Today in APIs: Eagle Eye Networks Video API

Eagle Eye Networks launches API for video surveillance. Prelert launches API for Anomaly Detective. Plus: why Firaxis adopted AMD's Mantle for game, and hackathon won for public transport users.

Eagle Eye Networks API Offer Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks has a new API to offer its video-based surveillance services. The surveillance industry faces steep technical challenges, involving running systems off of servers, heavy data use by videos makes streaming more difficult. Eagle Eye Networks has solved all that, making access to those videos much quicker and hassle free.

As Candice So reports in, the system works with most digital and analog cameras, avoiding the need to replace them:

Using the API, they will also be able to search, edit, tag, play, share, and stream video inside their apps by adding code. That can help with businesses seeking to record incidents to improve customer service, to train their employees, to embed videos inside mobile or web apps, and to store videos for the long term. And of course, businesses can also use the API for security and surveillance, monitoring a store, a cash register, or a building with digital video cameras.

The REST API makes indexing easier and integrates with Eagle Eye's Big Data Framework, for easy Integration of alerts and UIs. The API is free. Fees start at $5 per camera per month.

Prelert Releases API for Anomaly Detective, Boosting Machine Learning

Anomaly detection company Prelert's new API opens access to advanced analytics needed for processing large volumes of streaming data, learning about the normal behaviors and anomalies. The idea is to speed detection of problems in massive infrastructures.

As Adrian Bridgwater writes in Dr. Dobbs, machine learning-based anomaly detection analytics is key to managing complex online services, a point he quotes from THINKStrategies:

"The massive datasets generated by the rapidly expanding world of the Internet of Things are so large and complex that it's virtually impossible for humans to spot important behavioral changes that could solve key issues, reveal the next big ideas, or even open doors to whole new markets," said Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director of IT strategic consulting firm, THINKstrategies. "The only way to overcome this challenge and capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity is to leverage machine-driven analytics that flag anomalous behaviors of significance so organizations can act on them."

The REST API and detection engine are free from for trial and testing purposes.

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