Today in APIs: Datasift Scores for Combining Big and Social Data, Subtledata Has Not-So-Subtle Impact and 12 New APIs

Datasift scores $15 million in funding to marry public data to private enterprise data. Subtledata debuts developer Platform to access point-of-sale systems. Plus new Facebook features for Hootsuite, Cloudability exits beta while offering killer analytics and cloud spending controls, and 12 new APIs.

Datasift Mines Mines Social and Big Data

Scale Venture Partners along with other current and new investors invested $15 million in Series B funding to back Datasift's ability to unify public and private enterprise data. This will expand the platform launched in 2011, according to a press release in Marketwire:

"We have the world's best infrastructure in real-time, as well as historical processing of social data, and through our Series B funding, we now have the ability to take that infrastructure to the next level," said Nick Halstead, Founder and CTO, DataSift. "The promise of the DataSift platform lies in enabling our customers to bring together their private and public data and applying our powerful processing to that unstructured data. The ultimate goal of Big Data is drawing actionable insights from a combination of public and private data."

Datasift is rapidly expanding at a blistering pace, from 200 customers just a quarter ago to 300 today.

Subtledata Connects Mobile to Point of Sale Systems

With over 200 developers working to deliver new applications for this platform that connects mobile to point of sale systems, Subtledata is aimed at a market of hundreds of companies developing these tools. Subtledata is a huge time saver, according to a press release in Virtual-Strategy Magazine,

"Working with SubtleData has been a pleasure for our development team," said Jeff McGregor, CEO of Dash. "Their depth of knowledge was clear the first time we looked at their API Documentation. The SubtleData technical team even wrote custom API calls for our use, a tremendous added value. They easily cut our time to market in half."

Dash is a smartphone application that allows users to open, view, split and pay their restaurant and bar tabs, as well as receive targeted loyalty offers from their favorite venues, and share information through leading social media outlets.

Subtledata leveraged AngelList to raise a $500,000 seed round to the point of being over-subscribed.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a sports venue seating photos service, a baseball themed lorem ipsum generator, a internal address validation service, a transit information for houston metro, a crowd-sourced sex information service, a russian car part finder and information service, a maritime cargo vessel tracking service and a single-point access for numerous shipping services. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

A View From My SeatA View From My Seat API: A View from my Seat provides a suite of services connecting fans to their favorite teams, primarily by providing photos from fans and showing them in seating charts on the team’s website. The A View from my Seat API provides a RESTful interface for developers to enhance their sites and applications with fan photos.

Baseball IpsumBaseball Ipsum API: Self-described as a shameless knock-off of Bacon Ipsum, Baseball Ipsum is placeholder text generator built around baseball related words. The Baseball Ipsum API provides a simple RESTful interface and returns JSON formatted data.

Coops N MoreCoops N More API: Coops N More makes and sells quality chicken coops, hen houses, chicken runs, mobile chicken coops, automatic chicken feeders, waterers, and more. They specialize in building affordable equipment for urban chicken farmers. If they don't have the specific item a customer is looking for, they can often custom-build one.

Coops N More uses a SOAP-based address validation API as part of their shipping process.

Houston MetroHouston Metro API: Houston Metro is Houston's transit system. The Houston Metro API allows developers to access and integrate the information and data about Houston Metro routes with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists of routes, listing route directions, and retrieving transit stops and timetables.

Kinsey ReporterKinsey Reporter API: The service provides a survey platform accessed via mobile devices to contribute anonymous, crowd-sourced reports on sexual topics. It provides functions for contributing reports and for reviewing submissions along with summaries and visualizations of collected data. The service is sponsored by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and provides submitted data as submitted without any review or verification.

API methods support retrieval of data collected from submissions by the Kinsey Reporter mobile apps. Requests can retrieve either listings that summarize multiple crowdsourced contributions or detail of individual contributions. Contributions may be reports documenting sexual activity, survey questions and responses, or descriptive tags.

Laximo AfterMarketLaximo AfterMarket API: Laximo AfterMarket is a Russian website that provides information on car components for both the primary and secondary markets. Because it not only allows users to obtain component information, but also to rate the reliability of that information, it forms a rich online Resource for professionals who trade in automotive parts. Laximo also offers a searchable catalog of spare parts for sale. Laximo's information and spare parts catalog can be integrated with other websites using the Laximo AfterMarket SOAP API. The website is provided solely in Russian.

Market Intelligence NetworkMarket Intelligence Network API: Market Intelligence Network is a geospatial tool that displays and analyzes IHS (Information Handling Services) vessel movement data. It can track global vessel positions live and assess voyage destination and port calling data. This enables users to visualize the flow of oil products, coal, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), chemicals, methanol, and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) between regions and ports. For specific voyages, users can set up real-time alerts to monitor vessel availability and receive an alert as soon as a planned cargo sets sail. Market Intelligence Network also provides vessel movement histories, vessel characteristics and photos, fixtures data, port data, and customized reporting by vessel and port.

TemandoTemando API: Temando is an online Portal to over 200 shipping services suitable for both businesses and individuals. Visitors can input the dimensions, weight, point of origin, and destination of a shipment to retrieve a list of quotes and estimated shipping times. Along with getting quotes, users can also book and track their shipments without leaving the site. All of Temando's functions are available for Integration with other sites and services using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

TemplateCloudTemplateCloud API: TemplateCloud is an online marketplace for buying and selling design templates for a variety of materials like business cards, flyers, stationary, and postcards.

The TemplateCloud API allows developers to access and integrate the marketplace Function with other applications. Some example API methods include managing templates, setting information about templates, and creating instances.

TrustlinkerTrustlinker API: Trustlinker is a tool to format unformatted text and add links in the text. It also offers a list of possible links for keywords.

The Trustlinker API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trustlinker with other applications. The two main API methods are retrieving information about links and text and posting text.

Verisign DomainCountdownVerisign DomainCountdown API: DomainCountdown is a web application from Verisign Inc designed to help customers to evaluate domain names that are soon to be released from the registry and are available for registration. The Verisign DomainCountdown API provides an HTTP interface for users to review traffic statistics and various types of previous domain metadata.

Verisign DomainViewVerisign DomainView API: The Verisign DomainView web app is a visual tool showing trending words within recently registered .com and .net domain names. The DomainView API allows developers to integrate the DomainView data into websites and applications.