Today in APIs: Deezer Hopes APIs Will Help Promote Discovery, Amazon Maps API Now Available and 20 New APIs

Deezer announced a new set of APIs and the accompanying "app Studio". Amazon takes its Maps API from public beta to full release. Plus: LinkedIn launches Ads API, enabling custom tools for large-scale campaigns, VStorage API support focus of Symantec-Veeam battle and 20 new APIs.

Deezer Hopes APIs Will Help Promote Discovery

It was not too long ago that Deezer, a music streaming site that claims over 2 million paid subscribers, announced a successful round of funding that finished with $130 million.

Since that announcement, the company has been busy expanding its reach to include a total of 160 countries. In addition to geographical expansion, we now know that Deezer has released a new set of APIs and the accompanying “App Studio”. The hope is to allow developers to create applications that promote music discovery.

Amazon Maps API Now Available

In september of this year Amazon released a public beta version of its Maps API. Yesterday the company announced that the API is now available to all developers. The Amazon Maps API has two core features: Interactive Maps and Custom Overlays. For more information check out the full release.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

20 New APIs

Today we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory including a scholarly article discussion tracker, a web based cms, a product information service, a social networking service, a multi-species genomic information databases service, a digital goods online marketplace service and a research sharing service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AltmetricAltmetric API: Altmetric is a powerful web application that tracks online conversations about scientific articles. It searches for mentions of scholarly works on social media sites, scholarly bookmarking services, and in science news outlets. Altmetric collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of postings about tens of thousands of articles and datasets each month.

This data is made available to end users through a web interface and to developers through an API. The Altmetric API functions using REST calls issued in JSON and JSONP.

Decibel CMSDecibel CMS API: Decibel is an online content management system. In addition to the CMS, Decibel also offers products for building web based apps, managed hosting and analytics. The CMS can be used for developing a broad range of websites, extranets, intranets and web-based business applications. The Open API is a hybrid solution combining the best of open source and proprietary systems. The Open API enables developers to configure and extend Decibel by creating an App rather than editing it directly. Full public Documentation is not available.

EAN DataEAN Data API: EAN Data provides a collection of EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E, and ISBN-10 codes for data on products. EAN Data provides product descriptions, categories, company information, and price information.

The EAN Data API allows developers to access and integrate the data from EAN Data with other applications and to create new applications. The main API method returns a data Feed of products and product information.

ElggElgg API: Elgg is an open-source social networking service. Elgg allows users to build customized social networks for their groups, workplace, campus, and friends.

The Elgg API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Elgg with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include building APIs, managing users, and retrieving network information.

EnsemblEnsembl API: Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL - EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The project produces genome databases for vertebrates and other eukaryotic species including mice, humans, zebrafish, horses, gorillas, cats, chimpanzees, platypuses, ducks, fruitflies, and many others. This information is made freely available online. The databases can be searched directly from the Ensembl website or by using Ensembl's REST API.

FetchAppFetchApp API: FetchApp is an online service that allows users to sell digital goods through various applications and websites. FetchApp allows users to sell digital goods such as photos, music, e-books, and videos from blogs, websites, and other eCommerce sites.

The FetchApp API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of FetchApp with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving and managing account information, retrieving and managing items, and retrieving and managing orders.

figsharefigshare API: Figshare allows researchers to publish all of their research online in an easily citable, sharable, and discoverable manner. All file formats can be published, including videos and datasets. Creative commons licensing permits research to be easily shared while still allowing researchers to maintain ownership of their findings. Figshare gives users unlimited public space and 1GB of private storage space for free.

The figshare API enables other programs to make use of figshare’s functionality and content. This API employs REST calls and can be accessed and used by anyone.

Financial Services Authority GABRIELFinancial Services Authority GABRIEL API: The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the financial regulator for the UK. The FSA hosts GABRIEL (GAthering Better Regulatory Information ELectronically), an online system for the collection, validation, and storage of regulatory data. The FSA GABRIEL API enables users to build a connection to the GABRIEL direct submissions gateway. This API uses SOAP-based calls issued in XML format.

FlexPaperFlexPaper API: FlexPaper is an open-source document viewer for the web, mobile, and tables. FlexPaper offers features to manage and publish documents to multiple platforms.

