Today in APIs: Elastic Path Partners with SOA Software, Mulesoft Releases RAML, and 10 New APIs

Elastic Path turns to SOA Software for API strategy. Mulesoft, making it easier for software to eat the world, releases RAML. Plus: Google updates the CalDav API, Microsoft acquires API management service Apiphany, and 10 new APIs.

Elastic Path Partners with SOA Software to Turbocharge APIs

Elastic Path, maker of the Cortex Platform that allows for seamless integrating and upgrading of ecommerce modules that simplify, rather than complicate customer experience, has teamed up with SOA Software to monetize goods and content across every touchpoint.

As noted in the press release, getting API strategy right is critical to ecommerce--and virtually every other business:

“Every business must have a comprehensive digital strategy and should be able to commercialize their products and offerings through existing and new channels,” said Paul Gigg, CEO of SOA Software. “The partnership with Elastic Path, an ecommerce leader, enables us to guide companies through their digital transformations to connect with their customers and partners on any mobile device, leveraging APIs as the building blocks, and monetizing them with an API-driven commerce solution powered by Elastic Path.”

The Elastic Path platform combines Cortex with Subscriptions and Commerce Engine. The SOA Software platform includes Community Manager, API Gateway and Lifecycle Manager.

Mulesoft Unleashes RAML

Mulesoft, a hub to encourage plug and play for data and applications, is helping make API creation and release simpler--a critical task for the success of the API economy. (Mulesoft is the parent company of Programmableweb.) Today it announced the release of its RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML).

Writing Forbes, Ben Kepes points out that for the API economy to really reach potential, APIs need a standard, less complex approach:

"The problem is that creation of those APIs is still a very technical endeavor – if APIs are really the tool that unlocks broad revolutions in business, the creation of those APIs needs to be far easier. Which is where RAML comes in. RAML (or RESTful API Modeling Language, is a concise, expressive language for specifying APIs. A common lingua franca and approach for the API set if you will."

RAML is a free open-source download via APIhub or

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a flight compensation service, a CSS sprite generator, an international dance news and information service, a plagiarism detection service and a database management service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Claim4FlightsClaim4Flights API: Claim4Flights is an English service that helps travelers who have delayed, cancelled, or rerouted flights receive compensation under EU law (EU261). The site advocates for travelers and only takes compensation if the claim is approved.

The Claim4Flights API isn't public yet, but interested developers should email

CSS Sprites GeneratorCSS Sprites Generator API: provides a Web Service helping developers optimize websites by using CSS Sprites, which speed loading times by reducing HTTP requests. The site’s CSS Sprites Generator API allows developers to create CSS Sprites through simple HTTP requests. Requests require a session token and all responses are UTF-8 JSON formatted.

DancesportInfoDancesportInfo API: DancesportInfo is an international dance information website that is available to visitors around the world in 19 languages. It provides current news and interviews with professional dancers and coaches along with an active forum with contributions by thousands of registered users. DancesportInfo maintains extensive databases of couples and individual dancers, dancers looking for partners, competition results, and competition photographs. Developers can access much the site's ample information programmatically via SOAP API.

DocolocDocoloc API: Docoloc is a plagiarism detection service that searches papers for text fragments that also occur in other documents. Users can create an account with Docoloc and upload documents in PDF, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML, or plain text formats to be reviewed by Docoloc's software and databases. Docoloc will then notify users of any plagiarism, copyright infringement, quotations, or other sources for the document at the user's account, email address, or both. The Docoloc website is available in both German and English.

HyperTable ThriftHyperTable Thrift API: HyperTable is a Big Data management service that was designed to help companies organize, manipulate, and analyze large data sets. The company aims to reduce costs by utilizing maximum efficiency to require less datacenter space and less electrical costs. The HyperTable Thrift API allows users to add, remove, update and manipulate the large datasets that HyperTable manages. An account is required with service.

InnovativeTxtInnovativeTxt API: InnovativeTxt is a global text messaging service that provides a bulk messaging service for advertisers. InnovativeTxt offers a cloud-based SMS API, that works with Bulk SMS as a marketing communication channel. The API uses REST calls and allows users to send and receive high volume of messages with a high deliverability rate. The API opens to platform for developers to build text messaging applications that can Send and Receive messages with virtual mobile number, long code and short code.

KU Leuven LiriasKU Leuven Lirias API: Lirias is an archive of publications and linked files authored by researches affiliated with KU Leuven, a Dutch-speaking university in Belgium. This structured repository captures, stores, indexes, and distributes these digital research materials in an open and accessible manner. Developers can access the archive programmatically via SOAP API.

Redbox WidgetsRedbox Widgets API: Redbox provides automated movie and video game rental kiosks throughout the US. The Redbox widgets allow developers to feature information on their websites regarding available movies and games as well as the locations of nearby Redbox kiosks. The different types of widgets can display top hit movie rentals, top movie rentals in a given genre, top video game rentals by console, or Redbox kiosk locations by zip code. Widget information automatically updates itself on a weekly basis. As of this writing, users cannot customize the appearance of the widgets, but this feature is under development.

rFocus GISrFocus GIS API: rFocus provides a handful of GIS-related web services to the public free of charge. These are limited in focus, designed mainly to showcase some of the technologies that rFocus has been involved in. They are also available as a Resource for anyone who only requires simple geolocation services. The GIS APIs allow users to find the real-world locations of IP addresses, get the GPS locations of physical addresses, perform reverse geocoding, retrieve location-related Wikipedia articles, get the weather for a given location, and track courier packages.

ZuluTradeZuluTrade API: ZuluTrade was built to bridge the gap between information and trade execution in money markets and to provide an open environment where currency traders can connect any trading platform and share their knowledge. The ZuluTrading API allows developers to trade programmatically through a RESTful interface. Use requires a ZuluTrade Trader account.