Today in APIs: DropBox With an Expiration, Beautiful Flickr Browser and 12 New APIs

A new company is using the DropBox API to improve private, controlled sharing. A new Flickr API app on iPad looks gorgeous. Plus: run your own Hacker News API, what's your favorite Developer Portal and 12 new APIs.

TigerText Gives DropBox More Control

DropBox has kept its focus on syncing between an individual's many devices, in addition to simple sharing. A new Integration is building on top for more controlled sharing, according to a TechCrunch post:

Secure messaging service TigerText announced an API integration today with Dropbox that will allow users to send documents securely, with features like a pre-set lifespan and the ability to recall a file attachment at any time. Documents will be encrypted and cannot be downloaded, copied or forwarded.

TigerText also has its own API, though it's coming soon.

"The Gallery" Explores Flickr Via iPad

New iPad app The Gallery looks like a pretty nice way to browse Flickr.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including an Africa-based SMS messaging service, online contact retrieval service, meme and photo sharing Platform, bulk email data validation service and social music service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Africa's TalkingAfrica's Talking API: Africa's Talking provides a way for people and companies across the African continent to connect via SMS messages. They offer bulk SMS, short codes and premium SMS, USSD, MMS and customized mobile messaging solutions for individuals, businesses and developers. The API allows users to integrate the service to build SMS based apps. With the API developers can connect a short code, use an alphanumeric sender id and send SMS messages across Kenya. Users need to register to access Documentation.

Cambridge Lookup/Ibis Web ServiceCambridge Lookup/Ibis Web Service API: A RESTful read/write web based API for gathering and manipulating data in the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN).

The Web Service API is only available for use within CUDN.

Allows for the fetching of people, groups and institutions and pertinent contact information for sources located within the database.

CheckMENDCheckMEND API: The service verifies serial numbers and identifying information of property offered for loans or sale at pawn shops or resellers of second-hand goods. It checks identifying information against records of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other sources for reports of lost or stolen goods. It also records the details of re-sale transactions in a way that demonstrated due diligence in checks of stolen property records and that allows search by law-enforcement agencies. The service gives details about any transaction that is rejected based on a response from the system.

API methods support identification of stores and organizations involved in pawn and re-sale transactions and verifications of due diligence in researching property records. Methods also support recording of seller and property, including history of property re-sold over time.

HumanoidHumanoid API: Humanoid is a data labor service. Companies can hire Humanoid to perform micro-tasks that involve data gathering and assessment. Their services include data verification, non-text data transcription and description, and classification such as sentiment analysis. The Humanoid API allows developers to create and send interfaces for the tasks they assign to Humanoid. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data.

InfinigagInfinigag API: Infinigag is a meme hosting service. It provides a public Feed where users can share humorous captioned images with each other. The feed essentially captures images from’s frontpage feed. The frontpage is an extensible feed that users can scroll down it almost infinitely. Infinigag provides an API that exposes the feed to developers. It returns JSON-formatted data.

Jama ContourJama Contour API: Jama is a software provider. Their leading product is Contour, a web-based application that is used to plan product releases and manage requirements. Contour can be used to execute projects, approve requirements, run tests, track changes and collaborate with team members. The Contour API exposes the functionality of the software to developers. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Network Norway Content ProviderNetwork Norway Content Provider API: The service provides access for messaging and content providers to Network Norway’s mobile subscribers. It allows delivery of content by third-party services along with communication with mobile users via sending and and receiving SMS text messages. Both individual and bulk messaging are available, along with SMS Callback.

API methods support submission of message requests, including recipient address, sender, and message text. Methods support scheduling message delivery and reporting on successful delivery as well as processing of replies. Age-verification helps to ensure that messaging is appropriate for recipients.

Scandit ProductScandit Product API: With a massive product database for over 25 million universal product codes (UPCs), the Scandit Product API provides developers with comprehensive product coverage to build product-centric m-commerce and m-payment solutions. The product database provides free access to UPCs and product names, with optional access to product warranties and a wealth of premium data such as images, categories, ingredients and nutritional information and European product data.

The Scandit Product API is publicly available and works well in combination with the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK:

TEC MailingTEC Mailing API: The service provides data verification and email preparation, validating address list entries and formats. It cleans mailing list entries to optimize successful deliveries for promotional campaigns, hosted customer-relationship management (CRM) communications, and direct mail deliveries.

API methods support submission of mailing lists of recipient addresses and related information. Methods return deduped lists, purged of improperly formatted addresses, and corrected for the most effective possible delivery results.

Unofficial Turntable.fmUnofficial API: is a social music site that allows users to share music. The service combines elements of music-streaming, chat and real-time voting. This unofficial API allows users to create bots for rooms. The chat bot can respond to users who say hello and log room activity such as songs played, votes cast and more. The API uses JavaScript.

Warranty LifeWarranty Life API: Warranty provides users with a system that tracks thier product purchases and stores the receipts. The system also tracks data associated with product warranties. Users can look up information such as manuals, product specifications, datasheets and automated warranty claims.

The Warranty Life API allows users to integrate the functionality into their own websites and applications. Functionality includes the ability to purchase extended warranty plans on a variety of products, register purchases made by customers allowing them to track their purchases through the free Warranty Life product tracking service, roduct search via UPC or EAN barcodes, model number, manufacturer, category or general search query. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

WorksnapsWorksnaps API: The service provides task management and time-tracking functions to improve process management and activity reporting. It allows remote monitoring of task completion via shared screen images and logs of actions measurable against time schedules and objectives. The system generates reports of monitored activities, either undertaken within the service itself or performed by other applications integrated to log their actions in the service.

API methods support listing and updating pre-defined projects, definition of tasks and assignment to specific users, and management of user accounts including activity breakdowns over time. In addition to automated tracking, methods support manual time entry as well as generation of reports against tracking data.