The FlexPaper API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of FlexPaper with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing documents, navigating documents, and searching text.

FlowplayerFlowplayer API: Flowplayer is an HTML5 video player for the web, mobile, and tablet. Flowplayer offers features like various skins, CSS customization, and embedding ability for websites and applications.

The Flowplayer API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Flowplayer with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include loading video, managing video, deleting video, and playing video.

FRA Safety Data DownloadFRA Safety Data Download API: The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has many functions relating to the maintenance, regulation, and administration of railroads in the U.S. In the course of fulfilling these functions, the FRA collects and stores a great deal of safety-related information. The FRA provides methods for online visitors to download this information using SOAP calls. Information is returned in XML format.

GEMStatGEMStat API: The Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS) is a multi-faceted water science center created by the United Nations Environment Programme. GEMS' goals are to improve global water quality monitoring and assessment abilities and to determine the status and trends of regional and global water quality. GEMStat is a global water quality database designed to provide access to surface and groundwater quality data and statistics collected by GEMS.

GEMStat provides two online services for accessing its data: the Web Feature Service and the Web Map Service. The Web Feature Service returns information on GEMS stations and the measurements they've taken. The Web Map Service provides maps of GEMS station locations. Both of these services are accessible programmatically using either SOAP or REST calls.

HRSA Data WarehouseHRSA Data Warehouse API: The HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) Data Warehouse is a public database provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A portion of the database's contents are accessible using the HRSA Data Warehouse SOAP API.

The API can retrieve information on active grants, local resources, health care service delivery sites, health centers, "Insure Kids Now" dental care providers, opportunities for health professionals, organ procurement organizations, organ transplant centers, and Ryan White HIV/AIDS medical care providers.

IDS Knowledge ServicesIDS Knowledge Services API: IDS Knowledge Services provides access to tens of thousands of research documents regarding poverty reduction in the developing world. All of these documents are freely available online. IDS provides bibliographic information about the research, including the title, author's name, date published, and publishing organization. Abstracts are specifically written for each document to help users decide whether to download the full text.

IDS Knowledge Services provides a RESTful API to make their datasets programmatically accessible to other organizations and individuals.

PiXlogic piXservePiXlogic piXserve API: piXlogic is a provider of visual search software that automatically analyzes, searches and indexed the visual contents of images and video. The piXserve API lets users access the piXserve functionality from third party web applications. The API uses RESTful calls. For full documentation, users should contact the provider. API: SigningHub is an online document signing service. Users can upload docs to the service, prepare them for signatures, review and then sign them. SigningHub also offers an API that allows developers to integrate e-signature functionality into their own websites and apps. The API allows for adding users, uploading documents, defining a workflow and tracking documents. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

StatHatStatHat API: StatHat is a service that allows users to create and track statistics about their applications in their applications. StatHat offers features like charts and tables for visualizing the statistics created.

The StatHat API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StatHat with other applications and to build new applications. The main API method is retrieving statistics based on given values and counts.

Tejarat Bank Payment GatewayTejarat Bank Payment Gateway API: Tejarat Bank offers online payment services through its Payment Gateway. Users can designate up to 5 accounts from which they would like to withdraw funds for transfer operations. The accounts receiving funds (remittance accounts) may belong to the user or to others. The Payment Gateway can be accessed programmatically using a SOAP API. The maximum transferable amount is currently 20,000,000 Iranian rial per working day. The website is provided in Persian with translations available in English, French, and German.

TransUnion MedData External Submission PortalTransUnion MedData External Submission Portal API: The MedData External Submission Portal API is the online, programmatic access point for TransUnion MedConnect. TransUnion MedConnect is a service that gives healthcare providers a single location from which they can process and report on critical transactions such as eligibility and benefits verifications, claim status inquiries, and referrals. The API enables users to access these services using SOAP calls.

Treasure DataTreasure Data API: Treasure Data provides data-driven companies with cloud data warehousing services that enable them to get Big Data analytics running in a matter of days without specialist IT resources. Data can be imported directly from existing infrastructure, regardless of coding language. SSL Encryption ensures the security of data while it is being transferred to the cloud. Treasure Data provides a RESTful API that enables users to POST data to or GET data from their company's cloud data warehouse.