Today in APIs: Continuuity is Platform as a Service For Big Data, Hackathon Recap and 10 New APIs

Founded by former Yahoo and Facebook vets, Continuuity releases their Platform as a Service for Big Data. Read a recap of the first ever Hackathon. Plus: Kii launches carrier-grade, self-service cloud for mobile app developers, improving the API developer experience and 10 new APIs.

Continuuity is Platform as a Service For Big Data

Continuuity, a startup founded by former Yahoo cloud VP Todd Papaioannou and Facebook engineer Jonathan Gray, has released its Hadoop-based Platform as a Service. Continuuity's product, called AppFabric is meant to make it easy for developers to build big data applications without having to learn Hadoop’s low-level APIs. AppFabric acts as a software development kit and a suite of high-level APIs on top of a layer that connects to all of a company’s various Hadoop clusters.

Derrick Harris opines:

Continuuity is trying to do for big data what Heroku and other PaaS providers have done for web applications. There’s a drag-and-drop User Interface, an integrated developer environment to make development easy on a laptop before pushing an application into production, and resources scale elastically. Hackathon Recap

App.netThis last weekend saw host their first Hackathon. Over 40 attendees and some remote developers used the API to build a variety of applications. A list of the 10 apps can be viewed at the blog. is one of seven social feeds APIs currently in our directory.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a taxi cab booking service, seattle and king county open data service, content management system extension service, israeli airport currency information service, state motor vehicle records service, french international car rental service, online marketing applications platform, human genetics information database, social media monitoring and analytics service, business model taxonomy. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CabfixCabfix API: The Cabfix API allows developers to add an end-to-end cab-booking service to their apps and websites. The user books through the API and then Cabfix passes the booking in real-time to its network of cab companies and ensures that the booking is fulfilled.

As well as earning a percentage of user transactions done through the API, it can be used to provide more services to end-users and to differentiate apps or websites from competitors. Users can apply for an API Key and Documentation by emailing

Please note that this service is currently only available for London cab bookings. Please contact the provider if interested in using a similar service in other cities.

DataKCDataKC API: The service from the King County, Washington, government provides machine-readable datasets reflecting operations of county departments in Seattle and the region. Plans call for addition of datasets from across the region. The service complies with the Socrata Open Data API to increase standardization of access.

API methods support open access to county government agency operating data, with a range of datatypes specified from simple choices such as integer, datetime, string, and boolean along with complex combinations of simple types. Methods provide views of metadata describing available datasets, including access URLs. User-focused methods allow review and update of accounts for registered users of the service.

GetSimpleGetSimple API: The service provides access to the accounts associated with an installed instance of the provider's content management system software. It does not perform actual content management functions within the instance, but it allows plug-ins working within that instance to interact with the provider's own capabilities. This Function allows the Extend registry of working plug-ins to support them in completing their own tasks.

API methods support status checks for an applications registry listing and lookups or updates to registered plug-in filenames. Returned data provide operating parameters for the plug-in such as the CMS software version for which the plug-in was created and against which it has been tested.

Israel Airports Authority UtilitiesIsrael Airports Authority Utilities API: The Israeli Airport Authority (IAA) is a public corporation responsible for managing air-based travel to, from, and within Israel. The IAA provides the Utilities API, which enables users to retrieve currency tables and other currency-related information using SOAP calls. The IAA website is provided in both Hebrew and English.

Maryland Driver and Vehicle RecordMaryland Driver and Vehicle Record API: The provider's Point-to-Point (PTP) service provides search and retrieval against Maryland's state records for vehicle registration and driver licensing. It is available only to approved users, since driver data is protected by privacy guarantees. Available driver data include current license class, status, and provisions as well as citation records. Vehicle data include year, make, and model identification with current registration status, renewal information, and related data.

API methods support retrieval of a driver's records based on Soundex value, including current license class and restrictions, citation record and convictions, suspensions and accidents for drivers holding commercial licenses, address and name changes, and related account information. Methods support retrieval of ownership records for a vehicle identified by title number, vehicle identification number (VIN), or tag number. Records include title transfers, selling dealer listings, etc.

National CiterNational Citer API: National Citer is a French car rental service. Its international network provides customers with more than 3000 outlets in over 80 countries, including 40 in Europe. Within its home country of France (including Corsica and the Dominican Republic), National Citer offers nearly 250 outlets including over 60 airports and 40 stations.

Users may retrieve information from the National Citer website regarding their services using a SOAP-based API. The website is provided solely in French.

NetApplicationsNetApplications API: The service provides a hosting and infrastructure for online marketing and promotions. It hosts customer contact campaigns with tracking and monitoring tools, traffic analytics, and help with messaging and outreach. Professional services and consulting are available to optimize performance of the system and its resources.

API methods support account management functions such as updating the applications own account and create-retrieve-update-delete ( CRUD) functions for contact lists and client accounts. Methods also support the provider's Hitslink utility to generate scripts for tracking and confirmation of user contacts.

OMIMOMIM API: OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man) is a comprehensive, freely available, and authoritative compendium of human genes and genetic phenotypes. The full-text, referenced overviews in OMIM contain information on over 12,000 genes and all known Mendelian disorders. It is updated daily, and the entries contain copious links to other genetics resources. The OMIM API lets users retrieve information from the database using RESTful calls.

SysomosSysomos API: Sysomos is a social media monitoring and analytics service that lets organizations gather business intelligence about their brands. Sysomos goes beyond monitoring social media conversations to provide information about geo-demographic, key influencers and sentiment. The platform also acts as a social CRM to engage with key influencers, provide customer support, find new sales leads, and keep track of teams. Users can manage all their social profiles, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more within the same platform.

They Sysomos APIs can be used to integrate social media content and text analytics within third party applications. The APIs include a Data API, Charts, Trends and Sentiment API, and Engagement and Workflow API. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information about the APIs.

The Business Model ProjectThe Business Model Project API: The Business Model Project is a collaborative open-source business model taxonomy accessible through a database. The site is based on Mediawiki software, but uses the Semantic MediaWiki extension to structure data. The API provides direct, high-level access to the data contained in MediaWiki databases. Client programs can log in to a wiki, get data, and post changes automatically by making HTTP requests to the Web Service. Developers should visit the API Sandbox to view the available options.