Today in APIs: DatAnywhere API Opens Up Secure File Search

Veronis launches DatAnywhere API to make files securely searchable within a business. The Federal Social Media Registry API verifies government accounts, now used by Facebook. Plus: Cloud APIs and Programmatic Interfaces, and Adobe releases a Gamepad API.

Veronis Expands Secure BYOD Solution with DatAnywhere API

Veronis provides search capabilities of files within companies to help leverage data across enterprises. Today, their API makes that service available for third party Integration. One interesting security feature is the ability to keep sensitive data within files out of the search. For example, you might search for a database of customers, find it through Veronis, yet sensitive credit card data would remain hidden from view.

As the company commented,

Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "Our research indicates that a vast majority of companies have some types of data that are prohibited for one reason or another from being stored in the cloud. Yet these same companies need to support an increasingly mobile workforce. DatAnywhere provides companies with the ability to keep their files securely on their own internal servers, while also enabling their employees to securely access and share that data through mobile devices. This solves a considerable problem that many companies face when trying to implement a secure yet effective BYOD policy. The introduction of a DatAnywhere API will enable the creation of a file sharing solution ecosystem, leading to further innovation that can empower more secure collaboration within the BYOD environment of any company -- and with that company's partners and customers."

Among the uses for developers with the API are creating additional desktop clients (including mobile), adding secure datafilee to developers' own applications, an integration with other enterprise applications and databases. The API documentation is now available.

Facebook Uses Federal Social Media Registry API to Verify Government Websites

Will the real CIA Facebook account please stand up? With fake Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts proliferating, how do you know you're looking at the real thing? The Federal Social Registry maintains a list of some 3,000 accounts held by government agencies. But verification by Facebook or Twitter required working with each agency at a time. Now the process boils down to a mouse click with verified results displaying a tiny white checkmark in a blue circle, as the graphic displays.

According to Justin Herman, federal social media program lead at the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, this makes things easier both for the social media sites and users:

Traditionally, social media platforms verify accounts on a case-by-case basis working individually with agencies, an inconsistent process that confuses the digital citizen experience. We worked with innovators at 18F and to improve delivery of the federal-wide registry API by creating a one-click export Function that condenses the federalwide data Facebook needed into a shared service custom fit for their verification process.

This could be of critical importance in emergencies, when people are searching for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) account, for example.

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