Today in APIs: Diffbot Product Pages API and 4 New APIs

Diffbot announced the release of a Product Pages API that hunts down product pages and curates useful information. Plus: Apigee Raises $35M, Chirpify raises $6M, and 4 new APIs.

Diffbot Releases Product Pages API

Diffbot ArticleDiffbot, a web content analysis company, recently announced the release of a comprehensive API that helps developers identify information from article pages on the web. Today the company has announced the addition of a Product Pages API that will help with the curation of e-commerce information in the same fashion.

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4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including a bulk sms service provider, an sms messaging and voice broadcasting service and a bitcoin wallet service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

5star SMS5star SMS API: 5star SMS is a Nigeria-based bulk SMS service provider delivering single or bulk SMS to over 200 countries. The 5star SMS API provides a simple developer interface for sending bulk SMS and checking account balances.

Call LoopCall Loop API: Call Loop provides web-based voice broadcasting, SMS messaging, and appointment reminder software. Call Loop enables users to send voice and text messages to large audiences, and offers an API allowing developers to integrate Call Loop’s SMS and voice capabilities into their applications.
The API allows applications to add or remove contacts from groups and to send SMS texts or voice broadcasts. Potential uses include automated notifications, customer service, order status updates, and more. API: is a secure payment service that allows users to store use Bitcoins for payment. The service uses two factor Authentication for security and is designed to enable users to get a wallet and start utilizing it with speed and ease. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and allows users to get balances, get last transactions, send transactions, get transaction details, sign and verify messages, and generate/redeem vouchers. An account is required with service.

RunscopeRunscope API: Built to support the modern application development lifecycle, Runscope is a suite of developer tools allowing users to debug, test and share HTTP or REST API calls. The Runscope API provides developers with programmatic access to data in their Runscope accounts.
The API accepts requests sent over HTTPS, returns JSON formatted data, and supports OAuth2 authentication.