Today in APIs: Content Experiments API, SOA Software's API Lifecycle Manager, and 10 New APIs

Google Analytics' Content Experiments API. SOA Software's Lifecycle Manager for APIs. Plus: Cloud Machine Translation Platform releases an API, Mastercard fraud scoring API picked up by Klount, and 10 new APIs.

Google Analytics Announces Content Experiments API

According to Thom Craver at SearchEngine Watch, it has been over a year since Google Analytics revamped Content Experiments and only now is an API being added.

"Last week, Google announced the launch of a specific API for Content Experiments. The same tool that allows users to use A/B content tests on their site is now available through an API. The new content experiments API allows developers to pick and choose from all the features available within Google Analytics Content Experiments and create a custom solution that fits their needs."

The Google Analytics Content API has three key advantages among others: Testing without redirects, testing at server-side and applying the multi-armed bandit approach to selection logic. As Google explains, the benefits of content experiments are powerful.By testing Web page variations, for example, you can learn which one generates the highest response. Examples are available on the Content experiment site, along with more in depth discussion of A/B testing advantages.

SOA Software Launches Lifecycle Manager for APIs

The idea behin Lifecycle Manager for APIs is to manage the entire process from designing, developing, deploying, Versioning to retiring APIs. According to the press release, the focus is on the long-term development strategies for Web-based APIs:

"Lifecycle Manager governs the development and use of APIs, services and other software assets across an enterprise’s IT environments, providing a clear view into how each fits into that enterprise’s business and technical landscape. By establishing a comprehensive context for assessing existing software assets and guiding the development of new ones, Lifecycle Manager serves to extend an enterprise’s IT capabilities to Web APIs so they're accessible and usable to an enterprise's customers and partners."

According to SOA Software's documentation, the service solves several problems when you have multiple APIs and multiple versions of those APIs on the go. How do you manage standards, versions and insure that the appropriate legacy support is in place? Among the features are a graphical template modeler, REST API support, subsidiary asset types and graphical impact analysis support for IDEs. Integrated with SOA Software's API Gateway and Community Manager, Lifecycle Manager supports both internal and external development teams.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a modern world simulator information service, a personal statistics service, a bitcoin transaction data service, an italian manga scanlation service, an internal communications and email marketing service and an information service for paris, france. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

APIs of the Week: Staff Picks Naveen Selvadurai API, US Government Data and Video Interviewing

##CsC e-Sim##CsC e-Sim API: E-Sim is an online modern world simulation wherein the player becomes a citizen of one of 50 virtual countries. Players can take on a role such as soldier or business owner in order to affect the politics, economics, and military standing of their country.

##CsC is a developer group that has created an unofficial REST API for retrieving information from E-Sim. Available information relates to citizens, battles, markets, taxes, parties, military units, regions, and more.

api.naveenapi.naveen API: The Naveen personal API allows users to get real-time data on Naveen from his manual data tracking, fuel band, jawbone, withings, fitbit, foursquare, and other apps. Users can query for sleep, weight, foot steps, fuel points, and checkins. The service requires a user to have a Twitter account for Authentication then get a token. The API uses REST calls.

BTCDataBTCData API: BTCData monitors and records all Bitcoin transactions and public payment addresses used in transactions. Developers can retrieve information and statistics on Bitcoin transactions programmatically using the RESTful BTCData API. This can be used to get information on whether a transaction has confirmed, whether someone has sent the user a payment recently, the total amount of Bitcoins paid to a given address, and more.

ItaScanItaScan API: ItaScan is a website that lets users read manga that have been scanned and translated (aka "scanlations") for free. They provide a large archive of Italian-language manga scans, all of which can be viewed without registering with the site. Developers can retrieve information on manga chapters and download their images in ZIP format using the ItaScan API. This service uses REST calls and returns information in JSON format. The ItaScan website and API Documentation are provided solely in Italian.

NewsweaverNewsweaver API: Newsweaver is communications software designed to help create, deliver, and track communications campaigns. It can be used as either internal communications software or email marketing software. As internal communications software, it allows users to push messages across multiple teams, departments, and regions in order to improve employee engagement and create a consistent corporate brand. As email marketing software, it helps users engage with their audience using tools like multi-page newsletters, templates, and analytics services.

Newsweaver provides a RESTful API for accessing its functions and information. This information can be retrieved in the form of XML-formatted documents that contain links to related resources.

Paris IsParis Is API: The Paris Is API allows users to access the data made available through Paris Connect, which is the log-on Portal for the Paris website. This is the official website for the city of Paris, France. The site provides all sorts of information on the city, including information on public transportation, cultural events, museums, wifi hotspots, education, urban planning, parks, and more.

The Paris website and API documentation are provided solely in French.

RChilliRChilli API: RChilli is a resume parsing service that is designed to identify key information and determine the value of each resume. It can extract more than 37 fields of data from resumes in DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, TXT, and HTML formats. The service is designed for Integration with websites, databases, email, and enterprise Resource planning (ERP) systems. Depending on the type of integration desired, developers may be able to use REST calls, SOAP calls, or both.

RealPhoneValidationRealPhoneValidation API: RealPhoneValidation is a phone number validation service. They advertise their accuracy at 98% or greater with a money-back guarantee should they fail to deliver. Users pay per validation rather than paying a monthly fee or for a contract. Users can validate phone numbers programmatically using the RealPhoneValidation API, which uses RESTful calls. This method takes between 10 seconds and 2 minutes to process a phone number.

TPP WholesaleTPP Wholesale API: TPP Wholesale is an Australian domain and hosting wholesaler that offers resellers services such as domain names, cloud and cPanel web hosting, e-mail hosting and SSL certificates. The TPP Wholesale API allows developers to automate all aspects of managing domain names, cloud reseller hosting, and user accounts. The API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls.

TreatyTreaty API: Treaty lets developers add real-time collaboration services to their applications and websites. These services use an encrypted connection in order to protect users' information. Treaty can be integrated seamlessly with a site or app using a few lines of JavaScript code. Treaty has been found to work with the latest versions of most popular web browsers.