Today in APIs: CloudOpt Delivers Speed-As-a-Service with AWS

CloudOpt Delivers Speed-As-a-Service in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The BBC aims to put its APIs under a single Platform. Plus: the iOS8 API is key to the strategy of spreading Apple Pay, and there is a clever use of the Google Maps API to plan side trips.

CloudOpt Aims to Empower AWS Customers in Brazil

CloudOpt offers acceleration for AWS customers in many regions: in the US East, US West, European Union, Asia Pacific Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo Regions. Now, it's expanding that offer to South America. It could be called bringing Amazon to the Amazon.


As the company commented, the cloud requires essential ingredients to work, and one of them is speed:

In South America cloud-based applications can be challenging to deploy as data must often be transmitted over long distances and over slow transmission lines resulting in high latency and poor application performance. Additionally the cost for international bandwidth in South America is over four times the cost in the United States. With the availability of CloudOpt’s Speed-as-a-Service in AWS’ Sao Paolo Region companies can easily overcome these barriers to moving applications to the cloud.

There are hardware and software appliances that can accomplish some of this acceleration. But CloudOpt makes this unnecessary, by reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred, thereby reducing bandwidth charges and increasing speed.

The BBC Aims for a Unified API Platform

We have earlier reported on the BBC's APIs, noting that of the 152 UK APIs in our directory, these are more most popular in terms of mashups. The problem is that these APIs are "as siloed as siloed gets across TV, iPlayer and news," according to Allan Donald, executive product manager for the API platform. As Margi Murphy reports in ComputerworldUK, the venerable broadcast service has a solution:

The BBC is launching a new website for developers to use. The hub will give partners advice on how to use these APIs and allow the BBC to vet and license use of its data assets.

To open up to new partners, it is deploying management solutions from Apigee, the company said.

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