Today in APIs: Crunchbase, Factual and 15 New APIs

The Crunchbase API is getting an upgrade and now requires API keys. Factual added a bunch of new data in the US and globally to its Factual Places API. Plus: OpenStreetMap funding for MapBox, Klout as a business and 15 new APIs.

CrunchBase Grows Up, Goes Authenticated

Tech news blog TechCrunch launched its DB of company information in 2007, with the CrunchBase API released a year later. Since it's become a powerful tool for understanding tech companies and TechCrunch recently put more support behind the service. Part of that support means measuring the API's usage, as this TechCrunch post explains:

Over the past three weeks, we have been monitoring the API usage and were quite frankly blown away by the volume of calls to the API. The API numbers average nearly 100K calls per hour! Today, we are ready to announce the CrunchBase Developer Portal and a transition plan to help migrate third party developers over to registering their applications.

TechCrunch will now limit all un-registered applications to a pool of 100K calls per hour to be shared globally. That number will decrease over the next ten weeks. For CrunchBase developers who register their applications, there will be no limit to the number of calls they can make. Sounds like a pretty good incentive for registering.

Factual Adds New Data, Ranking Algorithm

Factual PlacesThe first version of what became the Factual Places API launched two years ago. Since there have been a number of advances, as the company's US data expanded and its 63 million local listings now span 50 countries. The latest release includes more data, as well as a new Factual Place Rank algorithm:

With over 23MM Places in the US, developers of Local applications often find that there are too many records to present to the user, and it is difficult to filter those most meaningful for your app. Factual Place Rank aims to provide a relative metric by which developers can sort places by their informatic and social footprint, to ensure the most prominent places rise to the top of the Stack. We’re using Factual Place Rank as the default ranking for searches — the feature is in beta so we’re testing it in the US only.

Among the new US data is 80K landmarks, 190K ATMs and a new, more efficient way to query chain stores.

The company also reorganized its categories for data in all countries.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including an address verification service, Australian tourism information service, Norwegian hosted telecommunication service, semantic data for scientific biographical information, cloud synchronization Platform, civic information service and online fraud protection services. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

ArGo Software Address VerifierArGo Software Address Verifier API: The ArGo Software Address Verifier API verifies an address by returning either "Valid", "Invalid", or "Unknown". Users may choose to specify a timeout point which, if reached, will cause the service to return "Unknown". This service is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Australian Tourism Data WarehouseAustralian Tourism Data Warehouse API: The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) is the national storage and distribution facility for Australian tourism products and destination information. Its contents are compiled in a standardized format and made available to tourism business owners, operators, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors for use in their websites, booking systems, and other digital channels. Information stored in the ATDW covers accommodations, attractions, destinations, events, guided tours, rentals, transportation, etc. This information can be accessed using a SOAP-based API that employs calls issued in XML format.

AzuralisAzuralis API: The Norway-based service provides telecommunications functionality via voice-over-IP (VoIP). Services include multi-party calling, voicemail and text notifications, text-to-speech conversion, and click-to-call anonymous bridge calls that connect two numbers by calling both and joining them to the call. Services also provide international call forwarding, so callers can dial numbers local to them while their calls can be answered by remote call centers. Functionality is available either as a hosted service or installed software.

API methods support connecting and managing conference calls and other multi-party contacts, bulk notification via SMS text messages and SMS gateway services, and anonymous bridge calling. Speech synthesis messages allow delivery of text content via voice calls. The API also supports sirect inward dialing (DID) and session initiation protocol (SIP) for cost-effective international calling.

BBAS Personal Data RepositoryBBAS Personal Data Repository API: The personal data repository is a project of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. The goal of the project is to build a digital infrastructure for scientific biographical information.

A suite of web services are available to assist with the semantic enrichment of personal data with place names, dates and identifiers. The services include one for querying the repository, one for recognizing place names within text, one for recognizing dates within text, another for the transliteration of strings from Greek into the Latin alphabet and one for finding common identifiers for people. The APIs use HTTP calls and responses can be in XML, JSON or text. The site and Documentation are in German.

