Today in APIs: Dropbox Chooser Arrives in Apps, Google Helps Businesses Move Mail to the Cloud and 15 New APIs

Dropbox Chooser is already showing up in your favorite apps. Google launches groups migration to move businesses' shared mailboxes. Plus Facebook updates its Android SDK and adds a payment tool, Amazon EC2 adds support for FreeBSD, Debian and CentOS, and 15 new APIs.

Dropbox Chooser: Coming to an App Near You

In a developer's announcement on its blog, Dropbox, which had already announced Dropbox Chooser last week as the fastest way to integrate Dropbox into apps, is now touting examples that have shown up. Trello, Mailpilot, Wrike and Expensify, all praised the ease and speed with which they got Dropbox integrated. Trello engineer Daniel LeCheminant makes you wonder, what are you waiting for?

"Adding Dropbox attachments to Trello was surprisingly easy. We had our Integration ready within hours of first hearing about the Dropbox Chooser, and were able to release it to hundreds of thousands of users the next day."

Each company gives more information on their blogs about how they integrated Dropbox Chooser.

Google Launches Groups Migration API

If you're a company with innumerable of emails that hold lots of important information, you're probably still able to access them as needed. Unless, of course, you move your mail system to the cloud, where most services don't offer that capability. According to Frederic Lardinois of Techcrunch, this limitation can hamper migration to the cloud.

"Google’s new Google Apps Groups Migration API now allows developers to create tools to move shared emails from any data source to their internal Google Groups discussion archives."

"Setting up this migration process is likely a bit too involved for a small business without in-house developers, but it is very flexible and, as Google notes, “provides a simple and easy way to ‘tag’ the migrated emails into manageable groups that can be easily accessed by users with group membership.”

Limitations imposed by the API are large enough to accommodate all but the most intense users: 10 queries per second per account, half a million API requests per day, with a maximum email size of 16 MB including attachments.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including an integration as a service Platform, a hosted financial accounting service, an online fax service, an internet fax and sms service, a human resources hiring screening service, a hosted voip telephony service, an information genome platform and a luxury car model and option selection service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

CloudWorkCloudWork API: CloudWork is an integration as a service platform, iPaaS, that allows anyone to build connections between business and social media apps.

As a result businesses are able to automate repetitive tasks and receive important notifications in a single Feed. CloudWork saves time and increases productivity with just a few clicks.

CloudWork takes a lightweight approach to integration. It pairs an affordable cloud-based integration tool with an exponentially growing Library of SaaS APIs.

It instantly connects data from previously siloed cloud apps (Google Apps, Zoho, Highrise, Capsule CRM, Zendesk, Freshbooks, MailChimp, Salesforce,, Campaign Monitor, Twitter etc.) to automate crucial business processes and deliver notifications where you need it.

CloudWork offers a large catalogue of pre-built tried and tested integrations. No technical skills, no big upfront investment or complicated setup are required.

FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Accounting API: The service provides a hosted platform for configurable, standards-compliant financial accounting functions with capabilities for integration with Salesforce. Configuration options allow designation of custom datatypes suited to specific needs. Context groupings gather financial data related to specific companies or other organizational units.

API methods support standard accounting functions such as defining a chart of accounts and posting accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions. General ledger and journal entries accommodate sales and purchases, invoicing and payment processing, and all related accounting activities.

GoFax FaxGoFax Fax API: GoFax is focused on provided solutions for internet fax and SMS services through email. A range of services are offered from Fax and SMS integration through APIs, email to fax sending, fax to email receiving and email to SMS sending.

The GoFax Fax API allows you to streamline your business's faxing needs and automate the faxing process. Through the API, developers have access to GoFax's business grade ISDN fax network and reporting logs.

The SOAP based API provides functionality for: sending fax documents, checking sent and cancelled faxes, resending of faxes, querying the legal types, checking your queue position, managing login access and more.

GoFax SMSGoFax SMS API: GoFax is focused on provided solutions for internet fax and SMS services through email. A range of services are offered from Fax and SMS integration through APIs, email to fax sending, fax to email receiving and email to SMS sending.

The GoFax SMS service allows you to send SMS from emails, a third party application or their desktop service. You can send automatic SMS reminders as well as confirmations.

The SOAP based, SMS API allows you to integrate any application with the service that utilizes HTTP calls. Functions include: creating login tokens, retrieving SMS details, sending and resending SMS messages and retrieval of recently sent messages through the service.

HireRightHireRight API: The service provides background screening for prospective employees to help guide hiring decisions. It reviews public and privately available records to verify criminal and arrest history, credit history, drug- and health-related concerns, and industry-specific issues for a potential employee as part of the hiring and human Resource process. The range of screening services can be configured for a particular industry or organization withing hundreds of countries.

