Today in APIs: Deezer Affiliate Deals and Facebook Mobile DevCon

Deezer has announces changes to its API that include an affiliate deal. Facebook released its schedule for mobile developer conferences in 2013. Plus: a new look for Custom Search control panel and Shiva provides a RESTful API for private music collections.

Deezer Announces Developer Affiliate Deals

Deezer, a web-based music streaming service that operates in France, has announced changes to the Deezer API that include developer affiliate deals. Despite a recent increase in applications being developed for Deezer, the company is not ready to pull its foot of the gas. Developers that implement the company’s API will now be rewarded each time their app results in a new subscription.

Facebook Mobile DevCon 2013

Facebook announced yesterday their plans for mobile developer conferences in 2013. The conferences will take place in New York (April 18th), London (May 2nd), and Seoul (May 7th). In addition to hearing from companies like Zeebok and EyeEm, attendees can also expect to hear about:

  • how to implement the facebook iOS, Android and JS SDKs to drive installs and engagement
  • how to best implement Facebook Login to bring trusted, cross- Platform identity to your apps
  • best practices for using Open Graph to share rich and engaging stories back to Facebook
  • how to use Facebook to power engaging social, mobile games
  • design tips and product best practices to increase user satisfaction
  • the tools, libraries and techniques we at Facebook use to build our own iOS, Android and Mobile Web apps

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