DIDxDIDx API: The service provides for wholesale exchanges of registered direct inbound dialing (DID) numbers from sellers who have extra capacity to buyers who need additional numbers. It lists available blocks of local numbers within a particular market or area for acquisition by providers who need local numbers there.

API methods support listing of countries and areas within countries where DID numbers are available, along with numbers offered for those areas. Methods also support retrieval of information about available DID numbers such as cost, free minutes offered, etc. The API enables completion of a purchase transaction by the buyer and release of the purchased DID listing by the seller.

FiabeeFiabee API: The Fiabee platform is designed for organizations willing to deploy cross-platform applications to mobilize business processes for internal and external users. The Fiabee REST API allows users to create and maintain cloud based file systems, synchronize information, manage accounts, and more.

Google Civic InformationGoogle Civic Information API: The Google Civic Information API allows developers to access civic information including Polling place, early vote location, candidate data, and election official information for use in third party applications. The API data available currently focuses on election related information. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Iovation ReputationManager 360Iovation ReputationManager 360 API: Iovation is a provider of enterprise online protection services. Their solutions are used to identify malicious website visitors and to minimize fraud and abuse. Their ReputationManager360 leverages a global database of fraud and abuse to provide real-time protection giving uses the ability to configure business rules, account relationships, device profiles and device anomaly checks. The APIs provide real-time responses based on configured business rules. Interested developers should contact the provider for documentation.

IP Payments Secure RemoteIP Payments Secure Remote API: IP Payments offers corporate payment services involving secure payment done in a variety formats(e.g. recurring payments, aggregated payments, batch payments etc.) as well as accounts receivable and bank compliance services. The IP Payments Secure Remote API allows merchants to integrate IP Payment services into third party merchant platforms. this includes payment processing, transaction queries, dynamic routing to multiple banks, and other functions.

MyCaption Speech to TextMyCaption Speech to Text API: MyCaption is a developer of voice enabled mobile apps. Their flagship product for BlackBerry phones is speech to text software. It can be used to voice enable users' email, text messaging, and PIM functions as well as sycing with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. An API is available to integrate speech to text capability for continuous speech up to three minutes long. Developers interested in the HTTP API shold contact the provider for more information.

MyDivertMyDivert API: The service provides incoming VoIP telephony functions for accepting and answering international calls. It establishes virtual telephone numbers local to callers, then forwards the calls via voice-over-IP (VoIP) to remote call centers for cost-effective responses. Users can answer calls from anywhere in the world while providing local numbers and without international calling charges.

API methods support listing countries where local numbers and services are available and areas within those countries. Methods also support account management, including call history and current balance. The API reports on all direct inward dialing (DID) numbers established for an account and its session session initiation protocol (SIP) status.

Project Kenai SunCloud Project Kenai SunCloud API: Project Kenai is Sun Microsystem's cloud hub for developer that hosts open source projects and code and provides a forum for developers to connect and collaborate. The Project Kenai SunCloud API allows users to creating and managing cloud resources, including managing storage, networking components, and compute functions. The services uses REST calls and returns JSON and JSONP.

RED ALERTRED ALERT API: RED ALERT is an emergency notification system to send mass notifications via phone, SMS, pager, and e-mail. It can also be used to send event notifications and event reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and for one-time special events. The SOAP API allows developers to programmatically access RED ALERT functionality and integrate it into their systems. Documentation is not publicly available.

SpotRightSpotRight API: SpotRight provides marketers with social data and actionable influence to support multi-channel marketing. The SpotRight provides a RESTful interface for developers looking to interact directly with SpotRight functions.

Voice-JumpVoice-Jump API: Voice-Jump offers VOIP services for individuals at home, for developers to build into mobile applications, and for business through a web portal. The Voice-Jump API includes several services: The Voice-2-Click, Voice_Web-Dialer, and Voice-Call-Back APIs revolve around calls over the internet. The Voice-Rate-Search API allows users to search for call rates based on tariffs, phone prefixes, and other criteria. The Top-Rates API lists calling costs by region and per minute calling cost, and the Top-Rates-News-Bar API provides this information in a horizontal scroll bar.