API methods support specification of the organization type and specific organization and worksite using the service as well as the candidates to be screened. Screening variables supported include job history, education background and other qualifications, and Documentation types accepted.

innovaphone PBXinnovaphone PBX API: The service provides a hosted platform for voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone communications. It interacts with network hardware like private Branch exchange (PBX) devices to route telephony traffic using inexpensive internet protocol connections while preserving call quality and flexible, scalable configurations.

API methods support designation of calling groups and devices within a network along with device configuration and routing of calls. Methods manage descriptive information such as recipient description, calling number, time of call, etc. Methods also support designation of availability to receive calls, reasons for unavailability, and handling of voice mail messages.

inome exchangeinome exchange API: Inome is a platform that looks to make information person-centric. Their INXSearch binds a users to a corresponding profile in inome and returns enriched user information. Developers can use the API to create applications built on information genomes that help people connect with each other, control their publicly available information, and make informed decisions. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Lexus ConfiguratorLexus Configurator API: The service provides Australian car shoppers to review available models and configurations of Lexus automobiles. It allows selection by model and then designation of options available for that model, including choices for drivetrain, performance, comfort, color, and other features. The service generates pricing effects of configuration choices to guide shopper decisions.

API methods support selection of available models via computer, tablet, and mobile devices. Methods provide for options matching the car model selection and generate purchase prices for a car matching the selected configuration.

Maa-AmetMaa-Amet API: The service provides address information for real estate and properties in the northern European republic of Estonia. Data are provided by the Estonian Land Board, an agency of the national government, to generate physical and delivery addresses identifying locations within the country. The provider also offers mapping services.

API methods support designation of a location within Estonia with return data specifying an address in standard notation. Methods also support generation of Web Mapping Service (WMS) data to allow mapping of the location.

Perfect Dating ProfilePerfect Dating Profile API: Perfect Dating Profile provides photo and profile editing services to create a more powerful and descriptive presence through online dating sites. Your online profile can be edited (£49.95) or created for you (£99.95) depending on your preference. You can also have a set of professionally photographed photos of yourself (you pick location) created for £79.95.

The Perfect Dating Profile API allows access to photo and profile information. Using the API, dating sites and developers can integrate the profile and photo creation services: searching for photographer via zip code, order profile services, see photographers profile, order photos.

A demo is available to preview the API's functionality.

RunAlongRunAlong API: RunAlong is a health community for females to join each other on group rins or walks. The RunAlong API allows users to make dozens of calls including creating new user profiles, retrieving lists of users, uploading photos, checking run maps, and connecting with other users. The API uses REST calls and can return XML or JSON. For Authentication, the service uses HTTP Basic Authentication.

SRFax Internet FaxSRFax Internet Fax API: SRFax is a service that allows users to utilize all aspects of fax communications in an online, manageable and environmentally friendly manner. Use your email address to send a fax to any number with PGP Encryption. The service also lets you utilize junk fax filters, unlimited fax storage and 24/7 customer support.

The SRFax Internet Fax API utilizes the SOAP protocol and allows third party application developers access to SRFax services. The API accepts over 150 file formats and allows you to scale your fax operations upward. Access is secured through SSL and the API is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

Utah POLARISUtah POLARIS API: The Prehospital OnLine Active Reporting Information System (POLARIS) enables compliance by emergency response providers in Utal with the state's incident reporting requirements. It replaces the Utah Department of Health's the former Automated Incident System (AIS) allowing ambulance services and other providers to file prehospital run reports in NEMSIS-compliant format.

API methods support incident reporting with formatting compliant with the National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS). Reported data include patient identification and demographics along with incident type, location, and timeframe.

Veo Video ConverterVeo Video Converter API: Veo Video Converter is an online video conversion service. Users can upload videos via a URL or from their own PC and have them converted online without limits on the number of conversions. The service is compatible with all major mobile devices and can convert videos to any of the most popular formats. Users can manage their videos, embed videos and share via social networks. The API lets users request conversions, get conversion status and retrieve converted files. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

ZupplerZuppler API: Zuppler is an online menu system for restaurants with an online presence wishing to make web-based ordering easier and more intuitive. Using Zuppler, restaurants can employ descriptive menus--with full support from Zuppler--from the that allow their online customers to order online for takeout, delivery or ahead of time for dine-in.

Zuppler provides APIs in both JavaScript and a RESTful JSON version. The Javascript API lets you manage Menu integration using the Zuppler Online Ordering System on your website, mangage your restaurant's profile (logo, discount, cuisines, pictures), and display your Zuppler restaurant reviews.

The RESTful APIs can manage (create using POST) restaurant menus and specials as well as Fetch restaurant listings, create new restaurant listings and return information about specific restaurants.