Today in APIs: Counterpath's API for Bria Desktop, Goinstant's Multiplayer Web Platform, and 10 New APIs

Counterpath launches API for its desktop softphone software Bria. Goinstant launches developer Platform for multiplayer web. Plus: Daedalus launches Textalytics (Meaning as a Service), YC Startup Standard Treasury connects App developers and Banks, and 10 new APIs.

Counterpath to Extend Bria Desktop Reach with API

Counterpath has launched an API for its Brea softphone system, often used by companies running call centers.

Todd Carothers, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Products at CounterPath outlined just what this means when compared to other telephony applications:

"While some recent excitement is around browser enabled telephony applications, based on technologies such as WebRTC, Bria’s APIs extend across the browser as well as the desktop. We leveraged our APIs to build the first application for Outlook because it represented a great example of how 3rd party developers could leverage Bria as an alternative to solutions such as Microsoft’s Lync. We look forward to new applications over the next year that will drive innovation and further deployments of Bria."

This means you can integrate many of its functions into your existing apps, including placing calls (audio and video), instant messaging, answer call, call hold, voicemail, and many other features.

Goinstant's New Multiplayer Web Platform

Goinstant, now a division of, is focused on developers who are working on creating multi-user applications.

According to Alex Williams in Techcrunch,

"With the new service, GoInstant is entering the Back-end-as-a-service (BaaS) space. Parse, Firebase, Kinvey and a host of others are providing back-end environments so developers don’t have to build-out their own stacks. Co-Founder Gavin Uhma wrote on Hacker News that it compares with other BaaS, but the difference is in this concept of the multiplayer concept."

From end-to-end security to user presence and user life cycles, creating a multi-user environment is hard. Now you can build your app on top of one. Goinstant provides documentation and a case study, on how Leadsift is using it.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a image recognition technology, a merchant payment service, a bitcoin wallet service, a crypto-currency exchange service, a crypto-currency exchange service, a cloud shipping system and an indian pin code information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Catchoom API: Catchoom provides image recognition technology built to interact with 3rd party applications. End users take pictures with their smartphones and Catchoom matches relevant images and connects users to online content, offers, and digital experiences.
The Catchoom API allows applications to manage the image recognition service as well as collections of reference images and the metadata associated with those images. The RESTful API responds with a HTTP status code and, if applicable, a JSON document.

CoinJar CheckoutCoinJar Checkout API: CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. Coinjar Checkout offers same day transaction settlement, accurate exchange rates, a 1% fee and 0% charge back rate, and allows users to accept payment in Bitcoin as well as other currencies. The CoinJar Checkout API provides functionality for merchants and vendors to accept payments and settle transaction in local currencies, as well as customize the interface on third-party websites.

CoinJar TradeCoinJar Trade API: CoinJar is a digital currency wallet that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and alternative currencies. The CoinJar Trade API allows users to make queries to retrieve account information, get a list of Bitcoin addresses, retrieve addresses, and generate addresses. Users can also get a list, retrieve, create, and delete contacts and payments as well as get a list of transactions and retrieve transaction details. The service uses REST calls, returns JSON and uses SSL and API keys for Authentication.

Crypto-TradeCrypto-Trade API: Crypto-Trade is a trading platform that allows users to trade crypto-currencies for U.S. Dollars Euros, and other alternative currencies. The Crypto-Trade API allows users to make queries to get currency tickers, market depth, account balance information, transaction count, API permissions, trade history, order history, transaction history, and order information as well as execute trades and cancel orders. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses both SSL and requires an API Key.

CryptsyCryptsy API: Cryptsy is an online crypto-currency trading service that allows users to trade Bitcoins for a variety of alternative currencies and fiat currencies. The Cryptsy API has both public and authenticated methods. The public methods do not require an API key and allow users to query for general market data and general orderbook data. Authenticated methods permit users to query for advanced information such as market data, user transactions, market trades, market orders, user trades and user orders, as well as the creation and execution of trades. The service sues REST calls, returns JSON, and uses both SSL and an API key for authentication.

DataplugDataplug API: Dataplug is a cloud shipping system built to allow users to manage all their transport carriers in a single place. The Dataplug API provides a RESTful interface for automating transactions. Specifically, the API can generate orders, retrieve order information, and track orders. Data is sent and received in XML format.

Indian PincodeIndian Pincode API: Indian Pincode API is a webservice providing access to metada describing Postal Index Numbers (PIN), the post office numbering system used by India Post. The RESTful API accepts HTTP GET/POST calls and returns JSON or XML formatted responses. In addition to delivering details about a specified PIN code, the API supports searching for PIN codes by keyword.

Metro PublisherMetro Publisher API: Metro Publisher is a cloud management system built to help media companies succeed online by growing readership, increasing revenue, and building their brand. Metro Publisher exposes their system through a RESTful API. Authentication is based on the OAuth2 specification. Responses are JSON formatted.

TrackMatchingTrackMatching API: TrackMatching is a cloud based Web Service for matching GPS/GPX data on the OpenStreetMap (OSM) road network. The service is accessible through a REST API. Supported data formats for upload include GPX 1.0, GPX 1.1, and a custom CSV/text format for bulk processing. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted. Only positions and timestamps are required.

Universal Traffic Service CarrierUniversal Traffic Service Carrier API: Universal Traffic Service Carrier provides supply chain management services associated with delivering freight, parcels, and the like. Their Rate Service API allows users to estimate the shipping rates for goods based on their weight, size, and stackability. It also accounts for the origin and destination points of shipments and whether they contain hazardous materials. This service is available using SOAP calls issued in XML format.