Today in APIs: Crowdtilt Releases an API That Provides Group Pay Ability, Jibe Mobile Raises $8.3 Million, and 8 New APIs

Crowdtilt has released an API that gives developers a chance to process payment in a new way. Jibe Mobile has announced a successful round of funding that finished with over $8 million. Plus: a migration guide for the AdSense Management API, Facebook separates Read/Write permissions, makes App login clearer, and 8 New APIs.

Crowdtilt Releases an API That Provides Group Pay Ability

Crowdtilt is a Platform that allows groups to combine payment and charges the cards only when all participants have opted-in. This can alleviate the stress of planning parties, trips, and any event that requires group payment. Now that the company has released the Crowdtilt API developers will have everything they need to integrate this functionality.

Jibe Mobile Raises $8.3 Million

Jibe Mobile, a cloud-based global communications provider, has closed a funding round that ended with $8.3 million. Funding has come from investors that include Vodafone and MTI. The funding will help Jibe continue bringing standards-based communications and Silicon-Valley application development to consumers.

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8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including an internal employee work management service, a cloud file storage service, a database of beer and brewery information, a meteorologist created snow reports and forecasts and a wordpress analytics for developers and content creators. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

FabersysFabersys API: Fabersys is a group of web and iPhone application developers that provide small and medium businesses with custom web and iPhone applications. A collection of WSDL endpoints are hosted by Fabesys and appear to belong to APIs used by its employees. These APIs have functions for dealing with task lists, time sheets, and associated documents. There is no additional public Documentation available for these APIs. API: is a cloud file storage service that fetches media files and allows users to stream them immediately. The API provides developer access to files, downloads, feeds, labels, profiles, and more.

Open Beer DatabaseOpen Beer Database API: The Open Beer Database is a free, public database for beer and brewery information. The Open Beer Database API provides developer access to data through a RESTful interface. GET and POST calls are supported. Results are returned in JSON or JSONP format.

OpenSnowOpenSnow API: provides meteorologist-crafted snow reports and forecasts for ski resorts across America. The OpenSnow API provides developer access to ski area forecasts. Responses may be returned in XML, JSON, or CSV format.

PressTrendsPressTrends API: PressTrends provides analytics and illuminates trends for developers, designers, and content creators within WordPress and beyond. The PressTrends API allows developers to integrate PressTrends into web and mobile apps. Available services include access to WordPress theme data, plugin data, and more. This is a RESTful API returning JSON or XML formatted responses.

Saba MeetingSaba Meeting API: Saba Meeting (formerly Saba Centra) is an enterprise-class web conferencing and virtual learning environment. It provides fast, low-bandwidth web conferencing using HD video and VoIP. Saba Meeting enables clients and co-workers to share documents, applications, and desktops in real time. An Active Speaker Function lets users see who is speaking at any given time.

Saba Meeting works with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, as well as with all major browsers and mobile devices. Users can extend and integrate with Saba Meeting by using its API. Although the API is discussed in Saba's blog, no other documentation is publicly available.

The Materials ProjectThe Materials Project API: The Materials Project provides comprehensive materials information for researchers across the spectrum of science and industry, with the goal of accelerating materials discovery through advanced computing and design tools.
The Materials Project makes its data and analysis available through a REST API. Resource types currently include materials, batteries, and reactions. The API requires SSL Encryption and returns JSON formatted responses.

Zoo PropertyZoo Property API: The service provides listings of real estate and properties offered for sale or rental, grouped by selling and and office. It allows remote creation and updating of property listings with information about location and address, description text, specifications and amenities, taxing jurisdiction, and property photos. Integration possibilities allow property listings to be built into neighborhood and regional information applications and other platforms that expose the listings to wider audiences. A WordPress plug-in is available that interacts with the API to display listings.

API methods support creation of sale and rental listings, including short-term holiday rentals, for a property, with ability to edit offer terms and information over time. Methods also support listings for commercial real estate offerings. The API supports management of information about property marketing such as open house events.