Today in APIs: Distimo Opens App Store Analytics API, and 6 New APIs

Distimo has opened its API that grants developers access to its app store analytics data. OpenEd has released an API that allows Integration of its educational Resource catalog to third parties. Plus, the Census Bureau updates its API with 2010-2012 data, and 6 new APIs.

Distimo Announces Public Access to the Distimo API

Distimo, an app store analytics leader, has announced that the Distimo API is now publicly available for integration with third party apps. Now developers can integrate Distimo functionality with internal data warehouses and other analytics tools. The API grants access to data such as downloads, one-off revenue, in-app revenue, rankings, reviews and more for every major app store.

Distimo Chief Commercial Officer, Remco van den Elzen, commented:

“Our focus has always been on making it as easy as possible to gain access to the most accurate and actionable market data. The public release of our Distimo API will enable organizations of all sizes to make the best informed business decisions about their apps – from everything to analytics to market trends to lead generation.”

OpenEd Opens Educational Resource Catalog via API

OpenEd, the world’s largest educational resource catalog, has released an API that allows third parties to gain access to its catalog. The catalog includes over 250,000 standards-aligned resources for students ranging from kindergarten through high school. Currently, several education technology developers have started integrating the API (i.e. Nutmeg Education, Edcite, uClass, Blendspace, and more).

Lisa Blum, OpenEd Vice President of Marketing, commented:

"While building OpenEd we noticed that there were few tools and APIs available for accessing resources on learning standards….This made our job much harder, but also made us see that other EdTech products could use access to Common Core aligned resources. If you are an EdTech company with a need for API access to our resource catalog or just want to use parts of our website code, we want to help you."

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

6 New APIs

Today we had 6 new APIs added to our API directory including an iowa environmental data service, a print and copy solutions service, a mobile app rankings and analytics for developers service and a crypto-currency trading Platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet RadMapIowa Environmental Mesonet RadMap API: The Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM) collects and makes available environmental data from a network of independent members. The IEM produces several products to display their data, including the RadMap API. The RadMap dynamically generates a PNG image based on a given set of HTTP parameters.

JetAdviceJetAdvice API: JetAdvice is a service for the print and copy market that provides customers with an complete view of all their print and copy costs. JetAdvice offers solutions such as printer usage monitoring, the automatic ordering of supplies, information on ensuring the best ROI of new output devices, and more.

Active JetAdvice account users can access the JetAdvice REST API. API operations include login, customers, levels, users, devices, tags, reports and views. All calls require Authentication via API Key.

PretzilPretzil API: Pretzil is a website, API, and mobile application suite that leverages its cloud-based database to connect smartphone users with mobile apps. The Pretzil API enables developers to ping Pretzil data describing when, where, and on what device their app is used. Pretzil uses this data to enrich their app rankings and provide developers with increased exposure and analytics.

TaurusBitTaurusBit API: TaurusBit is a crypto-currency trading platform that works with bitcoin and litecoins. The site offers 24 hour uptime, an affiliate program, and fees as low as .4% and with a max of $10.00 per trade. The TaurusBit API uses REST calls and returns JSON. Using SSL and an API key for authentication, users can query to get account balances, open orders, make orders, cancel orders, and perform other calls. An account is required with service.

University of Oxford Systems StatusUniversity of Oxford Systems Status API: The system is a Web Service that monitors the availability of IT service provided by the University of Oxford. The System Status API provides developer access to both announcements and live status updates. Live status queries return JSON formatted data and support callbacks. Systems status updates are available as JSON responses, or as RSS or ATOM feeds.

University of Warwick Students' UnionUniversity of Warwick Students' Union API: The Warwick Students’ Union is a non-profit, self-run student support organization for students at the University of Warwick.
The Warwick Students’ Union allows student organizations to secure their websites by validating user identities through a RESTful interface.