Today in APIs: DoneDone Does API, PreEmptive API for WinRT, and 16 New APIs

DoneDone done an API. PreEmptive Solutions releases API for Windows. Plus: enterprise APIs now populate shared services, Battle Hack Miami needs you, and 16 new APIs.

DoneDone Tracked API Right up to Delivery Time

DoneDone specializes in tracking software development projects. The REST API released by this issue tracking service means you can slip the tools right into your own project management software as well as other applications. The application already interfaces with Basecamp, GitHub, HipChat, Harvest, Bitbucket, and Beanstalk.

The API documentation covers topics including enabling the API, methods, security client libraries and responses. Authentication is through SSL. As Jeremy Kratz notes on the company's blog, they operate in a crowded market. Their not so secret sauce is simplicity. Rather than craft yet another product that can only be used by highly technical people willing to climb a steep learning curve, DoneDone realized that when you go that route, "Before you know it, your company’s bugs will go right back to being tracked with email, spreadsheets, and hand-written notes." Been there? DoneDone focuses in creative ways, for example treating every issue as a dialog between two users, the "fixer" and the "Tester". A tour is available through the various features.

PreEmptive Solutions API Released for WinRT and Windows Phone

PreEmptive Solutions, the company that specializes in application protection and analytics, has released APIs that aid in opt-in policy enforcement, data queueing, and offline caching, among other tasks. Now they have an analytics api for WinRT and Windows Phone.

According to Darryl Taft at eWeek,

"With the PreEmptive API, developers can instrument their C#, C++, VB and JavaScript applications running on WinRT and Windows Phone to transmit session, feature, exception, and user behavior telemetry to one -- or many -- of PreEmptive Solutions’ application analytics endpoints."

This follows and complements a string of APIs from the company, covering a wide range of areas from instrumentation capabilities to injecting instrumentation after compiling without requiring programming. An overview of the Analytics division details the many metrics, privacy and security features available.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

16 New APIs

Today we had 16 new APIs added to our API directory including a peer recognition service, an online catalog service, an issue tracking service, a file sharing and organizing service, a real time airline flight data service and a sports radio station finder. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. API: is a peer to peer bonus program that aims to improve employee relations and moral. The service creates an environment where employees are given their own budget for bonuses that they can give to other employees. The API provides users with programmatic access to company bonus data including recently created bonuses, and company values. It also includes the functionality to create bonuses. An account is required with service.

CatalogCatalog API: Catalog is a service that provides companies and application publishers with merchandise, gift cards, and electronic gifts cards for online catalogs and fulfillment of the items including shipping and customer service.

The Catalog API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Catalog with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up for more information here:

DoneDoneDoneDone API: DoneDone is an issue tracking service that aims to simplify, streamline, and organize projects. The service allows users to prioritize issues, assign due dates, share files, communicate with clients, and perform other tasks. The DoneDone API uses REST calls and SSL for authentication. Using the API, users can access a list of projects, get priority levels, get people in projects, get issues, and many other calls. An account is required with service.

DropmarkDropmark API: Dropmark is a file and document sharing, storage, and collaboration service. Dropmark allows users to collaborate on documents, organize files, and share files.

The Dropmark API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Dropmark with other applictions. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

ExpertFlyerExpertFlyer API: The ExpertFlyer API provides access to real time flight data. 3 API's groups are available:

- Flight Availability: Live fare class availability and information for over 400 airlines.
- Seat Maps: Live seat map and specific seat availability for over 140 airlines.
- Seat Alerts®: Our proprietary system that allows for notification when a better seat becomes available (window, aisle, two together, exit, etc) on flights where a good seat is not currently available.

Follow The GameFollow The Game API: Follow The Game is a service for finding radio stations that are covering the Big Game. Users may enter a single location or the route for a road trip and receive back the station or stations that will be covering the game in that area. Query results can be viewed directly on the Follow The Game website, or they can be retrieved programmatically via SOAP API.

GigahostGigahost API: the Gigahost service allows you to host all of your web pages, domains, databases, email addresses, and more under a single hosting account. Gigahost features include high-speed hosting, professional technical support, DNS hosting, support for content management systems, MySQL databases, e-mail, and mobile text messages.

Gigahost offers a RESTful API for their text messaging feature. Use the Gigahost Message Delivery Service API to integrate their SMS system with your own services. XML is used extensively for responses.

Inset PersonalizationInset Personalization API: InsetLabs allows mobile app developers to gain insights not just about their own app but also about each user's behavior outside the app. Our SDK uses device sensors and other usage points to profile each user's activities, interests and behavior and offers a contextually relevant experience in real-time.

Our goal is to build smarter apps to engage users with right content at the right moment. Imagine re-engaging a user to a game by sending an appropriate push notification just as the user is sitting down for a daily coffe break at the local Starbucks!

MarvelpressMarvelpress API: Marvelpress is a personalized product service that offers customers customers a white label service to decorate products with user content. The Marvelpress API includes calls to submit orders, receive event notifications, and check on the status of a submitted status. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service, and the all API calls are made using HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL.

Meebox Cloud ServerMeebox Cloud Server API: Meebox offers pay-as-you-go virtual servers. Maintain as many servers as you want. Servers can be based on the Meebox Library of OS or appliance images, or on images you have made yourself from a Clone of an existing server.

The Meebox API provides a SOAP interface that allows Meebox customers to manipulate their virtual assets. Meebox Platform object types include servers (virtual machines), disks, IP addresses, VDCs, VLANs, firewalls, images, snapshots, and disk clones.

Open mHealthOpen mHealth API: Open mHealth is an open architecture software service that enables sharing of mobile health data from various and multiple data sources.

The Open mHealth API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of Open mHealth with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving data from specified streams, posting data, and searching data.

ProxAPIProxAPI API: ProxAPI is a service and API that allows users to search, find matches, and receive automated real-time notifications for anything they choose within their proximity.

The ProxAPI allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ProxAPI with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up to receive more information:

RaygunRaygun API: Raygun is a service that allows you to track, manage, and report your software errors. Raygun's features make finding, diagnosing and fixing errors in your software fast and easy. Gain deep insight and fix bugs fast with Stack traces, environment information, intelligent notifications, and trend analysis.

Raygun offers a REST-oriented API to manually send and query errors. Use the API to create your own provider or interact with Raygun at a lower level. The API uses JSON for sending and receiving.

RibbetRibbet API: Ribbet is an online photo editor with free cloud storage, complete editing history, thousands of effects, filters, hand-picked shapes, designer fonts and borders. Ribbet also has bookmarking to allow favorite effects to be stored.

With the Ribbet API, developers can integrate the full functionality of Ribbet into their application or website.

SPHERE.IOSPHERE.IO API: SPHERE.IO is an eCommerce and mCommerce platform that includes features like product information management (PIM), customer management, and order management. SPERE.IO allows developers to build any kind of eCommerce/multi-channel-application for web, mobile, app or in-app scenario.

The SPHERE.IO API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of SPHERE.IO with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving product information, managing product information, and managing account information.

Trippin' InTrippin' In API: Trippin' In is a local recommendations service. Trippin' In aggregates data from Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other recommendation services with social networks to connect people and places.

The Trippin' In API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Trippin' In with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving place information, retrieving reviews, and managing account information.