Today in APIs: Datasift Launches VEDO, and 11 New APIs

Datasift tackles the meaning of social data by launching VEDO. 3scale CEO Steve Willmott's API predictions for 2014. Plus: India's Airtel to open up location and micro payments APIs, and 11 new APIs.

Datasift's VEDO: From Data to Understanding

You can get to the social media fire hoses. APIs will pump more information at you than you can handle. But do you have to tools to swim instead of drown in that data? Datasift is announcing a new Platform essential to getting at the implications of social media's unstructured data.

As Nick Halstead writes on the Datasift blog,

"VEDO brings the power to understand the context and the meaning of the content itself. It can be trained to understand any subject and to contextualize it so that the data can be inherently joined to other structured data within the business. This to me goes to the heart of the value of Social – bringing it together with other business data to set it in context and allow customers to understand why and how Social is impacting them and be able to make decisions off the back of it."

For developers, Datasift's Richard Caudle offers the details on tagging and scoring as well as the definition Library, among other things.

Steve Willmott's Top 10 List of API Predictions for 2014

Steve Willmott, CEO of 3scale, is throwing his list of API predictions into the ring. No one can really make a list without sticking their neck out. This fast paced industry is undergoing unforeseen changes--3scale itself doubled its customer base as well as its API traffic this year, as one example.

From Willmott's discussion of his list, here's a quick taste. There are a few no-brainers that he just had to mention anyway. Like: API growth will continue and we will see more mainstream adoption. Yet he offers interesting analysis of where the growth will occur. For example, he argues,  owners of private APIs will come out of their shells to court bigger audiences.

But then he flags some juicy ones, notably the effort to copyright APIs. If the courts rule that they are copyrightable, that would have a "deep chilling effect on innovation – effectively locking up common and critical interface patterns and barring usage by others," Wilmott points out, without predicting which way the decision(s) will fall.

He also predicts that,

"...up until now there has been little tooling for the consumption side of APIs – namely for developers to debug, monitor and track API usage for their applications. 2013 has already seen a number of new companies emerge to meet this need including Runscope and API Science, there is likely more to come here including a new 3scale offering."

From hypermedia APIs to an explosion in civic data APIs, his views give a guidepost to the coming year.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a demographics text analysis Web Service, a text language detection web service, a web page text extraction tool, an error tracking and analytics tool and a smart phone & tablet keyboard application. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Ai Applied DemographicsAi Applied Demographics API: AI Applied provides technologies and services that help users obtain valuable insights from their texts, social media, and other web data. Ai offers a suite of APIs allowing developers to interact with this data in a variety of ways.
The Ai Applied Demographics API provides programmatic access to age and gender estimation functionality. Developers pass the text of a message, alongside optional metadata, and the API responds with an estimated gender and age. Each response additionally includes a confidence rating for each estimation.

Ai Applied Language DetectionAi Applied Language Detection API: Ai Applied provides technologies and services that help users obtain valuable insights from their texts, social media, and other web data. Ai offers a suite of APIs allowing developers to interact with this data in a variety of ways.
The Ai Applied Language Detection API is a web service able to distinguish between 25 languages in real-time, regardless of text length.

Ai Applied Text ExtractAi Applied Text Extract API: Ai Applied provides technologies and services that help users obtain valuable insights from their texts, social media, and other web data. Ai offers a suite of APIs allowing developers to interact with this data in a variety of ways.
The Ai Applied Text Extract API programmatically extracts text content from html web pages. Developers pass a URL and the API responds with a JSON-formatted message containing the source, title, and structured text.

Bug AnalyticsBug Analytics API: Bug Analytics is an Android crash reporting tool that can be integrated with applications with a single line of code. The service tracks and reports on crashes providing analytics and issue tracking. An account is required with service and tiered pricing begins at $9 per month. The API includes a feature to save app status before a crash is reported.

FleksyFleksy API: Fleksy is a keyboard application that replaces the native keyboards on smartphones and tablets. Fleksy's typing operates on a predictive text technology.

The Fleksy API and SDK allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of Fleksy with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for more information: Page Page Analyzer API: develops webmaster tools for both beginners and experienced professionals. Basic usage of these tools is free, while subscribers have access to more tools with less restrictions.’s featured tool is the Page Analyzer, which shows a web page’s keyword density and prominence, headers, page elements, outgoing links, Google Pagerank, and more. The Page Analyzer API allows subscribers to programmatically retrieve many of the tool’s data types.

TechShakerTechShaker API: TechShaker is an open database for the tech ecosystem in Europe. The project aims to add value to the tech community in Europe and around the world by collecting and sharing relevant data. Database entities include companies and startups, incubators, investors and venture capitalists, and accelerators.

TechShaker offers a REST API that allows TechShaker data to be integrated into any website or application. An API Key is available upon connecting a Twitter account with TechShaker.

TrueVaultTrueVault API: TrueVault is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform designed to provide HIPAA compliant information storage for healthcare applications. Any app that handles protected health information (PHI) must be HIPAA compliant, and TrueVault can handle all of the requirements and security that compliance entails on the developer's behalf. Data stored with TrueVault is secure, but still accessible from anywhere the developer needs it. TrueVault is willing and able to assume responsibility for any data breaches or regulatory fines that occur on its watch. The TrueVault API allows users to store and retrieve information programmatically via REST calls.

WebAIM WAVEWebAIM WAVE API: WAVE is a free Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool from WebAIM. A user simply inputs a URL and WAVE responds with a comprehensive visual summary of the site’s accessibility. This functionality is exposed through a simple API.
The API accepts GET call specifying a URL and returns the page’s WAVE statistics, including number of errors, alerts, features, HTML5/ARIA elements, structural elements, and contrast attributes. The API is also able to return a listing of all identified WAVE items, as well as the XPath of each element to which a WAVE item is associated. The API is also able to retrieve the relevant documentation for any given WAVE item.

wywywywy API: wywy is a service that connects television and online platforms through real-time TV data. wywy offers solutions and platforms for mobile, tablet, and other "second-screen" monetization and viewer engagement.

The wywy API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of wywy with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should contact wywy for API information:

ČSFDČSFD API: The CSFD API is a programming interface to interact with the Czech-Slovak film database run by POMO Media Group Ltd. The CSDF API allows users to make queries to search movies, search filmmakers and actors, search for users, and get detailed information about films, and make other calls. No account is required with service, and users can download the API to run locally and avoid usage limits.