Today in APIs: Docker Launches API, and 10 New APIs

Docker launches an API to run applications on servers and multiple platforms. The Mendix enterprise application Platform now has an API. Plus: 10 new APIs.

Run That Application Anywhere with the Docker Container System and API

Docker creates lightweight containers that allow applications to be run off of virtually any platform. The Docker API integrates that ability with third party offerings. The company just raised $15 million in series B funding, as reported in Techcrunch.

Docker is commonly used for automating an application's packaging and deployment, resting private PAAS environments, automated testing, and Scaling web apps, databases and backend services. Docker makes it possible to run applications at scale on VMs, bare-metal servers, OpenStack clusters, public instances, and combinations of these.

As Alex Williams pointed out in that same Techcrunch article mentioned above, this is generating some excitement that is similar to the launch of VMWare:

The similarity to VMware in its early days and the excitement that Docker has generated made it an attractive investment, said Jerry Chen, a general partner at Greylock who joined the venture capital firm in August. It is Chen’s first investment since joining Greylock.

“One of the things we learned at VMware is be as frictionless as possible,” Chen said in a phone interview today. “Docker has that ability as well.”

The API documentation outlines how Docker runs in three ways: as a daemon on a Linux host, as a CLI that interfaces with the daemon's REST API, and as a client of repositories.

The Mendix Enterprise App Platform API Makes Building Complex Apps Even Easier

MendixMendix, the enterprise app platform that uses a visual model-driven structure has launched an API.

In addition to model-driven development, the platform features 1-click deployment, social collaboration, is multichannel and multi-device, has centralized app governance and enterprise Integration.

For one-click deployment, you can use either the Mendix Cloud or your own private infrastructure/cloud , as well as hybrid cloud and on premise. Social collaboration features Agile project management, built-in chat, an activity stream, and closed loop feedback with end users for the development team. Centralized app governance puts the IT team in control where it can manage everything from the app to Documentation in once place.

The platform API integrates with common development and testing tools. Public documentation for the API is nota valuable.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a password management service, a kart racing management solutions service, a near real time cricket scores service, an email marketing platform for startups and a wholesale sms service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Axantum XecretsAxantum Xecrets API: Axantum's Xecrets is an online password management service that allows users to securely store their passwords, codes, pins, keys, etc. and access them from anywhere. Xecrets is available online through any standard web browser and as an Android App (still in Beta). Passwords are stored in an encrypted online archive, not the Xecrets website. The Xecrets REST API allows developers to write programs and applications that access Xecrets' services.

Club SpeedClub Speed API: Club Speed provides race timing and facility management systems for Kart and other racing facilities. Services include timing, HR, financial reporting, scheduling, social network integration, and an online management Portal.
The Club Speed API exposes the service’s rental karting data, allowing facilities to programmatically access their data. Exposed resources include racer information, race results, and track information.

CricscoreCricscore API: Cricscore is a free API that delivers near real time cricket scores. The API accepts GET calls and returns JSON formatted content. Cricscore is able to deliver a list of available matches as well as scores.

GuubieGuubie API: Guubie is an email marketing platform designed specifically for startups. Guubie can be accessed through any standard browser or through its app for Mac or Windows. Users can perform unlimited A/B tests and get reports and statistics on each campaign in order to optimize their messages. Guubie can connect to the user's preferred email delivery service and send emails automatically based on pre-set triggers. Developers can integrate Guubie with their own platforms and services using the Guubie API. The Guubie website is available in both English and Spanish.

Intelli MessagingIntelli Messaging API: Intelli Messaging provides wholesale mobile messaging services that can either be used or resold to other users. The Intelli Messaging MessageCore can be integrated with existing applications to enable them to send and receive messages and handle administrative tasks. It supports Outlook messaging, automated responses, long messages, and more. Messages may be sent in ASCII, Unicode, or binary. Replies can be received by an application, email inbox, or mobile device.

Jamaica Sports DataJamaica Sports Data API: is home to the Jamaica Sports Data API, a REST Web Service capable of delivering Jamaican sports information. The API delivers data for cricket, track and field, football, and netball. Datasets include information describing events, performances, institutions, athletes, and infrastructure.

MailingBirdMailingBird API: MailingBird is an email marketing application that turns email addresses into usable data to validate addresses and manage email marketing campaigns.

The MailingBird API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MailingBird with other applications. Some example API methods include validating email addresses, sending email, and managing user accounts.

tradeMONSTERtradeMONSTER API: tradeMONSTER is an online financial trading platform. It provides two APIs for programmatically accessing its resources and functions: the XML API and the FIX API. The XML API is designed to let tradeMONSTER customers create their own desktop applications. The FIX (Financial Information eXchange protocol) API lets users send and receive transactions by connecting their own computer system to tradeMONSTER's backend. Detailed documentation is available upon request.

USPS Price CalculatorUSPS Price Calculator API: The USPS (United States Postal Service) provides both Domestic and International Price Calculator APIs. These allow users to quickly calculate postage rates for their domestic and international shipments online. The calculators cover a wide variety of shipping options and can return unique mailing restrictions and declaration form information for international shipments. API: Zoom provides a platform for hosting meetings in the cloud. The platform comes with high quality video, voice, content, and screen sharing services and works with all kinds of systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Users can start a meeting immediately or schedule one for a later date. Meetings may include up to 100 participants, devices, or rooms. Each person, room, and meeting has its own ID. Meetings may be recorded in MP4 or M4A. Zoom's REST API allows users to programmatically manage both meetings and users, as well as retrieve reports on meetings.