Today in APIs: CrunchBase API, Viralheat Developer Center, and 12 New APIs

CrunchBase is taking steps to develop its API into a "full-fledged product." Viralheat announced a new developer center and a new API to go along with it. Plus: the automated perks of an API, Samsung Android Wallet app Has API in Beta, and 12 new APIs.

The CrunchBase API: From Resource to Product

CrunchBase, a free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit, announced yesterday that it would begin to transition the CrunchBase API into a “full-fledged product.” The goal is to “maximize Platform reach, profits and partnerships” through development of this already booming resource. The announcement referenced a ProgrammableWeb guest post by Andy Raskin, Director of Product Marketing at Mashery, that details how to market your API as a product.

Improvements to the CrunchBase developer platform will include:

Viralheat Announces New Developer Center and Social APIs

ViralheatViralheat, a social media marketing platform, has unveiled a new developer platform that is designed to streamline the Integration process. This platform will include the company’s newest API, the Human Intent API. This new service is designed to analyse the purchasing intent of users based on their social behaviors.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a three dimensional visualization service, an australian football mobile information and media services, an enterprise sms service, a latin american hotel booking service, a lead management service, a leased property management services and a mouse-based medical experiments information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

3DGeoStats3DGeoStats API: 3DGeoStats provides a three dimensional visualization of the earth showing user-defined statistical data. The Data shown is connected to geo coordinates and represented as light beams. The 3DGeoStats API can be used to add fully functional data globes to external products, sites, and programs. The service is comes API comes with the service and costs 24.99 Euros.

AFL Mobile Web ServicesAFL Mobile Web Services API: The AFL (Australian Football League) Mobile Web Services are a collection of API functions that allow users to access AFL information and media on their mobile devices. Users can get information on current sports, seasons, fixtures (referred to in the U.S. as "matches"), players, teams, rankings, and ladders. Users may also retrieve media objects such as announcements, news articles, comments, and online videos. These functions are all accessible for integration using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

eXactmobileeXactmobile API: The eXactmobile service allows businesses to set up and manage their own SMS messaging campaigns. After signing up, the business selects an administrator to add new users, manage accounts, etc. The business' users can then use the eXactmobile website to type out a message (or import one, if preferred) and send it to the target groups or individuals. eXactmobile users can set up a database of mobile numbers that can then be accessed and manipulated to simplify messaging.

eXactmobile's messaging functions can also be invoked using its SOAP-based API, allowing them to be integrated into other applications.

HotelDoHotelDo API: HotelDo offers its users a wide variety of hotels, tours, and related services which are located primarily in Latin America. As a local company they have a solid knowledge of the region, and they negotiate prices directly with each hotel, resulting in discounts of up to 70% on the standard rate.

HotelDo's SOAP-based API allows developers to integrate its services and information into their own hotel search services and applications. The API also provides tools to create backoffice services for managing bookings.

Leads360Leads360 API: Leads360 is a company that provides cloud-based lead management services, especially for the financial, insurance, and higher education industries. Their software helps optimize lead conversion by facilitating consistent communication with leads through a variety of marketing techniques. Leads360's solutions are designed to complement the user's current CRM and marketing automation solutions.

Leads360 performs ongoing research, drawn from managing more than 65 million lead records, to gain insight which is then built into their solutions. Leads360's functions are made available programmatically via SOAP calls so that users can integrate them with their other applications and services.

LetMCLetMC API: provides cloud-based residential lettings (referred to in the U.S. as "rentals") and property management software for estate and letting agents. Its functions include property marketing, Portal uploads, client accounting, tenant referencing, property management, and interactive services for websites. LetMC's services can be integrated with a user's applications or websites via its SOAP-based APIs.

MMPCMMPC API: The MMPC (National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers) is an NIH-sponsored resource that provides experimental testing services to scientists studying diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications, and other metabolic diseases in mice. Visitors can view information from MMPC experiments directly through the site, and developers can retrieve such information programmatically using the MMPC SOAP API.

SimilarWeb Website CategorizationSimilarWeb Website Categorization API: The service provides categorization of website by domains according to the provider's classification scheme. It evaluates a website as a whole, rather than page by page, to assign an overall classification from a taxonomy of website topics. Where a website addresses multiple categories, the service provides a rating of the site's relevance for each one.

API methods support submission of a website URL for analysis. The API returns one or more suggested categorizations based on the service's topic taxonomy with a relevance score for each. Returned data also indicate if the content identifies the URL as an adult site.

SimilarWeb Website Category RankingSimilarWeb Website Category Ranking API: The service provides analysis of a website to evaluate its content and functional categories and its performance versus other sites in the same categories. It reviews content available at a specified web domain and assigns that site overall to one or more categories from the provider's taxonomy of websites. A ranking within each category indicates that site's performance relative to its most direct competitors.

API methods support submission of a website domain to retrieve a list of the categories, from those maintained by the service, that best describe its content and Function. Returned data provide a rank for the site within each category which represents the site's popularity with users of sites in that category.

SimilarWeb Website Country RankingSimilarWeb Website Country Ranking API: The service provides rankings indicating the countries from which traffic visits a specified website. It aims to help generate a geographic profile of traffic reaching a a domain, with countries delivering the most visitors to that site highlighted at the top of the list. A ranking gives the site's popularity for users in each country listed.

API methods support submission of a website domain to retrieve a list of numeric ISO3166-1 country codes for the top five nationalities visiting that site. Returned data also specify the website's ranking with web users from each of those highest-traffic countries.

SimilarWeb Website Global RankingSimilarWeb Website Global Ranking API: The service provides a numerical ranking to indicate a website's popularity and influence. It allows relative positioning of a website as compared to over 30 million websites indexed by the provider. Worldwide analysis aims to evaluate a site in relation to the internet as a whole. Site ranks are updated once each month, and each site's ranking reflects its popularity for the current month.

API methods support submission of a website domain name with a request for its ranking. Methods return the numerical ranking indicated by the most recent evaluation by the service.

SimilarWeb Website TaggingSimilarWeb Website Tagging API: The service provides analysis of a website's content to indicate tags that accurately detect and list words that characterize the site's overall body of information. Analysis covers the semantics of text found on the site as well as its structure, discoverable metadata associated with it, link text, and related factors. The result provides free-text strings and words typical of the website's content.

API methods support submission of a website URL for analysis. Methods apply an auto-learning algorithm that detects possible topic tags with an accuracy score for each potential tag. It returns the tags that most accurately characterize the site overall.