allow it to expand its product and services offering. Chain's block-chain API offering has already propelled Chain to the top of its class in the bitcoin developer space. The new funding will allow Chain to expand its offering to new models and additional virtual currencies (e.g. ethereumripple and stellar).


Chain founder, Adam Ludwin, commented:

"We’re very interested in helping bitcoin itself to evolve and to be leading contributors in helping bitcoin scale and be more robust going forward....The product that the world sees right now is just the tip of the iceberg – it’s really just the foundation that enables what we really want to bring to market....The base really is a data product, it provides fast and reliable access to the block chain. But there are all these pillars we will be building on top of that and these are the products people will pay for."

Chain envisions expanding its offering in many directions. Ludwin explained that many non-financial uses for the block-chain should be realized in the coming years. Chain already has 4 or 5 products in the works. 2 or 3 of the products should be released by the end of 2014. To learn more about Chain's API, visit the API docs

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