Today in APIs: Critical Alert Announces Nurse Call Industry's First API, and 10 New APIs

Critical Alert has announced the pending release of the nurse call industry's first API: the CommonPath API. Linkify has made its semantic augmented-reality mobile software development kit ( SDK) generally available. Plus, Intilery introduces Firehose API and 10 new APIs.

Critical Alert Announces CommonPath API

Critical Alert, a nurse call solution provider, has announced the upcoming release of an API for its CommonPath system. The API will allow hospitals and developers to build customized applications with the advanced nurse call Platform. CommonPath delivers a host of functions without relying on third-party software packages (e.g., location, reporting, and so forth). Accordingly, integrating with CommonPath will offer users a robust set of nurse call features.

Critical Alert CEO Ed Meyercord commented:

“Hospitals using the CommonPath API will be able to access, share, and utilize information in ways never before possible.... Now, hospitals can leverage and extend the significant investments being made in technology by integrating those systems with CommonPath nurse call."

Critical Alert will introduce the API next week at the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition.

Linkify Makes Cutting-Edge SDK Generally Available

Linkify, born out of Studio Ousia, has made its mobile SDK generally available. Linkify aims to offer a different approach to searching on mobile devices. Instead of a purely text-based search, Linkify aims to garner "things of interest" to the searching party through its use of semantic augmented reality. The SDK is readily available for both iOS and Android.
Ikuya Yamanda, Linkify cofounder and CTO, commented:

“We’re really pleased to achieve this important semantic AR milestone. We’re also excited to make our SDK available to the Android and iOS communities and hope that developers can leverage the advances we’ve made around keyword extraction and entity linking. We plan to continue to raise the bar around the User Experience while also ensuring that we never disrupt the performance or UX of a developer’s app.”

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a data sharing service, an airport data service, a machine translation service, a bulk sms service and an australian sms service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. API: allows users to share data from mobile, tablets, and pcs, and them to other devices and accounts across social media platforms. provides an API to access the different functionality of the service. Users can make REST calls to read and create dweets, lock and unlock things, and perform other calls. The API returns JSON and JSONP. Pre-built libraries are available for use in JavaScript and Node.js.

FareBookings Airport DataFareBookings Airport Data API: Farebookings provides a set of tools to help travels and travel companies. The tools include a taxi fare calculator, a booking service, and other tools. Farebookings exposes it's data on airports through a REST API. The FareBookings Airport Data API has been developed to provide usefull Airports information.The APi is provided for free. Users must provide a IATA AIRPORT CODE, and you will receive information about this Airport, like geoposition, name in different languages and other information.

IPTranslatorIPTranslator API: IPTranslator, by Iconic Translation Machines Ltd., provides high-quality domain-adapted cloud-based machine translation solutions for the Language Services industry. These machines are adapted to specific technical industries, providing best-in-class performance and facilitating significant gains in translator productivity. The IPTranslator API allows users to integrate machine translation seamless into their applications and workflow and retrieve high-quality translations instantaneously. An account is required with service.

Mobyt SMSMobyt SMS API: Mobyt is a messaging service that allows users to send SMS to all mobile carriers in the U.S. as well as carriers in over 100 other countries. Mobyt provides an SMS API that allows users to send SMS from a website or application using REST or SMPP. The API can be used to send single or bulk SMS, send SMS to groups, receive messages, manage contacts, and get reports on specific campaigns.

MyNetFone MyText SMSMyNetFone MyText SMS API: MyNetFone provides hosted voice and data communications services - including VoIP and DSL internet - to customers within Australia. One of their services is the MyText SMS API, which allows developers to integrate MyNetFone's SMS capabilities into their own applications, websites, and systems. This API works by issuing secure calls over HTTPS.

Neon SMSNeon SMS API: Neon SMS is an Irish SMS marketing service that uses carrier-grade infrastructure. Developers can integrate Neon SMS's secure online gateway with their own applications via REST API. Users can send SMS to multiple recipients with one call, and all API calls are encrypted using 128-bit SSL. Users can also get delivery reports through the API.

OneAPI4SMSOneAPI4SMS API: OneAPI4SMS is a service for sending and receiving SMS. It can be used to reach more than 800 mobile operators in over 200 countries. Developers can use the OneAPI4SMS API to connect to multiple gateway providers, including Twilio, Nexmo, Zipwhip, Bandwidth, and SMSified. Users don't need to have an account with any other providers to use OneAPI4SMS.

planetGRplanetGR API: PlanetGR is a Greek information and social platform, connecting Greeks with other users as well as a wealth of interactive resources. Some of planetGR is exposed through via API. The API allows developers to programmatically retrieve friend lists, retrieve the number of a user’s unseen messages or notifications, upload photos, and deliver information about a given user.

polytraitspolytraits API: Polytraits is a database of biological traits of polychaetes (bristle worms), including information about morphological, behavioral, reproductive and larval characteristics collected from the literature.
The polytraits database is exposed through a REST API consisting of two methods. The taxon method searches a taxon name and returns corresponding identifiers. The traits method retrieve traits information for taxon identifiers.

SkebbySkebby API: Skebby is a cloud-based SMS service that allows users to send and receive SMS online. Developers can integrate Skebby's SMS gateway with their own website or application using its API. Calls may be issued in REST, SOAP, or SMTP format, and code examples are available in ASP, PHP, and HTML.