Today in APIs: Diffbot’s New API is a Decoder Ring for the Web, Telesocial Releases Social Calling API and 16 New APIs

Diffbot's API uses visual learning robot to instantly identify page content that lies behind any URL. Telesocial releases an extension to their API. Plus: Facebook announces their upcoming World HACK tour, details on the TwilioCon 2012 Workshop Day and 16 new APIs.

Diffbot's "Page Classifier" API Identifies Page Content Behind any URL

Today, Diffbot announced the launch of their newest API, a tool that uses visual learning to instantly identify page content that lies behind any URL. The API looks to take on the growing problem of decoding hyperlinks coming from mobile browsing, social sharing sites and link shortening services. In their release Diffbot explains how it works:

Building atop the more than 100 million URLs analyzed monthly by its developers, Diffbot has trained its visual robot to categorize the entire web into 20 different page types. The new Page Classifier tool lets developer applications identify and classify the type of page and language behind any URL, understanding instantly whether a given link leads to a product, map, social networking profile or any of the other identified page types.

The Page Classifier API is already being used by social bookmarking application Springpad and is the latest addition to the suite of Diffbot APIs.

Telesocial Releases Social Calling API for LinkedIn Developer Platform

Telesocial, the San Francisco-based telephony platform that enables mobile voice calling within social networks, announced the extension to their API. The update allows developers to use the Telesocial API and LinkedIn platform to integrate mobile voice features into their applications for free. As redOrbit describes:

The Telesocial API is unique because it gives developers a versatile interface, providing for a wide range of voice-powered use cases and integrations. Unlike existing VoIP solutions, a user does not need to be logged into the social platform or application to receive a call or a voice message, as call functionalities are delivered via the existing mobile-phone infrastructure.

Another addition to the API lets users click-to-call directly from within a mobile app without knowing a receivers' phone number. This allows the use of a LinkedIn profile as a phone book while enhancing privacy.

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16 New APIs

Today we had 16 new APIs added to our API directory including a customer relationship management service, mediates between widgets and backplane server, authenticates calls to server, universal data standards repository, lesson plan creation and delivery platform, forex trading platform, uk vacation search and booking service, online payment solution service, textual criticism tool, slideshow creation platform, notification alerts and mobile data delivery, two-way global sms, systembolaget alcohol database access, smart tv and media platform, financial data Feed service, writing content marketplace and publishing platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

amoCRMamoCRM API: amoCRM is an online sales and relationship management service designed to help users manage and pursue sales leads. The amoCRM API allows users to retrieve, search, edit and add contacts, deals, notes, and tasks. The service is available over HTTPS GET and POST calls, and returns XML for all responses.

Backplane JavaScriptBackplane JavaScript API: The Backplane JavaScript Library runs in an end user’s browser and mediates communication between Backplane-enabled Widgets on the page and the Backplane Server. The Backplane JavaScript Library provides an API for developers that assures it will be the first library to load on the page to make it possible for other scripts to use its subscription functionality.

Backplane ServerBackplane Server API: The Backplane Server is an independent orchestrator of the message interchange between Backplane Clients and may serve multiple independent buses. Once the Backplane client has been recognized as authenticated and the buses specified then the server will continue through the authorization grant. The API uses OAuth2 and HTTP basic Authentication and returns messages in JSON format.

CommonDataHubCommonDataHub API: CommonDataHub (CDH) is the global repository for data standards such as ISO codes and industry code sets. CDH aggregates and consolidates data sets from multiple sources, provides additional attributes as needed and maps related code sets giving users a full picture of a subject area. The CDH API gives users the capability to retrieve data and use it in their own applications. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

EducreationsEducreations API: Educreations is learning tools platform. It allows users to create and share lesson plans with their mobile devices. Educreations was built for iPad but users can also draw lessons plans on web browser platform. Users can set their lesson plans to be available for public consumption on Educreations Showcase page. Otherwise they may embed them on personal sites or provide private links for their students. The Educreations API is available to their web and mobile clients.

Gain Capital AutoEx TradingGain Capital AutoEx Trading API: GAIN Capital is a leading provider of online forex trading. The GAIN Trading platform gives members an environment where they can conduct trading in an anonymous fasion with direct access and trade execution capabilities using streaming prices that provide a transparent view of both price and order book depth. The platform functionality is available via a SOAP API for Integration into third party systems.

HoseasonsHoseasons API: Hoseasons is a leading UK vacation company. Hoseasons offers access to over 40,000 properties across the UK and Europe through various brands. Visitors can search for, compare prices and book their vacations. The Hoseasons API offers much of the functionality of the site, making it available to affiliates. The data is returned in real-time so that affiliates can offer customers the latest deals. Nearly 30 methods are available via a SOAP API with responses formatted in XML.

PaymillPaymill API: Paymill is a credit card payment processing API. It allows businesses to develop simple and cost-effective credit card payment solution with their existing technology. Users create an account that gives them a means of processing credit cards and a dealer cockpit that keeps a record of payment transactions. The API is RESTful and returns JSON-encoded data. The website is originally in German.

Performant JuxtaPerformant Juxta API: Juxta is an open-source tool that lets scholars and researchers examine the history of a text from manuscript to print versions. Users can compare and collate multiple witnesses to a single textual work. The desktop version of the software lets users complete textual criticism operations on digital texts. Users can also annotate Juxta-revealed comparisons and save the results. The Web Service offers a limited set of functionality, uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

PicovicoPicovico API: Picovico is a slideshow creation tool. Its platform allows users to upload photo sets and arrange them in desired order. Users can spiffy up their presentations with Picovico’s themes and styles. Furthermore, users can upload their own audio to add a soundtrack their slideshow. The final product has its own URL for users to share. The Picovico API exposes the entire slideshow creation functionalities for developers to build new applications and servers on top. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Push IOPush IO API: Push IO is a provider of real-time push notification alerts and mobile data delivery. The API offers methods for sending category-based target broadcasts and test device push notifications to all platform users with a single call. The Push IO API is a simple RESTful API with JSON responses and POST calls.

Quiubas SMSQuiubas SMS API: The Quiubas SMS API allows application developers to send text messages to over 200 countries. With this, developers also receive Two-Way SMS functionality in a variety of different languages all for a small fee. The API is available in PHP, C++, JAVA and HTTP.

Systembolaget SystemSystembolaget System API: Systembolaget, the Swedish alcohol monopoly mandated by the Swedish state to help control the medical and social harm caused by alcohol, has released a simple API to retrieve product information. The idea of the API is to fill the void that the monopoly creates as they only provide big XML / XLS files that users have to download and then entertain themselves. This API provides a quick and easy retrieval of Systembolaget's current sales records.

TVSyncTVSync API: TVSync is a media management API platform. It allows developers to build apps for web, mobile, TV, and more. It can identify media content from TV, music, and movies to authenticate and describe a stream’s assets for consumers. It also allows developers to collocate different for unique content delivery. Developers must request access to the closed beta API. The API exposes the essential content identification and delivery functionalities.

WorldDataSourceWorldDataSource API: WorldDataSource is an information provider that gives users access to financial information from markets around the world. The WorldDataSource API is a Java API that provides users with direct access to data feeds from the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Mercantile Exchange, New York Boards of Trade, and other financial exchanges.

WriterAccessWriterAccess API: WriterAccess is a marketplace for writers and publishers to connect. As a content marketing platform, it allows businesses the opportunity to employee expert writers efficiently and remotely. Writers have profiles describing their expertise that businesses can browse. Content editors can also be hired. The WriterAccess API exposes integration functionality for developers to build one-click publishing features. It also exposes account management and communication functionality.