Today in APIs: Concur DevCon to Tackle the Perfect Trip, MedMaster Mobility API and 10 New APIs

Concur announces Devcon on business travel for October 2. Master Mobile Products certifies its MedMaster Mobility API on the Greenway Marketplace. Plus: the Quantified Self conference announced in Europe for October 10, Ink lets developers create workflow between apps, and 10 new APIs.

Concur Devcon to Target $259 Billion Travel and Expense Market

With featured speaker Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media, and $100,000 in prizes, Concur wants to make its Devcon  on travel worth the trip. And with a focus on the lucrative business travel market, the prizes are meant to make a difference. Rather than scatter the money across a wide swath of tiny prizes, the top prize for the most innovative solution is $40,000; best B2B gets $25,000; best B2C also gets $25,000; and the audience favorite gets $10,000.

According to Concur's announcement, they have done everything possible to relieve your fear of coding:

"We’re about making development easy for you. Hear about APIs from Concur, Tripit and the travel ecosystem; learn about technical tools and community resources; and gain insights from Concur Partners as they share best practices."

The details on the application suggest you need to hurry: Application deadline is September 3 and you need to have a powerpoint/demo ready for the judges to have a preliminary review by September 9.

Master Mobile Products Provides API Solution on Greenway Marketplace

Master Mobile Products, creator of MedMaster Mobility, has joined the Greenway Medical Technologies online marketplace with a certified API solution for Greenway's PrimeSUITE. Greenway's Platform is an electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution.

MedMaster Mobility provides a HIPAA-compliant set of tools for the iPad and iPad mini. These include medical speech recognition, text-to-speech and Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) powered by Nuance Communications, Inc. This makes it possible for physicians and other health care providers to have access to PrimeSUITE on their iPad and iPad mini. With speech recognition, navigation and Documentation is fast, saving transcription costs.

Jared Lisenby, Greenway vice president of business development, at Greenway made clear exactly why the MedMaster Mobility product was such a good fit,

"Interoperability is essential to the development of a sustainable healthcare system, and the Greenway Marketplace API Certification program gives developers the tools they need to create solutions with interoperable value to PrimeSUITE customers. We’re pleased that Master Mobile Products has partnered with Greenway for mutual promotion of MedMaster Mobility through the Marketplace to help customers more easily navigate the future of healthcare."

Master Mobile products has been at this game for a long time, starting with its staff of iOS developers since in 2008. The business model is simple, according to Dennis Carson, CEO of Master Mobile Products: "Our plan is to accelerate our customers’ success by serving as technology providers that ready them for forthcoming transformations in healthcare models.”

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a healthcare practice management system, an ssd cloud server hosting and management service, an all-inclusive e-commerce service, an always-connected chat service, an application building and monetization platform and a peer-to-peer data sharing service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

ClinikoCliniko API: Cliniko is web-based practice management software that is used by healthcare practitioners around the world. It is accessible from most devices that connect to the internet, including phones, tablets, Macs, and PCs. Cliniko can be used to manage appointments and, if the practitioner wants to, allows patients to book appointments themselves. It also keeps track of treatment notes and financial accounts. Cliniko comes with reporting functions that give an overview of how the practice is doing, and it offers integrations with other specialty applications.

The Cliniko API allows users to manage their appointments, businesses, practitioners, and patients from other applications and systems via REST calls.

Digital OceanDigital Ocean API: Digital Ocean is a cloud server and cloud hosting service. Digital Ocean offers developers a service to manage and control their virtual servers and SSD cloud servers in the cloud.

The Digital Ocean API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Digital Ocean with other applications. Some example API methods include managing domains, managing files, and managing account and server information.

FastSpringFastSpring API: FastSpring is a complete, cloud-based e-commerce solution for selling digital products worldwide. It provides users with mobile-compatible order pages that can be customized for their brand. Its payment system offers customers a wide variety of payment options and is capable of handling subscriptions, refunds, in-app purchasing, and international tax collection. FastSpring provides download-file hosting for the user's digital products as well as DRM support.

FastSpring can help users manage reseller partners and multiple stores. They also provide consultations in the areas of SEO, affiliate programs, and online marketing. Analytics services, A/B split testing, and a pre-launch testing environment are provided to help users optimize their order pages. Customer surveys are supported as well.

The FastSpring API allows users to retrieve, update, cancel, and renew subscriptions as well as retrieve information on individual orders and generate coupons. These functions are accessible via REST calls issued in XML format.

IRCCloudIRCCloud API: IRCCloud is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client that operates in-browser. It is designed to always be connected and able to receive messages, even when the user's browser is closed and their computer is offline. Users can access IRCCloud from multiple computers at once without confusing the service. The service's design focuses on unobtrusive Function, and it doesn't use graphical emoticons.

The IRCCloud API allows users to access the service programmatically via REST calls. Only secure access is supported. The API is functional, but still under development. Its methods, responses, and message formats are subject to change at any time.

NativeXNativeX API: NativeX is an application creation, management, and backend-as-a-service provider. Users and developers can build, manage, promote, and monetize their applications with NativeX.

The NativeX API allows developers to access and integrate the monetization feature of NativeX with other applications. Some example API methods include creating sessions, claiming offers, and redeeming currencies.

PeerJSPeerJS API: PeerJS provides a simple peer-to-peer data sharing API that functions by wrapping WebRTC. It provides true binary data support and can preconnect to clients for faster connection establishment. Each peer wishing to share data simply provides an identifier that other peers using the same API Key can connect to. The PeerJS service deals with WebRTC handshake and handles NAT traversals for the users.

PeerJS brokers connections by connecting to PeerServer. Users can choose to run their own PeerServer or use a free version hosted by PeerJS. This hosted server can be accessed programmatically via JavaScript API.

SubregSubreg API: Subreg is a Czech Republic based domain registration services provider. Subreg exposes its services through a SOAP API, allowing developers to automate management of domains, profiles, contacts, and much more.

TorpioTorpio API: Torpio lets anyone create simple scripts that integrate and extend cloud applications through built-in interfaces to popular cloud apps. Torpio is a tool for interacting with APIs. The service provides Webhooks/run URL as an API, it can accept an input and by writing up a Torpio script users can then get that API to do anything they need it to do. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service.

VoicesphereVoicesphere API: Voicesphere is a voice control platform. Voicesphere can be used as an application on mobile devices or as a platform for developers to integrate into applications.

The Voicesphere API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Voicesphere with other applications and to create voice-controlled applications. Some example API methods include retrieving calls, sending requests, and managing responses.

WatchsendWatchsend API: Watchsend is an application that allows developers and publishers of applications to record their application and record how their users are interacting with their application.

The Watchsend API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Watchsend with applications. The main API methods are recording a session, tagging a recording, and blocking views.