Today in APIs: Cows, Code, and Money, 5 Rules for API Management, and 12 New APIs

Hackathon prizes are farm animals (not a typo). Mashery offers 5 Rules for API Management. Plus Google Devfest heads to Thailand, Peru, India and elsewhere, how Cognizant uses AWS, and 12 new APIs.

Can you read this code: EI EI Oooooo?

The Old MacDonald Hackathon hosted by Dwolla has a first prize: yes, a cow. But, as Caitlin Jones pointed out in her blog, you can have the cow any way you like; you can even gift it away through Phew--you really only have to worry about the coding... Don't think you can capture first prize? Not to worry. Second is a pig, third prize is a rooster. "Seriously."

Mashery CEO Oren Michels's 5 Rules for API Management

MasheryTechcrunch's Alex Williams spoke with CEO Oren Michels to get his 5 rules of API Management: Design, Documentation, Analytics Universal Access and Uptime. On analytics, Williams focused on what was useful,

"Michels said to think about the collection and processing of all the statistics associated with the use of the API, with an eye toward supporting and encouraging effective usage and discouraging/limiting usage that is counter to your business or technology goals."

The piece has quotes from API Evangelist Kin Lane, Layer 7 Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Dimitri Sirota, and Mashape CEO Augusto Marietti. Plus there is a video featuring an Apigee discussion of API management for the software defined network, SDN.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a mobile video content Platform, a belgian open data service, a music and video clip saving and sharing service, a video creation and sharing platform, a genetics data analysis and visualization service, a poster and art print e-commerce service and a travel accommodations platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

ApplicasterApplicaster API: Applicaster is a platform that helps companies create, customize, and deliver mobile broadcasts to their customers and users. Applicaster offers interactive tools for mobile video and live content.

The Applicaster API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Applicaster with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact for API information.

Apps for GhentApps for Ghent API: The service provided by the city of Ghent in Belgium encourages open data sharing by companies and other organizations It seeks to make available operating information about a business such as location, hours of operation, product offerings, and prices. The service encourages interoperation and interaction by applications providing information useful to both residents and visitors.

API methods implement protocols of the Data Tank methodology to present open data about government and public services, health and social support functions, demographic information, jobseeking and employment, places of business, tourist attractions and festivals, etc. Returned data provide name and activities associated along with the location, expressed as latitude and longitude.

EverytimeEverytime API: Everytime is a tool that allows people to save and share music and video from the web or computer. Media can be shared either publicly or privately, as well as bookmarked on the user's browser.

The Everytime API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Everytime with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving media and files, posting media and files, and managing playlists.

FlixwagonFlixwagon API: Flixwagon is a video sharing and social networking platform. Flixwagon allows users to create videos in real time and share them live.

The Flixwagon API allows developers to integrate the functionality of Flixwagon with other applications and websites. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact for API details.

Illumina BaseSpaceIllumina BaseSpace API: BaseSpace by Illumina is a application for genetic data and analysis and genomics cloud computing.

The BaseSpace API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BaseSpace with other applications and to create new applications for data analysis and visualization. Some example API methods include managing users, creating and managing projects, and running analysis.

Lieberman'sLieberman's API: The service provides for interaction with its e-commerce platform selling posters and fine-art prints online. Applications can place orders with the service for products from its catalog, including frames for displaying prints. Applications can also check status of existing orders and obtain shipment tracking information.

API methods support retrieval of order pricing based on products selected and placement of a final order with the service. Methods also support management of shipping information, including destination country and shipment status. API: is a platform for hotels, hostels, and other lodging companies to update their accommodations and information on many online travel sites.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing listings, retrieving price and accommodation information, and managing users.

National Map Elevation QueryNational Map Elevation Query API: The service from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center provides topographic and terrain information to complement mapping locations. It returns the elevation for a specific location, specified as latitude and longitude. Measurements come from the USGS Seamless Elevation datasets. Where multiple elevation values are available, the service returns those from the data sources with the highest resolution.

API methods support submission of a request for one or more elevation values with each location specified as a latitude-longitude pair. The API returns the best-available measure for each location denominated in either feet or meters, as specified in the request.

Open SpreetyOpen Spreety API: The service provides lookup access to an extensive database of video and media content available in varying formats and from different suppliers. Video Resource listings are categorized by genre and other content categories and provider along with more technical criteria like file format, image size and quality, and access location.

API methods support access to the record for a specific video by unique identifier or to listings by format, genre, decade, recently added or new, and other filtering criteria. Methods also allow search against the database for a character string specified in the request. Methods return descriptions of matching videos with still image, provider, and access URL.

SearchBoxSearchBox API: SearchBox is a text analytics, semantic search, and content intelligence service that transforms raw text into manageable content and that is categorized and searchable. The SearchBox API provides a set of tools including but not limited to, semantic indexing, auto-categorization, suggested/related content, and FT & concept search. The API uses REST calls and require HTTP basic Authentication.

Sermon BrowserSermon Browser API: The service provides lookup access to texts from the Judeo-Christian Bible from multiple versions and in various languages. Biblical scholars have access to dozens of versions and translations into many language. Other services provide verses from specific versions in particular languages, but this one seeks to span all available options.

API methods support submission of requests specifying the passage desired by book name, chapter, and verse number, with options for version (with King James Version in English as the default). Version parameters also specify the desired language. Returned data include text along with the book, chapter, and verse referenced for up to 500 verses per request.

TrackThisTrackThis API: TrackThis is a package tracking service that allows users to track packages sent by major package carriers by Twitter, email, text, RSS, and Facebook.

The TrackThis API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TrackThis with other applications. The main API methods are listing packages, adding packages, editing packages, and deleting packages.