Today in APIs: Constant Contact API Integrates GoChime, and 15 New APIs

GoChime integrates with Constant Contact to deliver automated marketing for social media. V.I.O. creates real time HD wearable video camera. Plus: Mastercard is driving innovation through APIs, Twitter API inventiveness continues, and 15 new APIs.

GoChime Enhances Constant Contact Tools with Direct Facebook Synching

Social marketing automation company GoChime is now integrated with Constant Contact to give clients the ability to synch email lists and campaign events to Facebook and to create customized audiences for the Facebook ads. Constant Contact clients will also be able to create Lookalike Audiences.

As GoChime stated in the press release, new clients can start with 5,000 free contacts,

"The most notable feature of GoChime is the ease with which data can be synced. Constant Contact clients simply log in with their Constant Contact credentials to sync their email lists and campaign stats to GoChime. From here, clients can choose a number of options, such as creating a mobile Newsfeed ad on Facebook to target non-opens from a recent email campaign. GoChime also makes it easy to create Lookalike Audiences – audiences that share similar characteristics to uploaded audiences – that can increase the scale of an activation campaign dramatically. It’s a one-of-a-kind solution that has email marketers excited about the possibilities, especially with the recent Gmail tabs change affecting email open rates."

GoChime is building on a number of existing partnerships, with companies like Underground Eats in New York City and Wiseling, an online  marketplace for rare and vintage goods. GoChime can be found on the MarketPlace at Constant Contact.

V.I.O. Produces Stream, a Customizable HD Wearable Video Camera

Stream may not be the first wearable camera but several features make it unique, not least of which is its open API that makes the camera customizable and cane integrated into other technologies. Second, it can stream video from virtually any environment. And third, its uses are wide ranging, from wearable computers to medical devices.

As V.I.O.'s Chief Technology Officer Craig Mattson pointed out, Stream is ruggedized to meet IP67 environmental standards that make it waterproof and shockproof:

"V.I.O. pioneered the point-of-view category more than a decade ago,” s “Video quality, durability and innovation are hallmarks of our brand. Stream allows integrators and developers to craft unique user experiences, and the open API brings limitless possibilities to what it can do."

In addition, it is Wi-Fi enabled, recorded to an SD card, and the API is HTTP and XML-based.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including an address verification service, a biomedical concept identification service, a customer Authentication service, a standardize transit data exchange service and a litecoin Blockchain service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Address Meister API: Address Meister is a postal address verification and correction service designed to identify fake addresses, determine accurate postal rates, and fix address typos. For low-volume applications, users can verify addresses through a form on the website. Developers can access Address Meister's functions programmatically for larger jobs using either SOAP or XML- RPC calls.

becasbecas API: Becas is a web application, widget and API for biomedical concept identification. An ongoing research project developed by the University of Aveiro Bioinformatics group, becas helps researchers, healthcare professionals and developers in the identification of over 1,200,000 biomedical concepts in text and PubMed abstracts.

The becas API allows the Integration of third party applications with becas. Use the API to to programmatically annotate text or PubMed abstracts with biomedical concepts. The API is RESTful, and returns results in JSON, XML, A1 or CoNLL.

BlockScoreBlockScore API: BlockScore is a customer authentication and verification service that aims to assists users with handling the regulatory compliance issues surrounding international payment and transfers. The BlockScore API uses REST calls and allows users to submit data for authentication, off-load data, verify passports, and perform other tasks. An account, and an API Key are required for use. SSL is required for all calls.

GTFS Data ExchangeGTFS Data Exchange API: The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) defines a common format for public transportation schedules, enabling transit agencies and developers to deliver and consume data in a standard structure. The GTFS Data Exchange was built to enable efficient sharing and retrieval of GTFS data. The GTFS Data Exchange API provides developer access to participating agencies and their GTFS feed sources.

LTCchainLTCchain API: LTCchain is an open-source litecoin Resource designed for developers to build around the litecoin currency. The LTCchain API is a REST based API that offers low-latency access to the litecoin blockchain for developers to expand the mining and trading services. The API is free to use, andthere is no account required with service.

MediaCrushMediaCrush API: MediaCrush is an image, video, and audio hosting service that helps make media files load faster by reducing file size without sacrificing quality. MediaCrush uses lossless compression tools that can increase the loading speed of files by up to 3,000 percent.

MediaCrush offers a REST API for programmatic access to their services. The API includes methods for file information and file manipulation. The API returns JSON on all methods.

ModiflyModifly API: Modifly is a Web Service designed to augment the results of an API call on the fly. Modifly aims to provide developers with better access to datasets that are otherwise only accessible through less than ideal methods.
The Modifly API is capable of converting CSV files to JSON, managing headers, setting offsets, and limiting returned records.

mOTPmOTP API: mOTP is an open source, two-factor authentication service. It uses a missed call rather than SMS to send users a One Time Password (OTP) for use in two-factor authentication. This allows users to side-step the costs and delays that can be associated with SMS, which is used in most other two-factor authentication services. Developers can integrate mOTP into their own applications or web-based services using REST calls.

NewsCo Article SummaryNewsCo Article Summary API: provides free access to news aggregated from the websites of news providers around the world. NewsCo's Article Summary API uses Machine Learning and natural language processing techniques to extract key information from articles, providing users with a quick overview of an article without having to read the whole thing. The API can extract content from either a URL or the content itself. Users may also choose to retrieve the names of people mentioned in the article and the number of time the article has been Tweeted or received "likes" on Facebook.

niblnibl API: Nibl is a hosted payment Platform that allows content creators to sell their digital content to mobile and web publishers. Nibl simplifies the payment process by allowing customers to use a single account across the nibl network, thus eliminating the need for publishers to acquire payment and personal information at the point of purchase.

Nibl offers a REST API to partner publishers. Full API Documentation is available upon enrollment.

PastPagesPastPages API: PastPages is a website that tracks and archives the shifting homepages of major media sites. PastPages provides free programmatic access to its website through an API. The API is able to deliver screenshots, metadata, updates, and more.

RedPassRedPass API: RedPass is an affiliate payment service that provides payment, debit, and credit card services for web sites and businesses to pay affiliate marketers around the world. The RedPAss API uses REST calls and allows users to make a number of calls including peer-to-peer transfers, account signup, debug, e-wallet balance, e-wallet statements, Sandbox calls, SCI payment, user match, and other calls. An account is required with service.

SendmachineSendmachine API: Sendmachine is an email marketing service that helps streamline mailing campaigns. Sendmachine routes messages to each subscribers inbox. You can then use Sendmachine to follow subscriber reactions to your messaging, analyze the results, and improve the effectiveness of your communication process.

Sendmachine services are programmatically accessible via a REST API. API resources include contact lists, sender, account, and Webhooks. Authentication is provided via Basic HTTP Auth.

SurDocSurDoc API: SurDoc provides a cloud-based storage service that allows users to view, edit, send, share, and even sign their files from anywhere with an internet connection, on any kind of device. A SurDoc account can also be used to continuously and automatically back up an unlimited number of computers. SurDoc works to maintain the confidentiality of user data, storing all documents in an encrypted form so that no one at SurDoc or anywhere else can access users' private documents. Developers can integrate with SurDoc's functions and access stored files via REST calls.

TiktalikTiktalik API: Tiktalik is a dedicated hosting platform for developers. Tiktalik services include: Tiktalik Computing, a reliable and scalable platform for virtual servers; Tiktalik Files, which offers safty and high availability for your files; and Tiktalik Load Balancer, for the high availability and scalability of your service.

Tiktalik offers access to their load balancing and computing cloud services via a REST API. An API key is required.